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Michelin ADS Presentation Deck June 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Michelin ADS Presentation Deck June 2012

Michelin ADS Presentation Deck June 2012

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Michelin ADS Presentation Deck June 2012

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  1. Michelin ADS Presentation Deck June 2012

  2. KEY POINTS • Project scope • Aiddocuments • Milestones • Michelin Brasil andRazorfishcontacts


  4. PROJECT SCOPE MICHELIN BRASIL WEBSITE – BASE FOR MICHELIN ADS • Michelin Brasil Website wasdeployedonNovember 1st 2011 byRazorfishandtakesplace as oneofthegreatestTyres Website in theBrazilianmarket. • To share this expertise and successful case with some strategic sites in Latin America, Michelin Brasil and Razorfish are working on a new website for each country listed below: • Colombia • Chile • Venezuela • CAC (Central America and Caribe) • Argentina • These websites will have the same information architecture, layout and IT specs as Michelin Brasil. But all current information regarding products, dealers and tyre selector must reflect the business specification according to each country. • Therefore this presentation deck will guide you through some creative, technical and documentation process leading to the planned and organized launch for each website. • Thank you for your time and don’t hesitate to contact Michelin Brasil or Razorfish anytime to help you on the process. • FlaviaVianna (Michelin Brasil) • Rames Fernandes (Razorfish)

  5. PROJECT SCOPE – CREATIVE MICHELIN ADS WEBSITES • For each Michelin ADS website we are consideringjustonehighlight as youmaysee in theimageontheleft(NOVO PNEU MICHELIN ENERGY XM2). To getthisinitiativeworking for youweneed to receive a detailedbriefincludingthecall to actionmessageandrelatedassets. Ifyoudon’thavethesematerialsweshall use a generichighlight as theimagebelow: • All the creative layout and images used on the ADS website obeys Michelin guidelines policies and had been approved locally at Michelin Brasil. • It is not possible to change any graphical elements in the actual Michelin Brasil Website except the highlight mentioned above. You may see the highlight visiting

  6. PROJECT SCOPE – TECHNOLOGY MICHELIN ADS WEBSITES • The infrastructure running Michelin Brasil is ready to accommodate your local website. • We are working with the follow specs to attend all 6 websites, including Brasil: • Red Hat Linux • 16 CPU Cores • 2 300GB Hard Drive (RAID1 – Partioned) • 16GB RAM • 2MB Bandwidth • All server administration is made by Razorfish so you don’t need to worry about latency, scalability and SLA. All this information had been previously agreed with Michelin Brasil. • Michelin ADS and Brasilrun the Magnolia Enterprise Edition Profession CMS (Content Management Server). The current content maintenance is made by Razorfish including products, dealers and tyre selector updates. • The scope for Michelin ADS doesn’t include the static or dynamic contents maintenance. The scope covers the project management and its deployment. For further assistance on updates please reach Michelin Brasil.


  8. AID DOCUMENTS DOCUMENTS NEEDED TO DEPLOY YOUR WEBSITE • We created some documents to help you give us the information we need to deploy your new website. First of all please take note to this URL: • • At this address you will find 5 `site folders` (0[9]_[Country Name]-material) containing 3 documents: • dynamic-data-michelin-[Country Name]_v01_rf.xslx • glossary-michelin-[Country Name]_v01_rf.xslx • static-content-michelin-[Country Name]_v01_rf.xslx • Let’s take as example the country Colombia. You should access the URL: • • Then you choose the folder: • 01_colombia-material (at • And then you will find 3 documents: • dynamic-data-michelin-colombia_v01_rf.xslx (at • glossary-michelin-colombia_v01_rf.xslx (at • static-content-michelin-colombia_v01_rf.xslx (at • Remember that you need to access the correct content according to your location. Just change the country name Colombia for the one you are located at.

  9. AID DOCUMENTS DYNAMIC DATA – 01 of 03 • As you may realized by now Michelin Website is a dynamic website, therefore we need you to fill in the spreadsheet dynamic-data-michelin-[Country Name] with dynamic data based on the local business database. • You’ll find 7 tabs in this spreadsheet regarding categories, segments, gammas, dimensions, dealers, dealers categories and tyre selector datas. As these datas were built based on a RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System) and you may find helpful to include your local IT team to help you out filling the related data. • In every single tab you’ll find a column named id corresponding to a unique identifier for each line. Just keep that value unique. • Categories Tab • In this tab you’ll need to fill in with the categories according to your local Michelin business. • Segments Tab • Now we’re going to start making some relationships. Each segment name must be related to one type of category in column category_id. Columns name and description must be filled in with the local assessment on each segment as well. • Gammas Tab • By now you should be familiar with relationships, so you must link each gamma with a unique id number provided by the segment tab. To do so please complete the column segment_id according to an unique id at segments tab. • The column short_descrefers to a short description that appears on the product catalog ( • » Continues onthenext slide

