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Finding a Career in Applied Psychology

Finding a Career in Applied Psychology . Some Background Information. Different Degree Types . Doctoral Degrees Ph.D., Psy.D., Ed.D., DSW, MD, DBA, JD Masters Degrees MA, MS, MSW, MBA, MEd/EdM Bachelors BA, BS. Different Diciplines. Psychology Education Sociology/Social Work Medicine.

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Finding a Career in Applied Psychology

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  1. Finding a Career in Applied Psychology Some Background Information

  2. Different Degree Types • Doctoral Degrees • Ph.D., Psy.D., Ed.D., DSW, MD, DBA, JD • Masters Degrees • MA, MS, MSW, MBA, MEd/EdM • Bachelors • BA, BS

  3. Different Diciplines • Psychology • Education • Sociology/Social Work • Medicine

  4. Applied Areas Clinical & Counseling Health Forensics Neuropsychology Geriatrics Community Sport Rehabilitation Applied Behavior Analysis Development & Education Industrial and/or Organizational Academic/Research Cognitive and/or Perceptual Neuroscience Biopsychology Quantitative and Measurement Social Learning & Behaviorism(Animal/Human) Areas of Focus in Psychology

  5. Two Important Notes • Specialization & Concentrations • Licensure and Certification • Licensure • State • Certification • Organization/Agency

  6. Licensure and Certification as School Psychologist (NJ) • Examination: NCSP Exam • Education: a master's degree or higher from a regionally accredited college or university and a minimum of 60-semester hour graduate credits with specific course distributions, • Practice: 300 practicum hours, and externship of 1200 clock hours (a minimum 600 of which must be completed in a school setting with school-age children, the remaining 600 hours may be completed in a school or clinical setting or may be completed under an emergency certificate while concurrently participating in an approved school psychology program).  • Other: Supervisors of externs in school settings must hold a standard New Jersey or out-of-state school psychologist certificate; OR possess NCSP.

  7. Psychology and the Schools

  8. What Areas Can You Pursue? • Masters Level and Above • Educational Psychology • School Psychology • Developmental Psychology • School Counseling/Guidance • Bachelors Level Possibilities • Substance Use Education & Planning • Substance Awareness Coordinator (SAC) • Child Care Worker • Teacher’s Aides • Various Positions in Colleges/Universities: Admissions, Fund Raising, Student Services, Alumni Office, etc.

  9. Testing Reconsidered • How is a test developed? • Defining the Purpose/Scope • Standardization; Norms; Reliability; Validity • Difference between standardized test scores (GRE) and unstandardized test scores (gpa) • How might tests be used? • The difference between testing and assessment • Educational Settings • Psychological Settings • Business/Hiring • Program Evaluation • Research • Classes you might take: Tests and Measurements • Thoughts/Questions about Reading?

  10. Psychology and Human Services

  11. Areas of Human Services • Clinical Psychology • Ph.D. or Psy.D. (Licensed Psychologist) • Counseling Psychology • Ph.D. (Licensed Psychologist) • M.A./M.S. (Licensed Practicing Counselor; LPC) • Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC) • Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) • Guidance and School Counseling (LPC) • Marriage and Family Therapy (LMFT) • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BACBA) • Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst (BCABA) [see Specialization in Behavioral Services for Children and Their Families at Rowan] • Licensing in New Jersey • See: http://www.state.nj.us/lps/ca/medical.htm#psy13

  12. Specializations/Concentrations • Health • Forensics • Neuropsychology • Geriatrics • Child/Adolescence; Family • Community • Sport • Rehabilitation • Applied Behavior Analysis • Executive Coaching (?)

  13. Possible Work Locations • University Counseling Centers • Community Mental Health Centers/Clinics • Hospitals & Medical Centers • Partial Care or Residential Care Facilities • Private, Individual or Group, Practices • Schools • Business & Industry (Employee Assistance Programs)

  14. Counseling Explored • Differences between Clinical and Counseling • Differences Between Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Counseling • Licensing and Credentialing Issues (MA) • LPC; LCADC; LMFT • CADC; Certified Counselor; • NBCC.com (National Board of Certified Counselors) • Licensing and Credentialing Issues (Doctorate) • Licensed Psychologist

  15. Specialties in Clinical Psychology: Sports Psychology • 5 Goals of Sports Psychologists • Improved Performance • Rehabilitation & Injury • Improving Coping Skills and Development of Athletes • Working with Athletic Departments, Coaches, Parents • Improving Exercise Compliance & Health • See also: • Association for Applied Sports Psychology (aaasponline.org) • Division 47 of APA (Exercise and Sports Psychology) http://www.apa.org/divisions/div47/ • http://www.apa.org/divisions/div47/APA%20Div%2047%20(2)/jobs.html

  16. Specialties in Clinical Psychology: health Psychology • What is Health Psychology? • Why the rise in health psychology? • The Importance of the Biopsychosocial Model • Training and Careers in Health Psychology • Allied Professions might include: • Social work • Occupational and Physical therapy • Dietician • Public health (policy/aministration/advocacy) • Of Note: Research Methods on p. 10-11

  17. Specialties in Clinical Psychology: Forensic Psychology • What do forensic psychologists do? • Clinical, Research, and “Other” Applications • Clinically based and trained • Evaluations of competence and responsibility • Treatment of offenders • Research based and trained • Children's competence and effects of testimony • Impact of juvenile systems on delinquency • Courtroom testimony, juries/jurors, decision making, etc. • Other • Legal advocacy and policy formation • Legal and Ethical Issues in the Practice of Psychology

  18. Specialties in Clinical Psychology: neuropsychology • What is neuropsychology? (see p. 162) • How is it different than neuroscience? • Why is there an increased interest in neuropsychology? • What might a typical day in the life of a neuropsychologist be like? • How much money is there in a neuropsychology career?

  19. Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree • Mental Health Facilities • Psychoeducational Groups • Case Management • Support Staff • Types of Facilities • Partial Care • Residential Care • Child-Care (Day Care) Programs • Outpatient Groups

  20. Other Human Service Occupations • Social Work • Occupational Therapy • Rehabilitation (Physical/Psychological) • Art & Music Therapy • Might be combined with other counseling programs • Pharmacy • Pastoral Counseling

  21. Psychology and Business

  22. Teaching and Research • Hiring and Selection of Employees • Employee Training and Development • Efficiency Analysis and Improvement • Team Development and Efficiency • Performance Evaluation and Retention • Job/Task Analysis • Assessment and Test Development What do psychologists in business do?

  23. Industrial/Organizational Psychology • Human Resources • Management • Consumer Behavior • See also: • Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology siop.org (Division 14 of APA) Areas of Study in Business

  24. Other Areas of Applied Psychology

  25. Other Applied Areas • Military and Government • http://www.apa.org/divisions/div19/about1.html • Human Factors Psychology • http://www.hfes.org/web/Students/grad_programs.html

  26. Even More Applied Areas! • Human Rights, Advocacy, Social Justice • http://www.cgu.edu/pages/4521.asp • International Relations • http://www.internationalpsychology.net/about/ • Program Evaluation • http://www.uwstout.edu/programs/msap/ps.html • Ecology & the Environment • http://www.apa34.org/ • Positive Psychology • http://www.ppc.sas.upenn.edu/ • Others: • http://www.apa.org/science/nonacad_careers.html

  27. Now, Go Find a Job!!

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