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ADEC CTO Report. Progress on ADEC Technical Initiatives. ADEC E-Store. http://estore.adec.edu. ADEC E-Store. Opened in April 2004 Implemented using open source osCommerce e-commerce platform (http://www.oscommerce.com)

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  1. ADEC CTO Report

    Progress on ADEC Technical Initiatives
  2. ADEC E-Store http://estore.adec.edu
  3. ADEC E-Store Opened in April 2004 Implemented using open source osCommerce e-commerce platform (http://www.oscommerce.com) All credit card and private information secured by high-grade AES-256 SSL encryption by Verisign Payments accepted using via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, check and purchase order Showcases products, courses, workshops, conferences and other items produced by ADEC member institutions
  4. A Few Numbers Since opening in April 2004: 1,000,000+ visits 750+ customer accounts established 800+ orders placed 1,300+ items sold $65,000+ in revenue for ADEC members
  5. E-Store Offerings Currently offering 100+ products from 10 ADEC member institutions Offerings include videos (VHS and DVD), online courses, computer software (available via CD-ROM and immediate download), conferences and workshops 95% of products on the site can be purchased directly from the E-Store secure server Items from multiple institutions may be included in a single shopping cart for purchase
  6. How to Participate Selling products and services via the ADEC E-Store is a benefit of your ADEC membership Three ways to participate: Advertise your products and services on the E-Store website and let ADEC process your payments Advertise your products and services on the E-Store and link to a purchase page on your own online store website Post a banner ad on the E-Store website
  7. ADEC Processes Payment Customer adds your products and services to their E-Store shopping cart Customer checks out and completes credit card, check or purchase order payment via secure on-line transaction E-Store notifies you that the product or service has been purchased and should be shipped (if appropriate) Once every month, you receive a check for the gross revenues from your product/service sales
  8. Link to Your Online Store Customer learns about your product/service from a page on the E-Store website Customer clicks a link at the bottom of the page and is redirected to a URL you designate on your own online store website
  9. Banner Ads Displayed in the upper-left corner of the E-Store website Server cycles through ads as the customer clicks through the site Banner ad links to a URL of your choice
  10. Banner Ads, Continued Currently running four banner ads on the site Since initially posted, ads have received an average of: 200,000+ views 5,000+ clicks Ads must be 480 x 50 pixels in JPG, PNG or GIF format (animated GIFs are OK)
  11. Future Developments Non-English product pages, products and services Acceptance of PayPal for payments Downloadable e-documents and media products Pay-per-view , digital “tokens” for one-time or unlimited access to streamed content Increased participation by ADEC member institutions
  12. ADEC Website/CMS
  13. Staff ADEC Steven Conn, ADEC project lead Chris Klosowski (REU fellow from Northern Michigan University), HTML author and graphic designer Louisiana State University Fred Piazza, LSU project lead Sam Razzi, software developer Sandy Fiser, graphic designer
  14. February Meeting Steven Conn and Chris Klosowski met with Janet Poley and ADEC staff in Lincoln Re-arranged the menu structure to move more frequently accessed items to the top Re-designed and simplified the home page Made final decisions vis a vis content areas that were not addressed in 2006 meetings at LSU Demonstrated using the CMS for ADEC staff and conducted a basic training session
  15. Left to Do Programming Implement site search Implement RSS feeds Content ADEC-specific metadata HTML authoring Management Move server to hosting center at UNL IANR Live in May 2007
  16. E-Answers http://e-answers.adec.edu
  17. E-Answers “Google” for ADEC member sites Focused on content that answers questions for a broad, public audience Initially implemented and hosted by the University of Florida Assumed by ADEC in November 2004 Implemented using ht:Dig search engine (http://www.htdig.org)
  18. A Few Numbers Currently crawling 400,000+ documents at 50+ ADEC member sites Averaged 40,000+ searches per year in 2005 and 2006 Has already performed 30,000+ searches in 2007 as of April 27
  19. Future Developments Move to the Nutch search engine (http://www.nutch.org) Higher-performance search engine Implemented in Java (not Perl) “Show me more like this one” Clustering and taxonomy support
  20. ADECnet Currently have 38 self-funded ADECnet sites 2/3 still have “Gen 1” Tachyon hardware which is now officially “unsupported” In 2006-7, 6 sites have upgraded to “Gen 2” equipment (cost approx. $2,500) Will be offering sites “EverCare” maintenance for $55/month, will cover equipment replacement (parts and labor) after 60 days Are in discussions with Hughes Network Services, LLC as a possible alternative vendor
  21. Questions? Contact Steven R. Conn, ADEC CTO703-861-5223steven.conn@adec.edu
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