mr smith goes to washington n.
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“Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”

“Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”

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“Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”

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  1. “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” Narrative Plot Structure By: SkylarMcLamb

  2. Introduction • Mr. Smith is appointed to senate, which secretly is a trick from the political machine James Taylor made. • Mr. Smith gets excited and promises he’ll do nothing to disgrace the office of the United States. • He explores Washington, and goes to see the Lincoln memorial. • Smith is 5 hours late to his office, annoying Saunders.

  3. RisingAction • Saunders has reporters in the office for Smith, and the reporters make him look like a fool. • Mr. Smith arrives in senate and his motives are questioned. • Smith takes a liking to Susan Paine. • Smith proposes a boy’s camp on Willet Creek. • Smith collects money to make it happen. • Senator Paine tries to talk Smith out of it because he is part of a political machine that is out for Willet Creek. • Paine uses his daughter to distract Smith from going to a senate meeting regarding Willet Creek. • Saunders tells Smith about the plan Paine constructed, and left angry with him. • Smith comes face-to-face with James Taylor leader of the political machine. Smith refuses to be apart of the political machine and plans to expose them. • Police, who are in cahoots with James Taylor, drive all the children away in any way they can. • When Smith goes to expose him, they accuse him of graft, saying he bought up the land for selfish reasons and took the money from the kids for himself. • The members of the secret political machine show forged signatures, on a deed to the Willet Creek land, saying they were Smith’s. • When Smith had the chance to testify, he walked out, too afraid to go against so many people. • He ran to the Lincoln memorial to clear his head. • Saunders came and gave him a pep-talk, encouraging him to fight for himself and those who look up to him. • Smith gained the courage to come to go confront the problem in Senate. • Paine tries to fire back. • Mr. Smith launches a filibuster in senate to prove himself innocent and expose Taylor’s political machine. • Smith’s boy rangers try to spread the word in his state, using his Boy Ranger news paper. • Police, who are in cahoots with James Taylor, drive all the children away in any way they can.

  4. Climax • Smith’s filibuster has gone to almost 24 hours, and Smith isn’t going to last too much longer. • Smith faints, due to exhaustion. • Senator Paine runs out of senate, guilty. He’s made to come back in the room. • Paine confesses to being apart of the political machine and reveals everything, including how Smith was innocent the whole time.

  5. FallingAction • Senator Paine is expelled.

  6. Resolution • Smith is proven as innocent. • The political machine is exposed. • Saunders along with the rest of the room, cheers.