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I have listed out various trends in the LED display screen market. Hope this is helpful to you. View the ppt for more details on LED video walls.<br>Visit https://poweronled.in/led-screen-for-rentals/

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  2. TECH SAVVY WORLD • The world that we live in today is defined and designed by science and technology. The works of science around us is quite remarkable. Almost all of us have an LED Tv at home, a smartphone which has LED display screen and not to miss, watches with LED screens. • After LCD, the newest kids on the block are LED display screens, which provide extra clarity and brightness. These screens are made of high quality which can be used for a lot of occasions, both indoor and outdoor. There has been a tremendous increase in LED video wall manufacturers because of the growth in trends and demand.

  3. There are a lot of applications, but going with the trend is necessary. • LED’s are used not only for advertising, but also for non-commercial purposes. • LED display screens are now available everywhere in different shapes and sizes, durable enough to withstand any kind of harsh weather. • People have also become tech-savvy these days, which increases the demand for LED display screens.

  4. LED video wall rentals come in unique styles which can attract the viewers eyes. • These screens can play videos on a loop and impart premium quality feel to the customers. • Experimenting different shapes and sizes beyond the regular ones can make things intriguing.

  5. LED DISPLAY SCREEN MARKET With the advancement in technology, demand for LED video walls has been increasing rapidly. Being cost effective, durable and reliable, research shows that Digital display market will grow at the rate of CAGR of 21.7% in the next five years. With a wide range of applications, LED display screens are classified into indoor and outdoor LED screens. Indoor displays have more market share of 59% when compared to outdoor display, which is 41%.


  7. INDOOR LED DISPLAY SCREENS • Digital display screens attract 400% more than static methods. These screens can convince 8 out of 10 people to visit the store. They are mostly used by retailers where they can engage their visitors in the showrooms. This can create a good value for the customer and also the brand. It can be used to stand out from the other competitors. The best feature of LED display screens is that content can be changed easily, and most relevant, updated information can be displayed to the customers.

  8. OUTDOOR LED DISPLAY SCREENS • Visual ads on digital displays boost interaction more than twice the time of static displays. It has higher viewability. It can be used to display real time content in various locations to reach the target audience effectively. It is made in such a way to withstand any kind of weather. It has bright and vibrant both during the day and night. It has a lot of applications such as stadium displays, billboards etc.

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