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How To Loose Weight in 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Loose Weight in 2013

How To Loose Weight in 2013

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How To Loose Weight in 2013

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  1. Hi, It’s Ian from – Welcome! One of the question’s I’m often asked is “When my weight plateau's how do I get the weight loss going again?”

  2. Hi, It’s Ian from – Welcome! One of the question’s I’m often asked is “When my weight plateau's how do I get the weight loss going again?” Which ties in with a similar question “Does Herbalife keep working or is it just for the initial weight loss?”

  3. I’m going to answer both these questions today and over the next 7 days!

  4. But first…. Who am I? And Am I qualified to answer these questions?

  5. Who am I? • I am 46 years old and life just outside Brisbane QLD • I have been overweight for over 20 years • Here’s a photo of me 1 week after starting on the Herbalife “Ultimate Programme”

  6. Here I am only 4 months ago, all 108.5 kg’s of me!

  7. And here’s a picture of my on 10th February 2013

  8. And here’s a picture of me on 10th February 2013 93.9 kgs Lost 14.6 kg’s & A MASSIVE 63.5cm’s in total 10cm’s from my chest 17cm’s from my belly

  9. Here’s my measurements

  10. The results for the last few weeks haven’t been great……

  11. The results for the last few weeks haven’t been great…… • Here’s why • Too much cheating – snacks like chips etc • Travelling with work and having too many latte’s • Not drinking enough water • Too much alcohol • Not taking all my vitamins and supplements • Making excuses not to exercise regularly • Summary – not sticking to the program!

  12. So here’s what I’m going to do • A SEVEN DAY VIDEO DIARY WHERE I…. • Stick to the program • Exercise • Don’t cheat (maybe just a little  )

  13. I’m also going to share some of the awesome tips, tricks and tools I used to achieve my amazing results in the first 3 months. • Things like • IPhone & Android App’s that make tracking things easier • Tips on having the amazing Herbalife shakes • Some mindset and attitude tips • Exercise tips to make sure you get the best results possible • Anything else I can think of to help you!

  14. Lets get started with • EXERCISE!

  15. Exercise if vital for your success with any weight loss plan • Exercise is a must to help get your fitness back as well • Any improvement in your fitness level will have an immediate positive effect on your cardiovascular system which includes your heart and lungs • Once you make the commitment, exercising makes you feel great • Exercise will get you outside in the sun (great for vitamin d) • Exercise is a great way to meet people. Like minded people who also care about their weight and general wellness

  16. Exercise myths I don’t have time! I work 10 hours a day and have a 1 hour drive each way on top of that. Leave (6am and get home about 6pm) I used this excuse as well when I was first getting started! But….It simply isn’t true Make time! Get up earlier or stay up latter.Once you start on any of the Herbalife programs you are going to have more energy and need less sleep so plan your day and EXERCISE!

  17. The Principle Of Loosing Weight Is Really Easy……

  18. The Principle Of Loosing Weight Is Really Easy…… If Calorie use is greater than Calorie intake – You Will Loose Weight Calorie use per day is a combination of your base metabolic rate plus any exercise you do during the day Calorie intake is simply anything that goes in your mouth!

  19. A rule of thumb for loosing weight I have seen quite a bit is… Loose 1 kg You must use 7700 calories more than you eat To loose 1 kg in 2 weeks you need to burn 550 calories a day more than you eat. How to do it?

  20. The first thing you need to do is work out your • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) • Your BMR is the amount of calories a day you burn just being alive! • That’s right we all burn calories every second of the day • When we are asleep • When we are sitting on the couch watching TV • The best BMR calculator I have found is •

  21. Here is all the information you have to enter

  22. 2nd thing to do is decide on your daily calorie intake Minimum recommended calorie intake per day Women – 1200 Men – 1300 to 1500 Depends on who you read/listen to

  23. Now work out how much exercise you are going to do each week You need to aim at 30 minute sessions (minimum) At least 4 sessions per week – the more the better! For me – 5 x 60 minute sessions per week will burn 1976 calories per week

  24. Lets put it all together

  25. Sounds great in theory doesn’t it Does it work in reality? Lets find out I’m doing a 7 day weight loss diary to track my progress

  26. I will be 100% open and honest with you I’ll show you what I eat everyday I’ll show you how much I exercise every day I’ll show you my actual calories in v’s calories burned Lets see in the actual results equal (or beat) the theory

  27. I will track everything I eat and drink using a great little app on my IPhone – Easy Diet Diary It is also available on the Android market and I suggest that everyone downloads/installs it and starts using it TODAY! You can track every single thing you eat and drink every day It scans the barcode right off the packet and all you do is enter the number of servings you are having – EASY!

  28. I will also track and record all my workouts on Runtastic PRO This is another great free app you can get on your IPhone and on the Android phones as well This records what sort of exercise you are doing, how long you are doing it for and once you set up your profile with weight, height age sex etc it calculates how many calories you are using FANTASTIC!

  29. So….That's it for today Check back in a couple of days for my status updates! I hope you have enjoyed the presentation and learned something as well If you would like any further information or advice visit or Email me at