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Main objectives/aims: PowerPoint Presentation
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Main objectives/aims:

Main objectives/aims:

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Main objectives/aims:

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  1. Out door English activitiesMonday 20th February 2012Wednesday 22nd February 2012Friday 24th February 2012

  2. Main objectives/aims: • Practise and learn while having fun and a lot of fresh air • Understand and follow a written/ an oral English instruction • Repeat and expand vocabulary and grammar understanding • Learn in a creative, active and hopefully more effective way Full activity among the pupils during the lesson • Improve team work skills (listen, discuss, help others, give and receive) • Improve reading, spelling, writing and oral skills • Improve linguistic skills through an immediate feedback

  3. Specific linguistic objective: • Practise and learn by heart 10 irregular verbs (How to pronounce and to inflect irregular verbs in Base form, Past Simple and Perfect Participle)

  4. Teacher’sreflections • How to consider different interests and qualifications ? • How to challenge each pupil’s personality? • How to prepare the activities? • How to evaluate the work?

  5. Activities and objectives Activities:Objectives: Activity 1: Repeat words for animals and things from the farm You repeat/ expand your active vocabulary when • and make a small conversation between two or three animals comes to the names of animals from the farm Use your teamwork skills, your imagination and performing skills, when you and your group make a small animal conversation and make a performance 1 Give me as many words as you can from the farm. Use the picture from Story Book. Make a small conversation between two or three animals and make a performance. Practise and then show it to Therese.

  6. Activities and objectives Activities:Objectives: • Activity 2: Find out which word is spelt correctly. Correct the other Practise your vocabulary and spelling. Expand your • words. What do the words mean? Write down sentences. vocabulary and translating skills. Use your English • Read the sentences aloud. knowledge when you create and write sentences with the words. If you don’t know how to spell the words, you have to choose the right aid. You can use a dictionary.. or..? Practise writing, reading and pronouncing. • 2 • Look at the words below. Which one is spelled correctly? curios / beautiful / clewer / lonsome / childis • Correct the 4 words that are not spelled correctly. You can use a dictionary. • Translate the words. What do they mean? Make a sentence with each word. • Go back to Therese and spell and translate the words for her. Read/say the sentences.