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Ways and Means to Loose Weight Fastly PowerPoint Presentation
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Ways and Means to Loose Weight Fastly

Ways and Means to Loose Weight Fastly

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Ways and Means to Loose Weight Fastly

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  1. Ways and Means to Lose Weight Fastly There are many ways to lose weight but at the stake of starvation and hunger that always lead to unsatisfied or lack of nutrients . Never Say No to Breakfast: Breakfast is the first and foremost meal of the day and skipping your first meal is not advisable. Majority of population thinks that skipping breakfast cuts down the calorie count but they usually end up eating more thought the day that leads to weight loss. Having a good combination of food group in your first meal not only nourishes our body but also leads to good weight loss. Ex: a bowl of whole grain cereal topped with fruits is a kick start for your entire day. Detoxify your body :Entire day we tend to eat lot or nothing ; so it’s equally important for the body to detoxify .Just add Apple Cider Vinegar provides you allied benefits for detoxification. Acetic acid being the major component which is present in Apple cider vinegar has various other therapeutic purposes. Apple cider vinegar due to the presence of acetic acid has high amounts of amino acids and antioxidants. During the process of fermentation there is increase in antioxidant content that helps to detoxify your body and cleanses your system. Whereas the potent quantity of acetic acid in vinegar works against the enzymes in the stomach that helps in digesting the starch.

  2. Walk for a while: Exercising or Walking anytime is always a good way to keep the body fit as well for weight loss. Performing evening activity is much beneficial as it slow downs the metabolism at end of the day. Also thirty minutes of aerobic activity before dinner increases the metabolic rate. Walking for a miles or few steps after meals improves your digestions levels as well as helps in better absorption of food. Weight loss Fruit- Garcinia Cambogia : This fruit is majorly found in the tropical forest of Asia and some part of India and looks like a pumpkin which is slightly yellowish and greenish in colour. The extract of Garcinia cambogia contains HCA ie Hydroxy citric acid which is the main property for weight loss. The presence of 70% HCA obstructs the production of fat within the body inhibiting citrate lyase enzyme which helps to lighten up the mood by regulating serotonin levels and helps to suppress the appetite that leads to unwanted hunger pranks or over eating of food.

  3. Also Hydroxy citric Acid present in Garcinia helps to improves Metabolism. Just like vitamin c present in Lemon. Garcinia strengthens your immunity and detoxifies your body that destroys all your bad fat and improves your overall Metabolism. Mineral Rich Food : munching mineral rich food contributes to weight loss. Sources that include potassium, magnesium and calcium serves as the counter balance of sodium content within the body .Sources includes carrots, oranges, cruciferous veggies, bananas are some examples that are linked lowering blood pressure, sugar levels and other chronic disease. Green coffee Beans: Green coffee beans are unroasted seeds or beans of plant Coffee Arabica which are immature. During roasting, Antioxidants present in the coffee beans are removed, which do not serves much beneficial health benefits to the body On the other hand green coffee beans posses these properties and are considered as highly beneficial for our overall health.

  4. Chlorogenic Acid present in green coffee beans act as a metabolism booster. This Antioxidant increases the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of our body to a great extent. Lack of glucose, in our body starts in burning the stored fat cells in order to fulfill its glucose requirement. As a result pure green coffee beans raise the fat burning capability and help to shed off excess of weight. It is a strong and effective appetite suppressant, that controls cravings for food and avoids overeating. It stimulates the Serotonin hormone which is responsible for Appetite suppressor. In this case body starts burning the fat deposits and we get rid of additional weight. Lack Of Sleep: studies have shown that lack of sleep stimulates the Your body tends to eat much more than actual required by the body .Sleep deprivation affects the overall motivation for losing weight and dissatisfies the body. Always remember that less of sleep leads to make your body inactive to perform couple of physical work that ultimately tends to disturb your overall eating habits. So one should have at least 8 hrs sleeps in a day.

  5. KETO’S THE BOOM : Now a days keto pills or diet’s are very much in trend. Wondering why!! Here it comes.Keto is advanced and most powerful weight loss booster that is specially designed as per the individual's needs of obese people. These Keto pill are combined with the synergistic power of natural ingredient such as Garcinia Cambogia, Green tea, Green coffee beans, L- Carnitine, and Linoleic acid. The word "ketone," is associated with low - carb diet- which forces your body to burn fat and elevates blood levels of ketones. The chemical present in Ketones increases the Adiponection harmone that burns the body fat and reduces appetite. Adiponectin is a hormone that moderates fat.The presence of Natural phenolic compound provides the goodness of powerful aroma and also plays a major role in regulating overall metabolism, detoxifying body and maintaining blood sugar levels. But make sure you read and take these supplement in guidance to the experts before purchasing. So always remember while there is no easy fix to losing weight and whereas there are plenty of steps that one can take to develop a healthier relationship with food, body ,mind and soul that achieve a healthy weight. These ways or natural are shortcut’s to bring your body in shape and motivates your body to achieve your goal weight