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Washington DC

Washington DC. Ms. Bittner’s Class 2010-2011. Introduction. We are preparing for our trip to Washington on May 17, 2011. We would like to tell you about some of the places that we will be visiting. maps.google.com. World War II Memorial. Alexus Henkels. Introduction.

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Washington DC

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  1. Washington DC Ms. Bittner’s Class 2010-2011

  2. Introduction We are preparing for our trip to Washington on May 17, 2011. We would like to tell you about some of the places that we will be visiting.

  3. maps.google.com

  4. World War II Memorial Alexus Henkels

  5. Introduction My class is going on a trip to Washington DC. So I’m going to tell you About the World War II Memorial..

  6. Interesting Facts The World War II Memorial includes a resorted rainbow pool and water- Works. Men sculpted 4,000 gold stars paying Tribute to more than 400,000 Americans who gave their lives. One gold star represents 100 lives…

  7. It opened on April 29th 2004. President Clinton dedicated the Memorial site during a formal ceremony on Veterans’ Day on November 11,1995. The Lincoln Memorial rests to the east of the Memorial , and the Washington Memorial is located to the west of the Memorial. Important Facts

  8. Pictures World War II Memorial pictures

  9. Bibliography • www.WorldWarIIMemorial.com • The Greenville News Sunday, may 30th 2004 section A+ front Page.

  10. Mount Vernon Alexis Brown

  11. Introduction Mount Vernon was the home of George Washington, and this is what this power point is going to be about. Not George, but about Mount Vernon!

  12. Mount Vernon Mount Vernon was the home of the first President of the U.S., George Washington. It is fixed on the west bank of the Potomac River,15 miles south of Washington D.C.. It was made in 1743 by Lawrence Washington, the half brother of George Washington.

  13. History!!!!!!!!! • George Washington subsequently inherited the estate with THOUSANDS of acres of rolling land. It was the family seat until 1860, when it was purchased by the Mount Vernon Ladies Association as a national shrine.

  14. ONE question to solve! • Here is one question you might be asking ……. Is George Washington buried at Mount Vernon?.... YES! So don’t be scared if you go to Mount Vernon and see his ghost. I’m just telling you - DON’T BE SCARED!

  15. Photos! http://dc.about.com/od/photos/ss/MtVernonPhotos.htm From the Potomac river The green house Upper garden

  16. photos#2 The green house

  17. Bibliography • Photos from • http://dc.about.com/od/photos/ss/MtVernonPhotos.htm • Information from Washington D.C. souvenir book p.g.95 by L.B. Prince 1997, Washington D.C. With Kids 2ND Edition.2003. Internet information from… http://www.mount Vernon.org/learn/explore_mv/index.cfm/ • http://www.mount Vernon.org/vist/plan/index.cfm/pid/535/

  18. Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier Brianna M. Galli

  19. Introduction • My class and I are soon going to Washington DC in May. Well, my teacher is making us do a PowerPoint on places we will see.

  20. Important Rule

  21. Facts • The Unknown Soldiers were found to be dead after the end of World War I and World War II.

  22. What? • What most people don’t know is that there were actually four unknown soldiers in the coffin.

  23. Where? • The Unknown Soldiers were buried at Arlington Cemetery, Virginia on November 11,1921.

  24. The world book encyclopedia u.v. year 1993,page 211. The world book encyclopedia u.v. year 1993,page 212. Photo Bucket. COM Bibliography

  25. The National Mall Damondre Freeman

  26. Introduction On May 17,2011 my class is taking a field trip to Washington DC. I will tell you some pretty cool and interesting facts about the National Mall. I hope you enjoy this presentation.

  27. Interesting Facts Today a tiny stone house still stands along the Mall next to Constutition Avenue. Next to the Mall there are popular museums and art galleries.The admission is free.They are fun places you want to visit when you get there. A person name Jackson Downing laid out gently sloping paths and roads that wandered over the Mall. I haven’t seen it, but I’m sure it makes our community look good. I mean really good. Washington DC Mall was officially established in 1965. WHOAH! That’s 46 years ago.

  28. History Did you know the Mall was used for millitary purposes - only in the Civil War though? The Natioinal Mall is bordered by a lot of cool places and restaurants. The National Mall looks like a big, giant princess castle because the main entrance is like a mansion. It is the Smithsonian’s Castle.

