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Richland Northeast High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Richland Northeast High School

Richland Northeast High School

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Richland Northeast High School

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  1. “The Right Direction” Richland Northeast High School Founded 1978 Sabrina Suber, Principal Machael Peterson, RNE SIC Chair

  2. Who isRichland Northeast • One of five high schools within Richland County School District Two. • The second oldest high school in the district. • The only high school in the district, located in an area without opportunity for new residential growth. • The only high school in the district, located in an area that is economically depressed.

  3. Who We Are

  4. Who We Are

  5. Goal 1: Work to maintain a well-balanced student population demographically, economically, and academically • The RNE SIC became involved in the district re-zoning process because of the increase of minorities and lower-socio-economic population versus other high schools in the district who saw a decrease in these areas. • Collaborating with administration and the district to Promote IB status within the community via billboards. • The RNE SIC became very involved in engaging dialogue between the community and school board members that resulted in a more balanced and diverse student population, not only at RNE but across all high schools within the district. Actions Results

  6. Goal 2:Institute a Re-Branding initiative with a local Marketing/PR professional to improve RNE’s reputation and standing within the district and community • The RNE SIC partnered with Ginger Bates, a Marketing Professional and RNE parent to Re-Brand RNE and began an aggressive marketing campaign to improve the public perception of RNE. • The existing RNE Cavalier Logo was “modernized” with an updated look that would be included on all marketing material including the original school colors. • Unveiling of the new “tag- line”. “RNE – The Right Direction”. • The first ever RNE Spring Festival will take place on April 13th to continue a positive association of RNE within the local community. Actions Results

  7. Goal 3:Improve communications between RNE and students/ families/community • The RNE SIC became very focused on improving school communications related to the elimination of a grant-funded full time staff person who previously assisted with public relations including parent communication and newsletters. • The RNE SIC established a parent e-newsletter this year to help families stay informed of various topics such as organizations and groups, highlight facility upgrades, and increase the overall sentiment that families feel “connected” to the school their children attend. Actions Results

  8. “The Right Direction” Richland Northeast High School Founded 1978 Thank you for your time and consideration. Sabrina Suber, Principal Machael Peterson, RNE SIC Chair