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O.J. Simpson Trial

O.J. Simpson Trial

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O.J. Simpson Trial

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  1. O.J. Simpson Trial NOTE: Slides marked with a red dot (bottom right) indicate a gruesome slide may follow!

  2. January 23rd, 1995 the trial began. It was exactly ten years to the day since O.J. Simpson had become the first Heisman Trophy winner to be elected to the pro footballers Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

  3. To many, particularly in minority communities,  the trial of Orenthal James Simpson became not so much a determination of his guilt or innocence of murder in the first degree, beyond a reasonable doubt, but whether or not a black man could find justice in a legal system designed by and largely administered by whites. To others, many of whom were white, the key question was whether a mostly minority jury would convict a black celebrity regardless of the weight of evidence against him. • To others, the tragic deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman always seemed stage left, as the man on trial for their murders commanded center stage in his fight to prove bigotry and racism were the real issues on trial, using a pack of slick lawyers willing to circumnavigate the parameters of legal etiquette and acceptable courtroom manners to achieve their objectives, transforming their client, an accused double murderer, into some kind of political prisoner.

  4. 10:15 p.m. - While watching television, Pablo Fenjves, a neighbor of Nicole Brown Simpson, hears the cries and constant barking of a dog. Elsie Tistaert, who lived just across the street, also heard it, and when she looked out of her window, she saw the dog, a white Akita, pacing up and down outside the front of 875 South Bundy Drive. • 11:00-11:30 p.m. – blood-stained Akita follows dog-walking neighbor home • 12:10 a.m. - The bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are discovered outside her townhouse. • 12:13 a.m. – First Police Arrive! • 12:45 a.m. – paramedics confirm death • 2:10 a.m. – Phillips and Fuhrman arrive; Partner, Roberts logs in at 2:30 (18th officer on scene) • 3:25 a.m. – photographer arrives – general photos, not close up • 4:04 and 4:25 a.m. – Lange and Vannatter, Leads arrive


  6. Ex-wife of OJ Simpson • Married at 18 • Mother of two youngest of Simpson’s children • Frequented Mezzaluna Restaurant

  7. RON

  8. 6’1” • 170lbs • Handsome, young actor • Waiter at Mezzaluna Restaurant • Trained in martial arts • Friend of Nicole

  9. 5:00 a.m. – Four detectives leave Bundy to go to Rockingham • About 5 a.m. - Detectives Mark Fuhrman and Philip Vannatter arrive at Simpson's house. • 5:15-5:30 a.m. - The detectives examine reddish stain on Simpson's Ford Bronco. • 5:40 a.m. to 5:50 a.m. - Detective Fuhrman decided to jump the wall in order for police to get inside the estate. Once on the grounds, the detectives awaken Simpson's daughter, Arnelle, who is staying in a guest house. She takes the police to the house and telephones Cathy Randa, her father's longtime assistant. • 6:21 a.m. – Lange informs Brown family of Nicole’s death • Shortly after, Fuhrman finds a glove in plain view • 7 am-7:30 a.m. - Detective Vannatter declared the area a crime scene and goes to get a warrant to search the house.


  11. 8:00 - 9:00 a.m. – Lange checks out Rockingham property and documents/reviews evidence • Around the same time, investigators “shield” Nicole’s body from the press using a blanket from inside the home • 9:10 a.m. – coroner investigators note that Nicole’s bare feet are clean, and an odd pattern of blood spots on her back • 10:15 a.m. – Dennis Fung and assistant finish Rockingham and arrive at Bundy scene, photographing all angles, measuring, and documenting, removing the bodies from the scene


  13. Rockingham EVIDENCE


  15. 6:30 p.m. - Nicole Brown Simpson, her children and several others go to dinner at the Mezzaluna restaurant. • 7:00 p.m. – Dine at Mezzaluna • 8 p.m. - Nicole Brown Simpson and her children leave Mezzaluna, and stop for ice cream on the way home. • 9:15 p.m. - One of Nicole Brown Simpson's sisters calls Mezzaluna to say that Nicole's mother had left her glasses at the restaurant. Ronald Goldman volunteers to return the glasses. • 9 p.m.-9:30 p.m. - Brian Kaelin, a friend staying in a guest house at O.J. Simpson's home, and Simpson go to McDonald's for dinner. • 9:45 p.m. - Kaelin and Simpson return home. • 9:48 p.m. - 9:50 p.m. - Goldman leaves the restaurant with a white envelope containing the glasses.