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13 Colonies

13 Colonies. Life in Colonial Times. Interactive Web activity Mrs. Maranto’s 5 th Grade Walker School. Vocabulary. Colony – What is a colony? A settlement in a new area. The first English colonies in North America were along the eastern coast.

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13 Colonies

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  1. 13 Colonies Life in Colonial Times Interactive Web activity Mrs. Maranto’s 5th Grade Walker School

  2. Vocabulary Colony – What is a colony?A settlement in a new area. The first English colonies in North America were along the eastern coast. Colonist – What is a Colonist? An English man or woman that moves to the new world of North America.

  3. Click on Each Picture to Learn More About the Colonial Regions Southern Colonies Middle Colonies New England

  4. New England Colonies

  5. Vocabulary Puritans – Who were they?The Puritans came to New England to escape the King who punished them for their religion. They governed a strict colony that was based around the bible and the church. They had elected officials but they were male. No women could serve in the Puritan government.

  6. New England Colonies The settlers here made a great deal of money fur trapping. Other economic opportunities in New England were based around the sea: fishing, shipbuilding, and whaling. The summers were short & the winters were long and cold which made for a short growing season. The soil was rocky and so the New England Colonies were not known for their farms. This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

  7. New England Colonies People in New England towns lived, worked, and worshiped close together. The meeting house and the church were the most important buildings in the town. Facts

  8. New England Colonies The Puritans settled in Massachusetts. Because they were so strict some Puritans left Massachusetts and founded the other New England Colonies. The Colonies of New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island were friendlier more tolerant of people’s differences. Facts

  9. New England Colonies -Quiz: What religion was in control of Massachusetts? Name three ways in which the colonies in New England made a living? What was the soil like in New England?

  10. New England Colonies By 1750, busy cities cropped up around the New England colonies. Boston became world famous for its shipping port.

  11. New England Colonies School One room One teacher Very strict, children were often whipped for punishment The main subject was reading

  12. Middle Colonies

  13. Vocabulary The Breadbasket Colonies A Nickname for the Middle Colonies because they produced so much grain: Oats, wheat, rye.

  14. Vocabulary Immigrant– What is an immigrant?A person that comes into a country to start a new life. People came to America from many different places to start a new life. Diversity– What is diversity?A group of people from very different backgrounds. The Middle colonies were an interesting place to live because of the diversity among the people.

  15. Middle Colonies The settlements here were considered a Royal Colonies. The King send governors here to watch over the Middle Colonies. However it was difficult for the King to have much power over the colonies and many colonies were considered to be self-rules.

  16. Middle Colonies Economy -The Middle Colonies were based on agriculture; small farms that produced many different crops. -There were also factories that produced iron.

  17. Middle Colonies Facts -Sometimes called the “The Bread Basket” colonies because they grew so many crops for making bread. -The land was lush and fertile. - The wagon was invented in Pennsylvania and used for trade.

  18. Middle Colonies -Quiz: what crops grew in the Middle Colonies? Name three. -What was the soil like? -Name the four Colonies in the Middle?

  19. Middle Colonies The Quakers -This religion was a big part of life in the Middle Colonies. Although other religions were welcome, the Quakers came to Pennsylvania to escape persecution by the King of England. -Lived in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

  20. Southern Colonies

  21. Vocabulary Overseer– What is a overseer?Someone that was hired to watch slaves as they worked. Plantation owners hired overseers to watch the slaves and make sure they did their jobs. Indigo– What is indigo?A plant that was used in making blue dye. The farmers grew indigo plants. Indigo was an important cash crop for the Southern colonies.

  22. Southern Colonies The settlers here, for the most part, wanted to make money. They brought their families and the slaves worked the land. Many settlers here were rich and owned large plantations. A Plantation grows only one type of crop. Very different from the farms of the Middle Colonies.

  23. Southern Colonies -almost entirely agricultural -plantations were abundant -a large part of the workforce was African slaves -plantations grew tobacco, rice, and indigo Economy

  24. Southern Colonies Facts -Slavery was legal -Children born to slaves became slaves themselves -Slaves were imported from Africa. -Slave traders made a great deal of money.

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