  10. AID DOCUMENTS DYNAMIC DATA – 02 of 03 • Gammas Tab (continuation) • The column header_long_desc contains a description for Meta Tags for each product. • The column text_long_desc contains a product description for each product in the product page (eg • The column text_long_desc contains the produc details for the product. You may find this information at the above link at the tab ‘Detalhes do Produto’ • The column technology contains some tech specs for the product. You may find this information at the above link at the tab ‘Tecnologia’ • The column axis contains specific information for OTR and Professional Transports. (eg Just complete this information if the gamma information refers to GC or PL categories • Dimensions Tab • We’ll need again to make some relationships in this tab. Each dimension must be related to a gamma. Therefore you need to fill in the column gamma_id with the related gamma listed on gammas tab. In this same tab you need to fill with product_cai, name, width, series, rim, load_index andspeed_index. • Dealers Tab • In this tab you need to fill in the columns with your dealers data according to dealer_id (your internal id for each dealer), name, address, city, state, zip_code (if applicable) and phone. You must ensure the address is findable at Google Maps by copying the columns address, city and state and pasting it at • » Continues onthenext slide

  11. AID DOCUMENTS DYNAMIC DATA – 03 of 03 Dealers Categories Tab Again with relationships. In this tab you’ll have to relate the dealer_id with category_id. Withthis relation we will know which dealer works with which category. Tyre Selector Tab Okay, we’re almost done with relationships. In this table you’ll need to fill in the column product_cai according to each product CAI listed on the previous tab dimensions in order to relate one product CAI to each TC version. This relationship is ‘n’ to ‘n’. That means you may have one product CAI for ‘n’ TC versions and one TC version for ‘n’ product CAI. Please contact your IT team if you’re not sure how this works.

  12. AID DOCUMENTS Glossary • We started by the most complicated part. The next 2 documents don’t require any interaction with your IT team but you may need to get other departments involved. • The glossary spreadsheet is very simple to fill. Better! It’s already filled by our Razorfish translation team and revised by our friends in Colombia. • You’ll find 4 columns: id (unique identifier number), pt-br, es-[Country TLD*] anddesces-[Country TLD*]. The column pt-br exists just to help us at Razorfish to identify the translated content and apply them in your website. • Please revise the column es-[Country TLD*] according to your local language and paint the changed cell background with the default yellow in Microsoft Excel. It will help us to seek for the changed content and apply it correctly. Cells with no yellow background will be ignored so please follow this instruction carefully. • The column desces-[Country TLD*] should be filled just in case you need to clarify any term. It’s not mandatory. • Ok. You are done with this one. • * TLD: Top Level Domain is one of the domains at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet. Eg: br, co, cl, ve, ar.

  13. AID DOCUMENTS Static Content • The biggest spreadsheet. Prepare your colleagues to help you in this one as we’re talking about the entire static content for your new Michelin Website. • This spreadsheet contains 15 tabs and follows the same structure. I’ll explain just one of them and you’ll follow the same instructions as explained in the previous slide about content revision, ok? “… paint the changed cell background with the default yellow in Microsoft Excel. It will help us to seek for the changed content and apply it correctly. Cells with no yellow background will be ignored so please follow this instruction carefully… ” • First of all you may find useful some PPT we prepared to guide you through this content revision. Take a time to download a complete PPT pack available at: • • You can download each PPT separately. Just go to the below URL and choose whatever PPT you need: • • Tabs columns • All tabs follows the same structure: id (unique identifier number), desc, url, ppt page, ppt title, item name, pt-brandes-[Country TLD] • You already know what to do with the column id. So let’s go to to the others. Columns desc, url, ppt page, ppt title, item name and pt-br don’t need to be revised ; -) • They just exist to help you find useful information at Michelin Brasil Website and also on the assets PPT. By these columns you can check each part of the website and know exactly what you’re dealing with. • So you’ll need to revise only the column es-[Country TLD]. As well as the glossary spreadsheet, all information is already translated and revised by Colombia Michelin Team. So if you need to change any information please paint the changed cell background with the default yellow in Microsoft Excel. That’s it.


  15. MILESTONES MAIN DATES FOR ADS WEBSITES DEPLOYMENT AND ROLL OUT • We already planned the timeline for each ADS Website Roll Out and I’d like to share with you the main milestones for each site to gain commitment for all stakeholders. • If you have any questions regarding these dates feel free to contact Michelin Brasil Team.


  17. BRASIL SUPPORT CONTACTS MICHELIN BRASIL AND RAZORFISH CONTACTS • Ifyouhaveanyquestionsonthisdocument, feelfree to contactboth Michelin Brasil Team orRazorfish. We are ready to assistyoufilling, revisingandeditinganydocumentsyoumayhavedifficultieswith. • Michelin Brasil • FlaviaVianna (Michelin South America) • +55 21 3621-4151 • +55 21 9411-5452 • • Razorfish • Rames Fernandes (Sr. Project Manager) • +55 11 4949-1907 • +55 11 9169-8851 • • Thaisa Schnekenberg (Account Director) • +55 11 4949-1904 • +55 11 7186-0169 •

  18. Obrigado! Rames Fernandes Sr. Project Manager +55 (11) 9169-8851