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Speed Up the Hiring Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Speed Up the Hiring Process

Speed Up the Hiring Process

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Speed Up the Hiring Process

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  1. Speed Up the Hiring Process

  2. Clear Job Descriptions – instead of posting a summarized job description where other details will be provided upon interview, posting a job full and understandable job descriptions make it a lot easier for applicants to know if they are capable of getting the job done.

  3. Post Opportunities on social media – taking advantage of social media is also a good way to make hiring faster. With over millions of users around the world, the companies job post can be viewed by job seekers, thus increases the chance of hiring the right people for the job.

  4. Minimize Job Posting – although posting a lot of job ads might seem very efficient, it only increases the chance of applicants that are not suitable for the job. By optimizing job ads and posting them in a strategical way, the chances of hiring the right employees become increases.

  5. Try Video Interviewing – interview via live stream videos can lessen the effort of both applicant and employer, stable internet connection, a computer (or smartphone) and a camera will be the only utilities needed.

  6. State the Salary – a lot of employers keep posting job ads and not stating the salary, this only invites more applicants that are not sure but willing to take an interview to know the salary. By posting the salary, employers can trim down undecided applicants.

  7. Utilize Pre-Employment Background Check – this is where taking advantage of technology falls, when interviews go well but there is still doubt in the employer’s mind, the best solution is to simply conduct a pre-employment background check. By running a pre-employment background check online, employers can finalize the decision the hire the applicant or not.

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