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Unit One
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Unit One

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  1. Unit One NEWCOLLEGEENGLISH (4) Leisure Activities

  2. Task 1 Leisure Activities — The variety of leisure activities Leisure activities can help to relax. 1.Conduct a survey among your classmates to make a list of the things you do for fun in your leisure time. 2. Find out the 3 most popular ones in your class.

  3. Example Qs: • What’s your favorite leisure activity? • Why you like it? • How to play/do it?

  4. Task 1 doing some sports, going to Karaoke bars, playing cards, going to movies, watching TV, playing computer games, dancing, collecting stamps, collecting coins, going to the pub, traveling, listening to music, reading novels, going to a concert, going to theatres and museums, going shopping

  5. Task 1 Leisure Activities — Outdoor Vs. Indoor Activities Obviously people’s tastes vary depending on their personality and their age. Some may prefer outdoor activities, while others may choose indoor activities. Make a group of two and debate on them.

  6. Task 1 Leisure Activities — Ours Vs Parents Work in groups to make a list of a) the things you do for fun in your leisure time; b) the things your parents do for fun in their leisure time.

  7. Task 1 Leisure Activities — Sayings • Rest is sauce to labor. 休息是劳动的调味品。 • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 只工作不玩耍,聪明杰克也变傻。 • People who cannot find time for recreation are • obliged sooner or later to find time for illness. 找不出时间娱乐的人迟早会被迫找出时间生病。

  8. Performance options: • Tell your group members the most funny experience that you have in English. Find out the funniest one in your group. • Find a partner and try to make up a piece of crosstalk in English. Perform it in the class. Choose 3 best groups to be the winners. Laughter - Crosstalk Task 2

  9. Directions: Listen to an English joke and tell where the humor lies in. Task 3 Humor - The Composition Class

  10. Task 3 Humor - The Composition Class The students in the composition class were assigned the task of writing an essay on " the most beautiful thing I ever saw." The student who, of all the members of the class seemed the least sensitive to beauty, handed in his paper first with astonishing speed. It was short and to the point. He had written: "The most beautiful thing I ever saw was too beautiful for words." Script

  11. Directions: Watch the flash carefully and try to tell the humorous story to your class. Task 3 Humor “A Bad Writing” - Father and Son • 幻灯放映后在画面上点右键选播放

  12. Work in pairs to answer the following questions. How did the students respond when the author told a joke in a class? Sample Several students enjoyed his joke so much that they fell out of their chairs laughing, but the rest of the students showed no interests and they looked as if he’d just read the weather report.

  13. Do animals have a sense of humor? Can you give an example? Sample Yes. Some animals have a sense of humor just as human beings do. For example, the author’s dog, Blitzen, used to tease the author’s mother-in-law by selectively carrying one of her bedroom slippers into the living room where Grandma sat in her favorite, comfortable chair. When Grandma got up from the chair to get the slipper from Blitzen, Blitzen would quickly jump into the chair, occupying grandma’s seat. Then he smiled at her, which seemed to mean that he had fooled Grandma again.

  14. What are the common types of humor mentioned in the text? Which types do you like better? Sample The most common types of humor mentioned in the text are: slap-stick, a play on words, puns and double-entendres. Of all these I personally prefer “slap-stick”, for the language is simple and direct. It often makes fun of another person and appeals to all ages and cultures.

  15. Do you think humor is an important quality for a person or a key to getting along with others? Please explain your answer. Sample Yes. I think so. I like to be with humorous people because they can make me laugh when I am unhappy. They can change an awkward situation and help people get rid of embarrassment by making everybody laugh. With such people, life becomes more interesting and enjoyable. Therefore humorous people are like sunshine and are very popular with others.

  16. 语法训练 译 文 But, what is it that makes a story or a joke funny? (Line 2) 本句为强调句型的疑问句,用于强调句子中的主语。 那么,到底是什么东西使一个故事或笑话让人感到滑稽可笑呢?

  17. 语法训练 Why is it that several students in a class will fall out of their chairs laughing after I tell a joke while the rest of the students look as if I’ve just read the weather report?(Line 10) 译 文 本句为强调句型的特殊疑问句,用于强调原因状语。句中it是形式主语, that引导真实主语从句。 句中的两个并列真实主语是several students…和 the rest of the students…两个主语从句。laughing after I tell a joke 是现在分词短语做伴随状语修饰several students。

  18. Example Why is it that every time I have a hot date, I break out with a big zit on my face? 为什么每次我有重要约会时,脸上都会冒出一个很大的青春痘呢? Hmm, what is it that interests you most about the job? 嗯……这个工作最让你感兴趣的方面是什么呢? How long ago is it that you last saw her? 你上一次看见她是多久以前的事?

