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Integrating technology into a lesson plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrating technology into a lesson plan

Integrating technology into a lesson plan

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Integrating technology into a lesson plan

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  1. Integrating technology into a lesson plan Keagan Swigris

  2. Lesson plan I chose: • • I chose this lesson plan because I think it is important for children to learn about physical activity and how to live a healthy lifestyle. This lesson incorporates science (learning about the circulatory system) with math (graphing) as well as health (learning about healthy activities). I also think there are several things that you can add to this lesson to enhance it.

  3. Where would technology be added? • This lesson has several places where I think technology could be a great way to add to and improve the lesson. First, I would add some videos about the circulatory system, this would help my students visualize what is going on. I found this video that I thought was educational and interesting: I also found a way for the students to go in a virtual world where they could explore the heart. • The following slides will show you what my lesson plan (with the technology) would look like…..

  4. Let’s get moving class!!! We are learning about the circulatory system! Get ready to do some physical activity!

  5. What do you know about the Circulatory system? • Talk with the other students around you. • What do you already know about the circulatory system? • What does the heart do? • Have you ever taken a pulse or gotten your pulse taken? • Then we will talk as a class.

  6. Circulatory Vocabulary: • Heart- A muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the body. • Ventricle- One of the two lower chambers of the heart. • Artery- A blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart. • Vein- A blood vessel that carries blood toward the heart. • Atrium- One of the two upper chambers of the heart.

  7. Bill Nye clip on Circulatory System. • • Why do you think sometimes your heartbeat is quicker and sometimes slower.. What do you think causes this??

  8. How big is the heart? And what does it do? • Hold up your fist- this is about how big your heart is. • For such a small muscle, your heart is always working. It never rests. • It pushes blood all over your body. • Blood carries oxygen and energy throughout body.

  9. Explore- In the computer lab! • • You will receive a worksheet that you will fill out while exploring this website about the circulatory system.

  10. Explore- Outside! • Get into groups of 3-4 and grab a stop watch • Find your own resting pulse (heart rate when not moving) • Count your heart beats for 60 seconds and record data on the worksheet I provided.

  11. Excersise • Now do different exercises and record your heartbeat after each. • Jumping Jacks • Running • Skipping

  12. Make a graph • Create a graph of your heart rates.

  13. Discussion • Which exercise caused the biggest rise in heart rate? • The stronger the heart is the stronger the rest of our muscles in our body will be, because a strong healthy heart is able to pump the blood to those muscles need. • What exercises do you perform daily?

  14. Evaluate: • I will collect the worksheet from the virtual website as well as the worksheet during the exercises.