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Frances Harper

Frances Harper

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Frances Harper

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  1. Frances Harper Ashley Derasmo September 24, 1825-1911 2/10/12

  2. Frances Harper Timeline

  3. Frances Harper grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. Her uncle took care of her. She attended his school for black people. At the age of 13, she began to work as a domestic in Baltimore by kept her education going as well. Frances was orphaned at the age of three and then went to live with her aunt and uncle. Early Life

  4. Adulthood • As Frances began to grow up her wrting abilities and achievements began to increase. • In 1868 she spent four years in churches and Freedom schools trying to teach and speak of getting a good education and self-empowerment. • In 1892 she published her book, Iola Leroy , the book turned into a best seller. • In 1896 Frances became the Vice President of the National Association of Colored Women.

  5. Career • Frances Harper worked on most of her work in her hometown Baltimore, Maryland. • She was speaking for Anti-Slavery societies before the Civil War and for Women’s Suffrage and Temperance movements after. • She helped improve the freedom, and equality for everyone. • Her writing helped improve “Education and the Elevation of the Colored Race,” after a two year lecture. • While trying to help the Anti-Slavery, she needed to give a bigger push towards the topic. She did campaigning and spoke infront of five states.

  6. Reaction • After learning about Frances Harper she is now someone that I would choose to be my role model. She uses her writing and creative ability to help improve and solve problems that needed attention. I like to think that the way of standing up to someone should be something other than yelling your opinions out. I believe writing down your ideas why and using a type of writing can impact your situation a lot. I like to write as well, and to know writing helps with problems make me believe that if I believe in something that is wrong I could use my writing to make a difference.

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