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Structuring a Problem-Solution Paper PowerPoint Presentation
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Structuring a Problem-Solution Paper

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Structuring a Problem-Solution Paper

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Structuring a Problem-Solution Paper

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  1. Structuring a Problem-Solution Paper The following presentation will show you how to properly structure a problem solution essay. You should follow along and we will do it together for the first time. You will then continue to use this process for all Problem-Solution Essays that we write.

  2. What goes in each paragraph? -Paragraph 1- Introduction -Paragraph 2- Solution and Steps -Paragraph 3- One Advantage -Paragraph 4- Second Advantage -Paragraph 5- Conclusion

  3. Problem-Solution • Prompt: Because you are a valuable student at Smith Middle School, the principal has asked you to find Miss Nelson. Her absence has become very costly to your school. SMS running out of money and needs to find the missing Miss Nelson. Write an essay that develops an effective solution to this problem and list steps to implement it.

  4. Audience and Purpose • What is audience? - The audience is who the paper is intended for. Who is going to read it? • What is purpose? - The purpose is the reason that you are writing. What am I writing this for? • Audience: the principal • Purpose: find Miss Nelson

  5. Brainstorm Cause and Effects • Make a Multi Flow map with the problem in the middle box. • In the boxes on the left, list causes of the problem. • In the boxes on the right, list effects of the problem.

  6. Multi-flow map Causes Effects Miss Nelson is missing!!!

  7. Write the opening Paragraph The opening paragraph MAY include: -TOPIC SENTENCE!!!! -What is the problem -Where is the problem -How long has it been a problem The opening paragraph SHOULD include: - Causes and effects of problem (Multi-Flow map) -DO NOT PUT YOUR SOLUTION IN THE OPENING PARAGRAPH!

  8. Possible Opening Sentences • One problem which needs to be solved is… • One of the greatest problems at Smith Middle School is… • The students education at Smith Middle School is suffering due to…

  9. Example of an opening paragraph One of the biggest problems at Smith Middle School is that one of their best teachers, Miss Nelson, is missing. This problem may have been caused by her misbehaving students who do not treat their teacher with the respect she deserves. As a result of Miss Nelson’s absence, which has lasted for several days, the students in room 207 are now being taught by Miss Viola Swamp. She is much more strict than Miss Nelson and the students seem to be having a hard time adjusting to the change.

  10. Now… • Write your opening paragraph!!!

  11. Brainstorm Solutions • Use a circle map to brainstorm solutions to the problem. • The problem goes in the center. • The solutions go in the outer circle.

  12. Circle Map 4-5 possible solutions Miss Nelson is missing

  13. Choose the best solution • Look at your possible solutions to the problem and answer these questions: • 1. Is the solution effective? • 2. Are there steps that can be taken to complete the solution? • 3. Does the solution have advantages?

  14. Paragraph 2- your solution and steps • The second paragraph is when you introduce your solution. In addition to your solution, you have to tell the reader how to implement it, or the steps you have to take to make it happen. In order to come up with these, you need to use a flow map.

  15. Steps of ImplementationFlow Map   Write your solution here __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________

  16. Paragraph 3 and 4- Your advantages • The next two paragraphs are intended to convince the reader that your solution is better than any other possible solution. In order to do this, you need to come up with two things about your solution that make it a good choice. • Use the following map to organize your thoughts

  17. Star Wars Spaceship Map Second Advantage ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  18. How can I start paragraph 3 and 4? • Remember, the opening sentence should tell what the paragraph is about. Here is an example of an opening sentence for this paragraph: • If this solution were implemented in finding Miss Nelson, one advantage would be…

  19. Conclusion • Tell them what you told ‘em! • Restate the following things: -Problem -Solution -First Advantage -Second Advantage