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ACE Certification Program Management Tool Event Leader Training PowerPoint Presentation
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ACE Certification Program Management Tool Event Leader Training

ACE Certification Program Management Tool Event Leader Training

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ACE Certification Program Management Tool Event Leader Training

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  1. ACE Certification Program Management ToolEvent Leader Training This course is the property of United Technologies Corporation and except for use by employees or other authorized persons on behalf of United Technologies, is delivered on the express condition that it and the information contained in it are not to be used, disclosed, or reproduced in whole or in part, for any purpose without the express written consent of United Technologies Corporation. THIS DOCUMENT DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY TECHNICAL DATA. Rev 3 Jan 2019

  2. PURPOSE OF THIS TRAINING? The purpose of this training is not to certify individuals as Leaders, but rather to provide a guide on how to manage events in the Program Management Tool. This course contains information on: • Defining events • Event roles • Event phases • How to add new events • How to update information associated with events • How to grant credit • How to find an event • How to manage participation

  3. WHAT IS AN EVENT? • A Planned and structured effort that enables a team to improve some aspect of their business. • Prior to the actual event: • Area chosen and prepared • Problem is selected • Leaders and teams are chosen • Problem is baselined • Improvement target is set • Timeframe is set for the event. • The actual event aims for the focused discovery of root causes and focused implementation of solutions.

  4. EVENT ROLES - ADMINISTRATIVE Administrators must be added by a Super Administrator for them to appear in the list. Contact the ACE Certification Program helpdesk or Event Manager to request an Administrator to be added to the tool.

  5. EVENT ROLES - ACTIVE Implementation Leader is the only role that can be combined with a Participant, Lead, Co-Lead role. A Leader or Co-Leader can not invite themselves as a Participant.

  6. EVENT ROLESWhat qualifies you to manage Qualifications for Event Managers • Certified Practitioners and Masters • Business Unit Waiver Administrators or • Completed Associate and >50% Practitioner • All VSM, Cell Design and RRCA classes completed • Significant Continuous Improvement event experience • Coaching or mentoring at the Silver/Gold level Site/Cell • Experienced Core ACE office personnel • Experienced ACE leaders • Export control compliance and training

  7. EVENT ROLESWhat qualifies you to lead Qualifications for Event Leaders • ACE Associate • Completed P01 Event Leader Training (Course 100229) • Completed Export Control and Compliance Training • Completed relevant practitioner level training or received waiver for specific event type (if applicable) • Recognized specific ACE Tool Subject Matter Expert **Candidates who have met requirements 1, 2, and 3 may be entered into the ACP tool as an Event Leader, under the direct supervision of the approving Event Manager who will guarantee proper tool application and documentation Recommended Qualifications for Event Leaders • Completed P23 Leading Kaizen Events • Co-led same type of event with Certified Event Leader

  8. EVENT ROLESWhat qualifies you to lead Qualifications for Certified Event Leaders (event type specific): • ACE Associate • Already an event leader on that event type-event subtype pair specified in columns A and B* • Completed Leading Kaizen Events course (992663) or Facilitation 4 Results course (019141) • Complete ACE Leadership and Change Management course (992830) • Completed 2 Closed events of the event type-event subtype pair specified in columns A and B* as Event Leader with no major rework. • Has completed the requirements in column C* for the specific event type Maintenance Criteria: Once an EL has automatically obtained CEL status on an Event type-subtype pair, in order to retain that status: this EL must have led a completed event of the same Event Type-Subtype pair within 2 years of becoming a CEL on that Event Type-Subtype pair. *See table on next slide

  9. EVENT ROLESCEL Qualifications

  10. EVENT ROLESWhat qualifies you to participate or lead Participate: You must attend and contribute to an entire event from training through event closeout. Event must be facilitated by an appropriate subject matter expert. Event sub team leads will get credit as a participant. Co-Lead: Must have participated in at least one of the same event type, successfully completed an approved training course and/or demonstrated to an appropriate subject matter expert, preferably a Practitioner or Master that you are qualified to co-lead. You must participate in the event planning, teach the specific module and successfully co-lead the team. An appropriate subject matter expert. For Kaizen events this role includes implementation. Implementation Leader: This applies to VSM and 3P as Kaizen events by nature are implementations. You must have participated in, co-led or led the related event and must have been actively involved in the follow-up and implementation of the action plan through subsequent events or actions where the improvements have been achieved and documented.

  11. EVENT LIFE CYCLE An event can be cancelled if it is in the Pre-planning Stage. An event can only be disengaged at Event Week, Implementation, or Benefits Realization. Once the event is closed changes can only be made by a Super Administrator. Please contact the Learning and Development helpdesk for assistance with closed events.

  12. GENERAL USER – MANAGE PROFILE To have the ability to enter events into the Program Management Tool, Event Leaders must select the Business Process, Engineering or Operations Practitioner Track. As defined in the event roles slide, Event Leaders must have had previous Co-Lead and Lead experience in a similar event type to be qualified to Lead an event.

