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Understanding Travel & Tourism PowerPoint Presentation
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Understanding Travel & Tourism

Understanding Travel & Tourism

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Understanding Travel & Tourism

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  1. Understanding Travel & Tourism • Before starting travel & tourism course we should understand what is travel or tourism • Travel & Tourism is travelling in organized manner and enjoying the complete travel thoroughly. It could be within India or Out of India

  2. What a travel agent or executive does • Now we should know what is going to be the work • The works is organizing travel of anyone who reaches you or your travel company

  3. Starting the travel work • How the work will begin • The work will begin when someone reaches you through mail, phone call or by visiting personally

  4. How travel agent gets the clients • How would anyone get to know that we are a travel agency or how would they reach us • They would see your company’s website or advertisements in News Paper or they would find your company on Google

  5. Who looks for a travel agent • Who these people are why are they looking for travel agents or for travel experts • They are the people who want to travel within India or Out of India, these could be foreigners also who want to travel to India

  6. What is the first work • Now if these potential tourists reaches us, how the work will start • These people who want to travel they will come to your travel agency and ask for your help to organize their travel

  7. Understanding the requirement of client • How would I get to know where they want to travel • Either they would tell you the name of the destination or they would tell you what type of place they want to travel or they would just tell you how much money & days they want to spend on their travel or they would simply ask for your suggestion

  8. What is the product • So it means they can ask about any destination in India or Abroad • Yes a tourist who reaches to travel company could ask about any travel destination and travel agent should know about that place

  9. Destination knowledge • There are thousands of travel destinations how would I get to know about these places • This is what The Tourism School teaches you by showing presentations and Videos of thousands of places Out of India or Within India

  10. Destination knowledge • Now lets say I have got better knowledge of travel destinations than any other travel agent because of The Tourism School what is next • Now because of have travel destination knowledge you can complete the 1st step of organizing travel package for any one or organizing travel of anyone

  11. Starting organizing travel • What is the 1st Step • As said earlier also 1st step is the potential tourist reaches you and ask for organizing their travel

  12. Attending or getting Travel Query • Let’s say someone comes and ask about Kerala Package or about Italy Package than what am I going to do • Now you have to help the client to decide one destination on the basis of time and money would be required to cover any of the said destinations

  13. Finalization of travel destination • Let’s say the person decides to go to Italy than what • What are place the client is going to decide the work is going to be same. Now you have to take out the cheapest and best airfare for the chosen destination

  14. Air Ticketing • How would I take out airfare • This is what The Tourism School is going to teach you. The Tourism School teaches you IATA, UFTAA, AMADEUS and all of that whatever is required to do air ticketing

  15. Visa • What is next • You have to get the visa also for your client if the client is going out of India if it is within India than there is no need of visa

  16. Visa • How would I organize visa or get visa for the client • This is again The Tourism School is going to teach you practically

  17. Hotels • What is next • Now it is the turn of one of the most important thing which is Hotels, you need to book the hotels

  18. Hotels • There are thousands of cities in India and lakhs of cities out of India how would I book hotels, it could be of any place in the world • The Tourism School is going to teach you booking the hotels practically. The Tourism School guarantees you would be able to book hotel of any place in this world with ease

  19. Food - Meals • What is next after hotels, what about food, meals • Yes that is also important, there are different ways of booking meals that is also you are going to learn in your course

  20. Sightseeing - Tours • What about places to visit, sightseeing or attractions • That is practical and you are going to do all of that practically as it happens when someone works in a travel agency or runs his or her own travel agency

  21. Transfers - Transportation • What about transfers from airport to hotel or hotel or airport or from one city to other city • The Tourism School is going to teach you practically booking the airport transfers, intercity transfers, Taxi, Buses, Trains, Ferry everything in reality

  22. Preparing Travel Kit • Let’s say I have done all of that now what is next • When you have done all the work like issuing the air ticket, getting the visa, booking hotels, meals, sightseeing, transfers, activities than you have to issue vouchers of all of that and have to prepare Travel Kit

  23. Travel Kit • How would I learn making travel kit • Again this is a thing you would do again and again practically while doing your course from The Tourism School

  24. Payments • Let’s say I have done all of that what about payments, how am I going to get the money from client and how am I going to pay to airlines or hotels or suppliers • That is again a thing The Tourism School is going to teach you as it happens actually

  25. An Important thing • I have understood how all of this work is going to happen. But there is a very important thing without which nothing is going to happen • What is that please ask. I guarantee you whatever is required to run a travel agency or to work in a travel agency The Tourism School is going to cover, please ask what is that

  26. How to get the business • We are going to do all of this work for client but how are we going to get the client, I mean to say how the business is going to come • Right the business comes by doing Marketing and Advertisement. The Tourism School is going to teach you how to do Effective Marketing and Advertisement without any investment and you will get very good business

  27. Guarantee of getting good business • This sounds exciting is it really true • Yes it is true. The Tourism School Guarantees to all of those people who are starting their travel company that they would earn more than 4 times of the fees they are going to pay for the course within 2 months, this is a guarantee

  28. Communication Skills • Another doubt, is it important to have good communication skills to get Job in Travel and Tourism or to start own Travel Company • Yes it is very important but you don’t have to worry even about that, because The Tourism School is even going to teach you how to improve English in the most effective manner without spending any money. You won’t need to do course of English Speaking separately

  29. Personality Development • What about Personality Development • Yes that is also guaranteed and that is also included without any extra cost

  30. Other important things • What else am I going to learn. • You are going to learn Itinerary making

  31. Itinerary making • What is itinerary? • Itinerary is the day wise detailed description of the travel. No one can learn that. The Tourism School teaches you the format and guarantees that you would be able to make itinerary of any destination in the world

  32. Mini MBA • Anything else I am going to learn • Yes you are going to learn all of those important things which one learns in MBA like Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, International Business, Human Resource, Travel Management etc

  33. Guaranteed free Tour • But what about travelling, am I going to travel also • Yes you are going to travel Free of Cost, there is a guaranteed tour in your course which is all inclusive like hotels, flights, transportation, visa, passport, meals, entertainment, sightseeing. It is a guaranteed tour

  34. Guarantee of Job • What about Placements • There is guarantee of Job or return of your entire fees.

  35. Admission Procedure • What is the procedure of taking the admission • If you are in India visit The Tourism School Delhi Study Center, take a Free Demo Class and enroll yourself if only if you wish.

  36. Address The Tourism School 43 Mall Road, GTB Nagar, Opposite GTB Nagar Metro Station Gate No 3, Neighboring SagarRatna, Café Coffee Day, Dominos Pizza and Hyundai Showroom Near NORTH CAMPUS – DELHI UNIVERSITY MOBILE: 98997 74445 LANDLINE: 011 – 2760 1115 EMAIL: Web: