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How a leased line can help your business

An informative infographic highlighting the benefits of choosing a leased line for your business.

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How a leased line can help your business

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  1. HOW CAN A LEASED LINE HELP YOUR BUSINESS? • Nothing is more frustrating than internet outages, slow page loading, and non-responsive web applications. • Businesses with eight employees could lose up to a day’s work every week due to slow internet speed.

  2. WHY YOU NEED A LEASED • LINE CONNECTION • 2 Mbps 10 Gbps • A dedicated, all-fibre connection, with speeds up to 10 Gbps. • It’s faster and more reliable than a generic ADSL broadband connection, and good at connecting multiple offices. • Perfect for video conferencing, uploading large files and using data at peak times.

  3. COMPARING THE SPEED • OF DIFFERENT CONNECTIONS To download a 1 GB file: • 11.6 Mbps • UK average broadband • 20 Mbps • EoFTTC • 100 Mbps • Leased Line 12m 20s 5m 57s 1m 25s • 1 Gbps • Leased Line • 10 Gbps • Leased Line 0m 8s Less than 1 second

  4. WHY IS A LEASED LINE BETTER THAN • OTHER INTERNET CONNECTIONS? A leased line connection will improve the productivity of your organisation • BANDWIDTH • PERFORMANCE RELIABILITY • Because they use an all-fibre connection, leased lines have very high bandwidth. This makes them very popular with businesses, as there’s enough throughput for your whole office to be working online at the same time. • Imagine your connection as a tunnel. It can get congested and grind to a halt, which happens frequently with traditional ADSL broadband services. With a leased line, the tunnel is reserved just for you – so there’s no congestion or slowdown. • With ADSL and other copper-based broadband connections, reliability can be a problem. • Leased lines on the other hand are much more reliable, plus they have a fast 5-hour SLA, instead of a two-day SLA for normal broadband services.

  5. 20 Mbps 80 Mbps • OTHER • SERVICES FLEXIBILITY • SECURITY • Leased lines are dedicated to you, running from the network provider right into your business premises. This makes them inherently more secure than traditional business broadband options. • With ADSL-style broadband, the speed you get is ‘up to’ the advertised speeds, and you can’t normally change it once you’ve signed up. Leased lines are much more flexible, so you can usually increase the speed if you find your business needs it. • FTTC — If budgets wont stretch to a leased line, look at FTTC, which offers up to 80 Mbps of downstream bandwidth and up to 20 Mbps upstream, depending on the distance from the exchange.

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