  19. 译 文 Why is it that several students in a class will fall out of their chairs laughing after I tell a joke while the rest of the students look as if I’ve just read the weather report?(Line 10) 为什么听我讲完一个笑话后,班上有些学生会笑得前仰后合,而其他学生看上去就像刚听我读了天气预报一样呢?

  20. 句型应用 The joke is no less funny because it is so often used. (Line 49) 译 文 no less(than): quite as…as和……一样,不少于,不亚于。

  21. Example She is no lessactivethan she used to be. 她和从前一样活跃。 An animal, even a small insect, is no less sensible to pain than man. 一个动物,即使是一只小昆虫,对疼痛的敏感程度也不比人类少。

  22. 译 文 The joke is no less funny because it is so often used.(Line 49) 这个笑话并没有因为经常讲而变得不再那么好笑。

  23. 句型应用 “How come you completely copied somebody else’s homework?”(Line 66) 译 文 How come: How did it happen ( that ) 为非正式用语,用于询问,意思是“为什么?是怎么回事?”,并表示惊讶。

  24. Example How come nobody found out the first time he went there? 他第一次去那儿时怎么没有人发现呢? How come there are no commercials for bicycles? 没有自行车的广告,这是怎么回事 ? If that’s true, how come so many smart people have stupid children? 如果那是事实,为什么那么多聪明人会有笨孩子呢?

  25. 译 文 “How come you completely copied somebody else’s homework?”(Line 66) 你为什么一字不改地抄别人的作业?

  26. universal (adj.)(Line1, Para1) 1) relating to everyone in the world or everyone in a particular group or society普遍的, 全体的 Translation 卡拉OK提供了大众化的娱乐。 Karaoke provides universal entertainment. 非典和禽流感曾经引起过普遍的恐慌。 SARS and bird flu have once caused universal panic.

  27. 2) true or suitable in every situation 通用的;万能的 a universal instrument 万能仪 a universal meter 通用电表 名词形式: universe宇宙

  28. humor (n.)(Line 4, Para. 2) (capacity to cause or feel) amusement 幽默;诙谐 请完成下面的句子。 Exercise 他正在写一本幽默小说。 He is writing __________________. a novel full of humor 中央电视台节目主持人李咏很有幽默感。 CCTV’s host Li Yong ______________________. has a great sense of humor

  29. 词汇扩充 humorous (adj.)(Line 21, Para. 5) 幽默的 humorless (adj.)(Line 19, Para. 3) 缺乏幽默感的 humorist (n.)(Line 65, Para. 10) 幽默(作)家, 有敏锐幽默感的人 请用 humorous, humorless 或 humorist填空。 Exercise I think actor Guo Donglin is rather _________. humorous We all view his father as a ________. humorist humorless Being _________ is unacceptable in the business talks with American people.

  30. sense (n.)(Line 16, Para.3) 1) good practical understanding and judgment 见识;判断力;领悟(常与of连用) Translation 他的父亲是一个责任感很强的人。 His father has a strong sense of duty. Cultivating the moral sense in the childhood is quite important. 在儿童时代就培养是非感是相当重要的。

  31. 2) a way in which a person can know about the physical world, for example, through sight or hearing 官能;感官 (如视觉,听觉,嗅觉,味觉及触觉) Translation 那位特工(agent)听觉敏锐。 That agent has a keen sense of hearing. 如我们所知,狗的嗅觉很灵敏。 As we know, dogs have a good sense of smell.

  32. sense (v.)(Line 94, Para.12) to have a feeling about something without being told directly 感觉到,觉察到,意识到 Translation 她发觉自己的建议不受欢迎。 She sensed that her suggestions were unwelcome. Olympic champion Guo Jingjing could sense that some reporters’ questions were not friendly. 奥运冠军郭晶晶能够感受到一些记者的问题并不友 好。

  33. trigger (Line 18, Para. 3) (v.) to start a chain of events; be the immediate cause of (sth. serious or violent) 触发,引发,为 (某严重或暴力的事件的)直接原因 请完成下面的句子。 Exercise trigger a chain reaction This incident may ___________________. 这一事件可能会引起连锁反应。 Kashmir issue incessantly _________________ ________ between India and Pakistan. 克什米尔问题不断激起印巴之间的武装冲突。 triggers (off) armed conflicts

  34. (n.)lever for releasing a spring, esp. of a firearm (释放弹簧的)扳柄;(枪的)扳机;引爆器 请完成下面的句子。 Exercise The trigger of that gun ___________________ is made from a particular material. 那把手枪的扳机是由一种特殊材料制作的。 tried to reach his hand for the trigger James Bond _______________________________ but failed in the end. 007试图伸手去够引爆器,但没有成功。