  29. Photos Berm.com.nz Bindie.com Visitingdc.com

  30. Bibliography • Internet Source(Google.com) • Encyclopedia • Book(The National Mall)

  31. The Holocaust Memorial Museum Delvin M. Omer

  32. Introduction • On this slide show you will learn about the devastation that Jews endured in World War II. To remember this mistreatment the United States built the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

  33. History • The Holocaust Memorial Museum is to teach people the history of the Holocaust. A group called the Nazi Party, were to blame for this. They believed that Jews were the blame for all their problems, so they killed many Jews at concentration camps. They even burned Jews in pits. After the war millions of Jewish and non-Jewish people were killed. In memory of this, the U.S. built the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

  34. Exhibits • At the Holocaust Museum there are 3 different sections, ”Nazi Assault”, “Final Solution”, and “Last Chapter.” These sections are full of exhibits, but one exhibit stands out to our class (Mrs. Bittner’s class). “Remember The Children: Daniel’s Story” is an exhibit for everyone to see. It opened at the Museum in 1993. It shows the history of the Holocaust in a way children and adults can understand how horrid it (The Holocaust) was. http://www.ushmm.org/museum/exhibit/exhibit/

  35. Where It Is and Pictures • The Holocaust Memorial Museum is located near the National Mall. http://history1900s.about.com/od/holocaust/a/ushmm.htm http://www.thetravelzine.com/holocaust_museum_pix.htm

  36. Bibliography • World Book H-9 pg.298 2006. http;//www.ushmm.org/museum/exhibit/ exhibit/ http;//www.ushmm.org/research/collections/resourcecenter/

  37. TheWhiteHouse Lauren Theis

  38. Introduction We are going to Washington DC, and we are going to see cool stuff and learn wonderful facts about the history.

  39. How The White House Was Made James Hoban built the White House. Slaves helped build the White House. It took 8 years to build the White House. The White House is 208 years old and that’s pretty old.

  40. Facts There are 132 rooms in the White House, and to me it’s really cool and fun. 44 Presidents lived in the White House. The British burned the White House down which was a terrible mess. The White House stands in the middle of a beautiful landscape that is an 18 –acre plot at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That’s some pretty cool facts!!!!!!!!

  41. Cool Rooms • The Blue Room –The Blue Room has been the customary place for Presidents’ to formally receive guests. • Family Living Quarters – John Adams and Abigail Adams were the first to live in the White House. • Here are some of the other rooms: • Entrance and Cross Halls • The East Room • The Red Room • The State Dining Room • The Cabinet Room • The Oval Room • The Press Room • Roosevelt Room • Vice President Room • Renovation

  42. After 150 years, the wooden support beams and exterior load- bearing walls of the White House were weak. Engineers declared the building unsafe and said that it would fall if not repaired. In 1948 it was fixed up and looking good.

  43. Summary My project was about the White House and I told you some of the things and cool facts about the White House.

  44. Bibliography About.com Encyclopedia- w-z y-z -21 year 1993 page 288 and 289

  45. Pictures

  46. FDR Memorial By:Matthew Griffiths

  47. Introduction • This Memorial was created for remembering our 32nd President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was the President that lead us through The Great Depression and World War II. I will tell you some interesting and historic facts about the FDR Memorial.

  48. Interesting and Historic facts • This memorial is 7.5 acres long with numerous statues,waterfalls,and FDR’s famous quotes engraved in stones.This Memorial is located between the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials along the Tidal Basin.

  49. Interesting and Historic facts 2 This Memorial was designed by Lawrence Halprin in May 2,1997. The FDR Memorial is 14 years old . The most people who came to visit in 2005 was 2,852,565. The Memorial has different amounts of water in each room - a single large drop stands for the great depression, water falls down multiple steps to represent the TVA, chaotically falling water stands for World War II, and a still pool shows Roosevelt’s death. A wide array of water displays combines the earlier waterfalls for a retrospective of Roosevelt’s Presidency.

  50. Sources • http://dc.about.com/od/monuments/p/FDRMemorial.htm • RENDEZVOUS WITH DESTINY The FDR Legacy by:Amy Waters Yarsinske • THE WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA Q-R Issue:16 pg.452-462

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