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Presentation Transcript

  1. Parts Menu QuickServe Online Parts Training Parts Catalog Tabbed Browsing Parts Option Detail Parts Supersessions

  2. Parts Menu Basic Navigation Click the Parts tab to view the Parts page. The information on the Parts page is organized into minor tabs for better accessibility. The Parts Catalog is the default tab on this page.

  3. Parts Menu Parts Catalog The ESN and Service Model name that this Parts Catalog pertains to appears at the top of the page. Jump straight to this engine’s Service Manual by clicking here. The Table Filter allows you to filter through the Parts Catalog simply by typing in a keyword. You can sort the catalog by Option, Repair Group, Group Name, or Build Type by clicking here. The default sort option is by Group Name.

  4. Parts Menu Parts Catalog Click here to print the Part Catalog Option List. You can perform a keyword search by typing in the name of the partSearch: Crankshaft Options can be searched by Option NameSearch: bb1726 Options Revisions can be searched by Option Name followed by an asterisk *Search: bb1726* Part number can be searched: 3800453 "Cylinder Liner Kit"Search: 3800453 Note: If searching for an Option with a hyphen - in it, please use quotes.Search: “bb1726-01" Click on the Option number to view the Option Detail page.

  5. Parts Menu Tabbed Browsing When an Option is selected a new tab or window is launched (depending on your browser settings). The ESN and Option Name appear as the title of the new tab.

  6. Parts Menu Tabbed Browsing To configure your Internet Explorer settings to enable tabs select “Tools” then “Internet Options” and a new window will open. Make sure that you are on the “General” tab, then select “Settings” in the “Tabs” section. Click here to enable Tabbed Browsing. If tabs are not enabled, selecting a Parts Option will launch a new window.

  7. Parts Menu Parts Option Detail This section shows what engines this part applies to. You can adjust the size of the illustration by clicking these options. Click here to view your shopping cart. Click here to add a part to your shopping cart. You can check for supersessions or ReCon equivalents by clicking the part number.

  8. Parts Menu Parts Option Detail Default View The Parts Options have an expandable remarks column (where applicable), this reduces the need for scrolling. Click here to expand the remarks column for more detail. Expanded View

  9. Parts Menu Parts Supersessions After clicking on the part number a new window opens to display the information so you don’t have to leave the page.

  10. Parts Menu Parts Supersessions If you are looking up filters, you can click here to view the Fleetguard equivalent part number. After clicking in “View” the Fleetguard Part Number will appear along with a brief description and a picture of the part.