  35. focus (n.)(Line 21, Para. 3) point at which interests, tendencies, etc., meet 兴趣,趋势等的中心;焦点 请完成下面的句子。 Exercise Yao Ming’s wonderful performance in NBA enables him to become ______________________ ________. 姚明在NBA的精彩表现使得他成为篮球迷们关 注的焦点。 the focus of basketball fans’ attention Many scientists were trying to find _____________ __________. 很多科学家都在全力寻找震源。 the focus of the earthquake

  36. (vt & vi.) concentrate 集中;使集中于焦点 Translation 你应该把精力放在工作上。 You should focus your mind on work. The Taiwan authority is supposed to focus more attention on how to improve its relationship with the Chinese mainland. 台湾当局应该更多地关注如何改善与祖国大陆的 关系。

  37. mutual (adj.)(Line 25, Para. 4) 1) shared by two people and directed towards each other (used of feeling) 相互的, 彼此的 (指感情) 请完成下面的句子。 Exercise 宽恕源于彼此的理解。 Forgiveness is due to ___________________. mutual understanding Mutual support and inspiration __________________________ helped the players of the Chinese women’s volleyball team achieve the victory in the final. 互相的支持和鼓励帮助中国女排的队员取得了决赛 的胜利。

  38. 2) shared by two or more people 共同的, 共有的 Translation 共同的努力是成功的关键。 Mutual efforts are the key to success. They found that they had a mutual interest in Jolin Tsai’s (Cai Yilin) songs. 她们发现她们对蔡依林的歌 有着共同的兴趣。

  39. tempt (v.)(Line 28, Para. 4) 1) to try to persuade someone to do something which maybe unwise or immoral 引诱, 诱惑 常用结构:be tempted to do sth. 某人被诱惑(诱骗)做某事 请完成下面的句子。 Exercise That old man was ___________________________ ________________________. 那个老人正在劝诱一些年轻人加入那个神秘的组织。 tempting some teenagers to join that mysterious organization was tempted to That boy _____________ become a thief. 那个男孩儿受人诱骗而成了一名小偷。

  40. 2) try to persuade someone to do something by making it seem attractive 吸引, 引起……的兴趣 请完成下面的句子。 Exercise The fine weather and beautiful scenery ____________________. 不错的天气和美丽的景色 吸引着我们到户外去。 tempted us to go outside

  41. 请完成下面的句子。 Exercise The enterprises and research institutes in Western countries always________________________ with attractive salary and working conditions. 西方国家的企业和研究机构总是用优厚的薪水和优 越的工作条件吸引中国的年轻人才。 tempt Chinese young talents 名词形式:temptation诱惑物;有诱惑的东西

  42. present (adj.)/’preznt/(Line 36, Para. 5) 1) in a particular place at a particular time 出席的;在场的 Translation 开幕式举行的时候你在场吗? Were you present at the opening ceremony? 会议有多少人出席? How many people were present at the meeting?

  43. 2) the time that is happening 现在的;现存的(做定语) 请掌握以下常见表达。 现政府 the present government 在目前 at the present time (day) 当前的形势 the present situation 现存的社会制度 the present social system

  44. v. /pri’zent/ (1) to give something to someone, esp. at an official ceremony赠给;献给; 呈递 Translation 学生们给老师献花。 The students presented flowers to their teacher. She is responsible for presenting the application to the committee. 她负责向委员会提出申请。

  45. (2) to be the cause of a problem or difficulty ( present sb with sth ) 引起问题或困难 Translation Falling interests rates present the firm with a new problem. 利息下降给公司带来了一个新问题。 That key player’s sudden injury presented the head coach with a big headache. 那位关键队员的突然受伤让主教练感到非常头疼。 (n.) /’preznt/ gift 礼物;赠品

  46. technique (Line 43, Para. 7) (n.) (a) skill in doing something practical, artistic, or connected with sport技巧,方法 Translation If you want to learn to paint, I suggest you study Raphael’s techniques. 如果你想学习绘画的话,我建议你去学习拉菲尔的绘画技巧。 She is working with her new piano teacher to improve her technique. 她请新钢琴老师协助提高自己的演奏技巧。

  47. 词义辨析 technology (n.)the branch of knowledge or activity dealing with scientific and industrial methods and their practical use in industry (科学和工业的技术) Translation chemical technology 化学工艺学 science and technology 科学和技术 the manned space technology 载人航天技术

  48. value (n.) (Line 51, Para. 7) 1) regard highly; have a high opinion of 看重 ;重视 Translation 对于健康和财富,你更看 重哪一个? Which do you value most, wealth or health? 我很珍惜你的友情/重视他们的建议。 I’ve always valued your friendship/their suggestions.