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Mike Carroll Soccer Complex, Spring 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Mike Carroll Soccer Complex, Spring 2013

Mike Carroll Soccer Complex, Spring 2013

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Mike Carroll Soccer Complex, Spring 2013

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  1. Mike Carroll Soccer Complex, Spring 2013 YELLOW AREA IS SMOKING AREA ONLY. Parking C 11 Full Size 70(75)x110 min C 10 Full Size 70(75)x110 min 3 C9 C8 C7 C6 Under 6 Fields 4-7 C5 C4 Under 8 Fields 8-9 C 3 U10 Parking in grey areas Under 4 Green shaded areas Full size C 2 U10 C 1 U12 50x80 Smoking area

  2. Field lay out set up: 1) N1 is strictly for AFFC. Yellow shaded area that states “AFFC grid as needed” is strictly for AFFC. 2) N2 is strictly for U14 rec. 3) N3, N9, N10, and N11 are strictly for U12 4) N4, N5, N6, N7, and N8 are strictly for U10 5) N12 is for AFFC younger ages. There are several keys here: 1) There will need to be extra goals brought over from Carroll complex to accommodate all these fields. The fields next to railroad tracks will need 2 brought over. The section for the AFFC grid section has multiple options to bring over goals to grid their own area. EYSA will not set up your area for practice as we don’t know what you will need. It is in the best interest for AFFC to set their grid up. There are unused goals as Carroll for this. With shutting down 1 entire field at Carroll, there will be goals available for this on the previous slide. All parties need to make sure to accommodate the Carroll complex setup when it comes to goals. Fields are laid out. Please pay attention to the field set up. If any questions, please contact someone before removing goals preferably me. NO U6 GOALS GO TO NICHOLAS. THEY WILL BE UTILIZED AT CARROLL FOR THE LITTLE TIKES PRACTICES AND/OR GAMES. 2) No team on the rec side will have a full practice field. The lay out is an attempt to alleviate any issues. The rec side has a huge influx of U10 teams this season and will need additional fields for practice. More than what they have needed in the past. The way the rec fields are set up, there shouldn’t be an issue. PRACTICE DAYS WILL BE STRICTLY, VERY STRICTLY TO MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY OR TUESDAY AND THURSDAY. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS. PRACTICE TIMES FOR THE U10’S WILL BE 5-6 AND 6-7 OR 530-630 AND 630-730. THERE WILL ABSOLUTELY BE NO DIFFERENCE IN THESE TIMES i.e. three teams cannot practice at 5-6 or 6-7 and the other 7 practice 530-630 or 630-730. ALL U 10 TEAMS WILL BE ON THE SAME PAGE ONE OR THE OTHER. THEY WILL NEED TO CHOOSE AT MEET AND GREET OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING. THERE IS NO GRAY AREA FOR THIS. We cannot have rec teams practicing Monday and Thursday or any other combination. The above is the only practice days. We do not, I repeat do not, have the space for this. If a coach chooses for some reason during whatever week to practice on their non-scheduled day then they go to an open space where ever on the complex at Nicholas. If there happens to be an open field in their respective age group, then they can go there. But, if a team comes in that happens to be their regularly assigned practice field, that team who was practicing against their practice days leaves with no questions or issues. I wish not to have any kind of issues with practices. I dealt with issues during my practice last season, and WILL not this year. AGC’s will be contacted. AGC’S NEED TO COMPLILE A COMPLETE PRACTICE SCHEDULE FOR THIS AGE GROUP AND MUST ADHERE TO IT. NO QUESTIONS!!!!! AND SEND IT TO THE UPPER LEVELS OF THE BOARD.

  3. 3) AFFC and the rec side need to make sure that all adheres to these fields set forth. With the numbers that the rec side has and what AFFC has, this field layout was best that I could come up with to ATTEMPT to resolve fields issues. I think with this set up that all should be well. We don’t need one or the other jumping fields just because it is open. There were major issues the last 2 seasons with this between the both. ALL MUST REALIZE IF YOU HAVEN’T THAT WE ARE MAXED FOR SPACE IN ALL ASPECTS OF OUR PRACTICES AND/OR GAMES. WE HAVE TO (in a gentleman or lady like way) OVERCOME THE OBSTACLES THAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE FIRST WEEK OR SO to get through the first part of practice start dates 4) The only teams that are allowed to practice at Carroll are the U4’s and U6’s. AFFC has training historically on Mondays, but this year will be split up do to coach issues that they CANNOT overcome. But, this doesn’t’ mean AFFC utilizes these times to have other practices. WE MUST MAINTAIN OUR FIELDS FOR THE OTHER TEAMS PLAYING ON THOSE FIELDS. They are to be on field #1 at Carroll on whatever day. They need lights do to the coaching issues that they have in place. IF GOALS HAPPENED TO BE MOVED FOR TRAINING FOR AFFC THEN THEY NEED TO BE PUT BACK IN ORIGINAL POSITION THE WAY THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO BE SET UP FOR THAT FIELD i.e. field #1 is set up for a U12 max field. Two goals on opposite ends of the field the way they are suppose to be. DO NOT leave goals wherever you feel. 5) NO TEAM OTHER THAN THE ABOVE MENTIONED IS ALLOWED TO PRACTICE AT CARROLL COMPLEX UNLESS APPROVED. ALL CHANGES MUST COME THROUGH ME AS PRESIDENT. ANY DEVIATION OF THIS DIRECTIVE WILL HAVE RAMIFICATIONS. Not trying to be a dictator on this, but WE MUST PRESERVE OUR FIELDS FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS OF EYSA AND AFFC . There is going to be too many games this Spring to facilitate any extra unneeded practices at Carroll. 6) As you will notice on the fields next rail road tracks that the fields have been changed and are strictly half fields with goals being at the hump of the section. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT NO COACHES AT ANY LEVEL CHANGE THIS SET UP. ONCE THEY ARE SET THEY NEED TO STAY. That has been another obstacle in the past of coaches moving goals for a small side game. IMPROVISE WITH OTHER STUFF. DO NOT MOVE GOALS. I do understand that the city likes moving goals for mowing, but I do believe I got my point across last season on this. AGAIN, I CANNOT REITTERATE ON THE CONSTRAINTS THEY WE ARE UNDER AT THE CURRENT TIME AND IT WILL GET WORSE WITH THE SPRING SEASON. WHAT DO WE DO???? IT TAKES MORE THAN A FEW TO FIGHT THE BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!