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Welcome to Back to School Night Mrs. Gutierrez Fourth Grade, Room 25

Welcome to Back to School Night Mrs. Gutierrez Fourth Grade, Room 25. Agenda. Introduction Classroom Rules, Rewards & Consequences Class Schedule Homework & Citizenship Grading Ways Parents Can Help Principal’s Message Contact information. Introduction. Mrs. Ida Egenberger-Gutierrez

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Welcome to Back to School Night Mrs. Gutierrez Fourth Grade, Room 25

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  1. Welcome toBack to School NightMrs. GutierrezFourth Grade, Room 25

  2. Agenda • Introduction • Classroom Rules, Rewards & Consequences • Class Schedule • Homework & Citizenship • Grading • Ways Parents Can Help • Principal’s Message • Contact information

  3. Introduction • Mrs. Ida Egenberger-Gutierrez • Palm Desert, New York, Toronto • UC Riverside- B.S. in Biology • Riverside USD, Moreno Valley USD, Corona-Norco USD, CYPSD • Education Technology M.S. from CSUF

  4. Introduction, continued • Three children: Adam (8), Aaron (5), and Emily (3). • Happily married to Tony an EMT  • Enjoy spending time with my parents on their property in the mountains • Gardening, watching gymnastics, and browsing the internet • Newest fascination: operating a backhoe loader

  5. Classroom Rules • Work Quietly • Follow directions • Work & play safely • Respect others, personal & school property • Keep to your own space • Listen to Others

  6. Daily praise Class Dojo points Awards assemblies Various class activities Warning Class Dojo points Mark on citizenship Email to parents Rewards & Consequences

  7. Class Schedule • 8:00 Warm Up/Attendance • 8:15 Language Arts block • 10:15 -Recess- • 10:30 Math • 11:40 -Lunch- • 12:30 Reading Workshop • 1:00 Science/Social Studies • 2:00 PE • 2:30 Dismissal

  8. Class Schedule, cont’d • Computer Lab- Wednesday 1:30 – 2:30 • Library- Wednesday 9:45 – 10:15 Thursday are minimum days! 1:05 dismissal

  9. Homework • Approximately 60 minutes per day assigned Mon. – Thurs. • Reading (20 minutes) • Writing/Language/Spelling • Math *everyday* • Science • Social Studies

  10. Homework • Completed homework will receive a stamp on the citizenship log and various positive reinforcers. • Homework is recorded as an effort grade. Some assignments that are completed at home will receive a subject grade. • Incomplete homework must be finished on the students time, aka ‘recess’. • Students who regularly have incomplete homework will require a conference with parent attendance and a meeting with Mrs. Hernandez.

  11. Citizenship Logs • Students are responsible for completing their own citizenship log (homework, collecting parent signatures, etc). • Students have time at the beginning of the week to write their homework on their calendar. • It is recommended that parents check ALL homework nightly.

  12. Grading Scale 100% A+ 94 – 97% A 90 – 93% A- 87 – 89% B+ 84 – 86% B 80 – 83% B- 77 – 79% C+ 74 – 76% C 70 – 73% C- 67 – 69% D+ 64 – 66% D 60 – 63% D- 0 – 59% F

  13. Miscellaneous • Garden is maintained by our class. Students should bring gardening gloves to keep in class. • Recycling every Thursday! Bring your recyclables from home. • Scholastic book orders are collected at the end of each month. Order online with class code : GR96Y • Field Trip to Newport Back Bay (TBA) • DonorsChoose.org- Be on the lookout for grants I write for the class. This year I plan on working to get more technology, supplies for the garden, and recorders for a music program. Your participation is appreciated!

  14. Ways Parents Can Help • Be sure your child gets enough sleep each night. • A good breakfast helps to get the day off right. • Help your child to get to school on time. • Check dates on library books. • Send a note if your child needs to be excused from P.E. • Ask your child what they did in school each day.

  15. Building Positive Relationships: Principal’s Message • At Morris, we strive for parent involvement, parent-teacher communication, and positive relationships. Please remember the following: • All parents and teachers want the same thing: student success. Go to your child’s teacher immediately if you ever have a question/concern. Please support the teachers and supervisors at Morris. If you disagree with us, please talk to us privately and not in front of your child. • Please limit gossip/adult conversations, cell phone use, and classroom disruptions while you are volunteering on campus. Be sure to sign in and out each time you volunteer. • Please know that we are making instructional shifts that will increase academic rigor, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration in the classroom. Homework and class work may look different than “traditional” assignments. We will be hosting information sessions throughout the year to discuss Common Core topics as we make this transition.

  16. Updated Morris Procedures: Handbook Highlights • 7:45am: Students must not arrive to campus before 7:45 unless they are eating breakfast. Supervision begins on the blacktop at 7:45am. • Classrooms will not be disrupted during instruction. • If you plan to drop off lunch on days when he/she forgets lunch, be sure your child knows to check the “lunch table” in the main office on the way to lunch. We are not responsible for lunches that do not get picked up by students. Our cafeteria will feed kids who do not have food. • Please do not call the office to deliver messages to your child. Emergency messages about afternoon pick-up/directions for where your child should go are for special circumstances and should not be a regular occurrence. Be sure your child knows where to go after school.

  17. Handbook Highlights: Continued Absences: Be sure to call the attendance line if your child is absent. Any absences not called in are considered unexcused. Please do not plan to pull your child out of school between 2:15 and 2:30. It is difficult and disruptive to call students out so close to the end of the school day. If you have a special circumstance, it must be prearranged with the teacher so homework can be prepared and distributed in advance and so the teacher knows to send the student to the office. Dress Code: Visible jewelry (except for medical alert jewelry and earrings smaller than a dime), sandals, and hats are not allowed at school. If you would like an exception for a sun protection hat, contact Principal Hernandez. The hat must have a brim all the way around.

  18. Handbook Highlights: Continued Cell Phones: We are not responsible for cell phones and prefer they are left at home. If a student takes out a cell phone at any time while on campus, it will be confiscated and returned only to the parent/guardian. Birthdays: Due to an increase in food allergies and nutrition laws for public schools, we will not allow parents to bring cupcakes/cakes/food to school for birthday celebration. You must prearrange any birthday celebration with the classroom teacher. We encourage non-food items such as books, stickers, or pencils. The office will not accept food items such as cupcakes or donuts that are dropped off. We thank you for your cooperation in keeping our students safe.

  19. Contact Information • IEgenberger-Gutierrez@cypsd.k12.ca.us • School phone*: (714) 220-6995 • http://teacherweb.com/CA/JulietMorrisElementarySchool/MrsGutierrez/ - link to school email • Citizenship Log * Please do not leave voicemail as it rarely ever gets listened to.

  20. THANK YOU FOR COMING! Have a wonderful rest of your evening!

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