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How A Business Directory Can Help Your Business PowerPoint Presentation
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How A Business Directory Can Help Your Business

How A Business Directory Can Help Your Business

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How A Business Directory Can Help Your Business

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  1. How A Business Directory Can Help Your Business What if you could find a competitive advantage for your business and your sales team? A tool that would help empower them to generate more productive leads and increase their conversion rates. When you’re goal is to be successful in B2B sales directed at the manufacturing sector, a great resource to have would be a comprehensive Canadian list of manufacturing businesses. Digital resources are becoming a vital component of productive sales strategy. This is especially true when trying to target manufacturing companies in Canada. The sales landscape across the vast geography of Canada has changed dramatically in the last decade with the constant proliferation of information available online. Mobile, technology-driven B2B environments are changing the way sales teams have to do business. Building a dynamic set of digitally- based, interactive sales tools is critical, because it helps sales professionals to be more efficient in their efforts, more informed about their potential clients, and more effective in converting leads into hard sales. Targeting Canadian manufacturing companies is always a challenge; however, empowering an eager sales team with cutting-edge software solutions integrated into your

  2. strategic plan will help them execute more effectively. More effective sales teams mean more money for the company! Subscribing to a service that provides a list of manufacturing businesses and the vital contact information of people within that organization is a huge asset to sales managers looking for ways to motivate their B2B sales teams. Subscribing to an online digital database like Scott’s Directories provides an easy software integration into your digital sales strategies. Imagine starting your Monday morning sales meeting by offering your sales team immediate access to the names and current contract information of the key decision makers working in the Canadian manufacturing companies they are trying to target for B2B sales –and not just a few hundred. Scott’s Directories provides information on more than 180,000 businesses your team can access through the online data base, with easily navigated search options to bring your lead generation into sharp focus. Uncovering the key data on individual businesses allows your team to quickly develop focused marketing plans required to reach Canadian manufacturing companies. Using digital tools like an online business directory helps you harvest valuable insights and company statistics, allowing you to share the most relevant materials with the sales people you’re tasked with motivating. The digital platform allows you to seamlessly sync data between your sales and marketing teams, giving them 24/7 access to data as well as marketing assets easily accessible through mobile IOS and Android devices. Your team will be able to search and utilize analytics on the materials that interest their potential prospects, establishing a level of professionalism that leads to better relationships with clients. Read original source content : directory-can-help-your-business/