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Character Analysis for the Tempest PowerPoint Presentation
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Character Analysis for the Tempest

Character Analysis for the Tempest

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Character Analysis for the Tempest

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  1. Character Analysis for the Tempest By: See Won K. + Pablo L.

  2. #1: Gonzalo Summary • Gonzalo is the advisor to Alonso the king of Naples. • Gonzalo also gave Prospero, a couple magic books, clothing and some food.

  3. Role • Gonzalo’s main role is King Alonso’s advisor and they both fall asleep and just when Sebastian and Antonio are about to murder Alonso, Gonzalo wakes up and rescues The King before he was murdered where no one knew.

  4. Key line • Prospero: Holy Gonzalo, honourable man,Mine eyes, even sociable to the show of thine • This explains that Gonzalo is a kind and warm-hearted man, for when Prospero was dropped off on the island, Gonzalo gave food, drink and books for Prospero.

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  6. #2: Miranda • Summary/ role • Miranda is the Daughter of Prospero and is also Married to Ferdinand the son of Alonso (King of Naples) • The Daughter of Prospero and the wife of Ferdinand.

  7. Key line • O, wonder!How many goodly creatures are there here!How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,That has such people in't! • Miranda has only seen three men in her life, her father, Prospero, Caliban, and Ferdinand, so she is exclaiming when she sees, all these new people.

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  9. #3: Caliban • Summary/ role • Caliban is the son of the ex-owner of the island, Also now he is the Slave to Prospero • Caliban convinces Stephano and Trinculo ( by the way, they were drunk and it is fairly easy to convince a drunk person of anything) to kill Prospero for he claims this island is his, and Prospero stole it from him.

  10. Key lines • Lo, now, lo!Here comes a spirit of his, and to torment meFor bringing wood in slowly. I'll fall flat;Perchance he will not mind me • Caliban is surely afraid of Prospero’s power for he mistakes Stephano for a god because it was the first time seeing him.

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  12. #4: Sebastian • Summary/ role • Sebastian is the brother of King Alonso, The monarch of Naples. He also tries to kill The king when he falls asleep so he can become king • His role is well the traitorous brother of Alonso, and tires to kill Alonso

  13. Key lines • Thy case, dear friend,Shall be my precedent; as thou got'st Milan,I'll come by Naples. Draw thy sword: one strokeShall free thee from the tribute which thou payest;And I the king shall love thee. • Sebastian and Antonio are the only ones awake after Ariel puts Alonso and Gonzalo to sleep. So now the two are planning to murder the king and thus making Sebastian the monarch of Naples

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  15. #5: Stephano • Summary/role • The usually drunk butler of the King of Naples, Alonso • Caliban later convinces Stephano (when he was drunk) to kill Prospero, But later the 3, Caliban, Stephano, added Trinculo, fail because they were chased by dogs.

  16. Key line • I shall no more to sea, to sea,Here shall I die ashore--This is a very scurvy tune to sing at a man'sfuneral: well, here's my comfort.In this part Stephano enters washed up and on the shore of the island, and like everyone else, he thinks he is the only one who has survived, so he is singing a nautical song to mourn his own death.

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