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Back/Lifting Safety PowerPoint Presentation
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Back/Lifting Safety

Back/Lifting Safety

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Back/Lifting Safety

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  1. Back/Lifting Safety Preventing Strains and Sprains to Your Back

  2. Back Safety Most back problems develop slowly over time.

  3. Back Safety Good back care starts with exercise, training, and planning. Your spine depends on strong back and stomach muscles to prevent injury.

  4. Safe Lifting Rules Lift with your legs, not your back.

  5. Safe Lifting Rules When carrying something, don’t twist your back, move your feet to turn.

  6. Safe Lifting Rules Don’t reach above your shoulders, use a step stool or platform.

  7. Safe Lifting Rules For oversized loads, get help from co-workers or use mechanical aids for lifting.

  8. Safe Lifting Rules Keep the load close to your body.

  9. Safe Lifting Rules Never bend at the waist to lift anything.

  10. Safe Lifting Rules Never keep your legs straight when lifting. Keep your back straight though.

  11. Safe Lifting Rules Evaluate your work area to see if you are putting unnecessary strain on your back in the way you are sitting, standing, walking or lifting.

  12. Safe Lifting Rules Strains and sprains to back, ankle, shoulder, knees, and neck are some of the most costly Workers’ Compensation claims and the most painful for workers to suffer.

  13. Summary 1. Size up the load. 2. Get as close to the load as possible. 3. If the load is too heavy or too large, get another person to help you or use mechanical assistance. 4. Make sure footing is secure. 5. Do not twist while lifting! 6. Do not jerk the load. 7. Avoid lifting from the floor or above shoulder level. 8. Alternate lifting tasks with lighter work. 9. Use the same principles when lowering or placing the load after lifting. 10. Try to avoid carrying a load more than 10 feet.

  14. Remember Careful attention to lifting on the job and at home, combined with regular exercise to maintain fitness and strength, can help keep your back healthy.