a t still university school of osteopathic medicine of arizona upsilon chapter report n.
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Sigma Sigma Phi National Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Sigma Sigma Phi National Meeting

Sigma Sigma Phi National Meeting

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Sigma Sigma Phi National Meeting

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  1. A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine of Arizona Upsilon Chapter Report Sigma Sigma Phi National Meeting

  2. Current Leadership • Advisor: Dr. Thomas McWilliams • President: Emily Ottiniano • Vice President: Brian Choi • Secretary/Treasurer: June Chapin

  3. Membership • 16 SSP Seniors graduated on June 7th 2013, all of whom matched to various residencies across the country. • Inducted 12 new members from the Class of 2014 • Currently in the process of inducting new members from the class of 2015

  4. Membership (Cont.) • Current membership has representation that includes students from SOMA community health center campuses across the country • The members are comprised of students from Hawaii, California, Oregon, Arizona, Ohio, Alabama, South Carolina, and New York • SSP-Y has members in the vast majority of the school’s campuses with the highest concentration of membership at the California Campus, home campus to six current members

  5. Service • Members log their service hours on the SSP-Y website • They have completed over 500 hours over the past year alone

  6. Service (Cont.) • This year’s service activities include: • Tutoring for junior high/ high school students • Participation in ASSADE/DOCARE in Guatemala • Meals for the homeless • Conducting high school sports physicals • Assisting medical staff for marathons and Special Olympics • Participating in Health Fairs by providing OMT • And many more…

  7. Changes • This past year, we implemented the use of a new application for students interested in SSP • This new application provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their involvement in leadership and service activities and to share more about their experiences in a short essay • The application was put together through collaboration between the SSP-Alpha Chapter, previous officers, and current officers

  8. For the Future • We will be holding elections for the new board in the fall which will be open to the entire Upsilon chapter by anonymous vote • As previously mentioned, new SSP members from the class of 2015 will be inducted within the month • Our plans for the future of the chapter are to increase awareness about the Society with the OMS I and II classes and by encouraging Society Members to submit ideas for more unification across the multiple campuses

  9. Thank you for your attention!