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Multi-Media Marketing & Multi-Platform Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Multi-Media Marketing & Multi-Platform Marketing

Multi-Media Marketing & Multi-Platform Marketing

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Multi-Media Marketing & Multi-Platform Marketing

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  1. Multi-Media Marketing & Multi-Platform Marketing Increasing Marketing Results Using Integrated Marketing with Print/Internet/TV Presented by: Nancy Burke

  2. What is Multi-Media Marketing? • Multi-media marketing is utilizing two or more types of media for your advertising message, consisting of but not inclusively: • Internet • Print (magazines, newspaper) • TV • Radio • Outdoor

  3. Inspriation – Driving the Buy • Pictures Speak a Thousand Words • People Are Naturally Visual • See Themselves in That Place • Print Environment Is the Starting Point to Capture the Consumer

  4. Is Print Dead? • Attention paid to magazine closings has sometimes led to the incorrect • conclusion that: • Magazine closings are primarily consumer driven when in fact affected by economy similar to other businesses. • The much-publicized spate of closings of both magazines and newspapers over the past year is unprecedented.

  5. Magazines are Alive and Well • Magazine readership increased over the past five years • Number of issues read has gone up as well • Subscriptions are highest in a decade • Number of consumer magazines remain high • Age of magazine readers consistently trends younger than the total adult population • Magazines are the #1 medium of engagement • Magazine ad effectiveness continues to rise - #1 in trustworthiness and inspiration. Includes adults 18-54 and Millenials • Consumers like and pay attention to magazine ads, #1 across ages 18-54 and 18-24. • Magazines excel in driving web search • Magazines are social networkers and word-of-mouth influencers • Magazine brands continue to evolve

  6. What is the Best Mix for a Multi-Media Plan To Increase ROI?

  7. What is Multi-Platform Marketing? • Initial buy (print ad, banner ad, etc) into one medium is first level of platform • What else does medium bring to table? What assets do they provide access to? • Encompasses more than just print ad and on-line link • Each asset medium can offer up adds another platform to your program • Levels based on total buy

  8. Filson and Custer Country – Looking for Birders • Both clients have strong initiatives to drive traffic to their websites • Modest print buy into Audubon - $5,000-$9,000 • Distribution of birding brochures at Audubon Nature Centers, chosen by geographic region • In-store promotion for Filson in Seattle. Co-sponsor Audubon at Outdoor Retailer • Facilitated meetings with editorial staff during press trip to New York

  9. Washington County Visitors Association - AAA • Campaign promoted Scenic By-Way opening, with photo contest driving response to website • Purchased print ads in AAA’s Western Journey, VIA N. California, and VIA Oregon/Idaho • Series of face-to-face meetings with AAA Auto Travel Counselors in WA, OR, and ID • Weekend Fam Trip – sold out • Booth at AAA’s annual Travel Conference • Inclusion in Western Journey’s opt-in Travel e-newsletter • Sweeps

  10. Travel Lane County - AAA • Campaign utilized Oregon only • Two focuses – outdoor recreation for spring/summer and foliage/bounty for fall. • Purchased full page print ads in VIA Oregon/Idaho. • Received matching full page advertorial custom written by AAA editor from first-person perspective • Series of face-to-face meetings with AAA Auto Travel Counselors in OR • Fam trips • Booth at AAA’s annual Travel Conference • Facilitated personal meetings with AAA editorial staff • Sweeps extended presence in one more issue

  11. New Opportunities for Multi-Platform Marketing • Digitalized versions of magazines • Audubon Guide Book app • Media apps on IPad • Virtual travel shows for AAA • Partnership with medium’s events – Audubon photo contest

  12. How do I tap into these opportunities? • Think about what are the media assets are beyond the buy • Ask your rep to help you obtain access to those assets! • Don’t be afraid to ask about out-of-the-box ideas – challenge your reps for new ways to achieve your goals on multiple levels

  13. THANK YOU! • For information or copies of reports please email me at: •