  13. MANAGING EVENT ROLES 2 1 3 • To Add an Event Leader: • Click the Add Event Leader button. • A new window will open, select pull • down and enter 3 characters of user • last name, and select the user name. • User details will populate from LDAP, Event Manager must now assign appropriate types and sub types to the Leader. For information on what types and sub types a user should have access to please contact the ACE manager for the users division • Select Save 4

  14. LOADING A NEW EVENT From the General User home screen, click Events tab at left. You can load the event as soon as you have a job ticket or as late as first day of the event.

  15. LOADING A NEW EVENT Click on the “Add New Event” tab The “Add New Event” button will not be visible until you are given Event Lead capability

  16. LOADING A NEW EVENT 1. Event Name Enter a descriptive name for the event , generally the title from the Job Ticket is enough 1 2 2. My Role Identify the role you will have in the event - Event Leader (when event leader is selected CEL will appear for those individuals) - Event Administrator 3 3. Event Type Select the type of event you will be planning As Event Leader, it is your responsibility to understand what type of credit you and your team members need. Type of event selected has a direct impact on type of credit received.

  17. LOADING A NEW EVENT 4. Event administrator This is an optional field. If an event administrator exists, enter the name here (cannot be same as event manager) 5. Internal/External event Within UTC or at a supplier 6. Purpose statement Event description 7. Value stream Optional. Choose from list or add new value stream 8. Start & end dates You can select dates in the past 9. Event site 10. Technical Data This must be set to YES if the event is held in an export license controlled environment 5 6 4 7 8 9 10 Click Save!

  18. LOADING A NEW EVENT From here you can manage the documents, team members & managed credits Be patient waiting for screen to load!

  19. INVITING TEAM MEMBER(S) Use Event Role links at the top if you need to change the number of spots available. Click Invite in the table – you can load anyone who has an ACP profile. If you can’t find someone but know they are a current employee, ask them to go to ACP & select General User link, then fill out their new user Profile & save. Note: If the event Tech Data is marked “Yes”, then you will not be able to invite any Foreign Nationals

  20. LOADING DOCUMENTS Fill out required fields (Red *) Choose File File Size Limit = 10MB Click Save! You can’t delete a document. You can disable, which will make it invisible to others. You can replace a document by clicking View, Choosing new File, and clicking Save. At minimum, a Job Ticket, an Outbrief Presentation, and a Kaizen Newspaper must be loaded.

  21. UPDATING EVENT STATUS Click the radio button to select the status you want to move to. You won’t be allowed to advance to Implementation until after Event Manager approval for non-CEL event leaders. Event results must be shared with leadership prior to progressing the event. • Event Leaders Best Practice Tip! • Update the documentation with each status move. • Move to Implementation = Upload final versions of outbrief & any other documents • Move to Benefits Realization = Upload last kaizen newspaper showing all actions closed. • Move to Closed = Create short memo or single slide summary of results from the actions taken. Leaders are encouraged to move their events forward in a timely fashion to deliver value to the business. The system will send reminder notifications through ACP mail.

  22. SUBMITTING FOR EVENT APPROVAL FOR EVENT LEADERS Scroll down and select the appropriate Event Manager for the site of the event. Click the Save & Submit button. Once submitted, the Event Manager will get an ACP notification

  23. EVENT REWORK If your event is returned for rework, you will received a system generated ACP notification indicating the decision. In the actions you will see the status of the event from the event manager along with any comments. Event leader can then upload new/revised documents and submit back to event manager for further review.

  24. EVENT MANAGER - DISPOSITION Event Disposition Tab – once in queue for approval Once event is reviewed must select entry’s for each drop down. Actions include reviewed or rejected. For selection of reviewed, EM can then selected if event is approved or needs minor/major changes in the disposition category. If rejected is selected, provide the rejection reason. For events placed under review for minor or major changes will require event feedback to be completed.

  25. EVENT MANAGER – EVENT FEEDBACK The purpose of this feature is to give the Event Manager the opportunity to provide specific feedback around the key elements of the event back to the Event Leader so that they can resolve or clarify any needed aspects of the event.

  26. APPROVED EVENT - MANAGING CREDITS Credits for team members will be granted automatically as the event progresses through the various stages.


  28. MANAGING EVENTS Managing Event Leaders and Event Administrators Managing Event Participation Managing Events: Approving or Rejecting events that are pending

  29. MANAGING EVENTS My Administered Events tab. Pending events will appear on the lower half of the page. To view and audit an event, please click on the event name. By clicking the name of the event, the Edit Event page will open.

  30. MANAGING EVENTS Event Managers can also move the event through the life cycle phases. An Event Manager has the ability to edit the information section, such as the documents that have been submitted, and the team members that have been invited. All information in the event should be reviewed prior to approving or rejecting a submitted event.

  31. MANAGING PARTICIPATION Managing Participation: Event Managers can mange the participation of users. This applies to approving or rejecting requests to join events. Once the appropriate boxes are checked beside the users names, the Event Manager can either approve or reject the selected.   The purpose of this feature is to give the Event Manager the power to move the event through the appropriate life cycle phase and grant credit on behalf of the Event Leader, if needed.

  32. CONTACT AND FEEDBACK INFORMATIONACE Certification Program helpdesk Call: (866) 828-7420 Email: Thank You