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Flooding in Bangladesh PowerPoint Presentation
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Flooding in Bangladesh

Flooding in Bangladesh

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Flooding in Bangladesh

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  1. Assessment Task: You are a photo editor for a news organisation who is putting together a presentation on the causes, effects and responses to flooding in Bangladesh. You will be concentrating on one particular flood event in 1998. There SHOULD be more than one photo for each section. Each photo has to have a caption that describes and explains the relevance of the photo. I.e. it should not be – here is a picture of flat land, it should be: Flooding in Bangladesh What are the Causes, Effects and Responses to Flooding in Bangladesh. “Bangladesh in mainly low lying flat land with …% being less than …. Metres above sea level. This means when rivers flood it covers a large area of land. Source:

  2. What are the Physical Causes of Flooding? The shape of the land in Bangladesh is a big problem because: it has no hills and that makes it easier for the flood to cause more damage, it also makes it easier for the flood to spread around Bangladesh. This is a big problem.

  3. What are the physical causes of flooding? Monsoons in Bangladesh are a tremendous problem. This is the biggest cause of death. The floods cause: drowning, diseases and the food and water becomes wiped out. As you can see in the photo the lady is struggling to swim and trying ever so strongly to SURVIVE. The monsoon season is in

  4. What are the Human Causes of Flooding? As you can observe there are a tremendous amount of buildings. Since these buildings are getting more modern, this affects the floods and of course people!.When the floods come the cities basically hold it in and the water level rises (this is very dangerous)

  5. What are the Human Causes of flooding? As you can see global warning is a big problem in Bangladesh. Your probably wondering how global warning can cause flooding, the answer is: flooding is caused because the sea level is getting higher and higher and the sea water is coming in land, and the amount of water increases and gathers up and become a dangerous flood . • How

  6. Case Study 1998 Floods • On the next few pages add the effects of the flood. You should look at the primary effects (those that happen straight away) and the secondary effects (those that may happen over the next few days and months)

  7. Primary affects This is the first thing that occurs when the horrible Bangladesh flood occurred, it explains deeply in this photo: as you can see these people are trying to get through the water and reach so called “SAFETY” there’s no much hope for “SAFETY” in this picture. So a primary affect is trying to get through the worst of the floods, reach a shelter and TRY to get out of harms way.

  8. Primary affects As you can see the two little boys and girl are struggling to keep their food dry and struggling to swim. This is a primary affect because people need food urgently, and would do anything to get their share of food.

  9. Secondary affects As you can see in the picture these people are walking through a filthy alley, it is very un- sanitary, and all dead animals people and germs can spread and cause FATAL diseases! This is a secondary affect because it happens later on, a BIG amount of people died from diseases! A very dangerous sickness that spread rapidly was diarrhea! There is also many deaths from water born diseases. The monsoon season in Bangladesh is in mid- September, this is horrible because thinking about it people have barely anytime to prepare for it.

  10. Secondary affects Snake bites, this may sound odd, but while people are climbing on top of huts and destroyed houses, they do not know that snakes have infested the huts and houses. The snakes act fast and attack! Since the affects are so bad hospitals aren’t close!

  11. Responses to Flooding • Here you will look at the immediate and longer term responses of the government and other organizations • Think about medical help, food help in the first instance and some of the longer term ways people could respond to regular flooding.

  12. Responses to Flooding This is a picture in Bangladesh these patients Are suffering from dirohea, which is very dangerous. These “HOSPITALS” can’t treat everyone. The government has been good though providing some people with medical care. Although most people with this horrible disease/sickness die from horrible causes.

  13. This women and her child were given food to keep them going! The food in the bag is well protected from germs in the water!.This is good because the food won’t have diseases. Responses to flooding

  14. Responses to Flooding In this photo the little boy and women are trying to protect their food. They got this food from recovery suppliers which supply food, medical care and clean water which is stored in tanks.

  15. Long Term Responses to flooding • Here you need to look at different responses such as flood prevention schemes, shelters and early warning systems.

  16. Long Term Responses to Flooding This is a flood shelter raised high above the ground to avoid the horrible flood water. This shelter gives people a place to recover from the horrific floods, and is provided by communities and Recovery Help centers.

  17. Long Term Responses to Flooding This flag is a flood warning and is put all over Bangladesh before a flood occurs, it is good because it allows people to get prepared, save food, make shelters , collect water and basically be ready for the flood! It can sometimes be no use because it unfortunately leaves some people out, what I mean by that is some people don’t get the warning.

  18. Thank you Hopefully all of Bangladesh recovers soon! • Here is some information about the floods: • The worst flood occurred in 1998, communities and help centers made a SLIGHT difference by having medical centers also food was provided like: rice, meat and filling foods, they also provide bottles of water and have big tanks too! Also they have shelters that were very high so the flood could not reach it! Help centers also dug protected food in the ground so when the flood is at the point where people need food urgently there is a place to go for food. Many deaths were from water born diseases. Also many people died from drowning. There was also and increase in fishing. Bangladeshians try to save their animals by tying them up so they don’t drown! A tremendous amount of homes are destroyed and the living conditions are VILE. 70% of Bangladesh was flooded, and 30-40 million people were living in temporary shelters. 175000 cases of serious diarrhea! All of their rice crop destroyed, homes destroyed a rapid increase in fish and FATAL snake bites. The main killer during the flood was diarrhoea.

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