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Tuck Everlasting Jeopardy

Tuck Everlasting Jeopardy. How Long Can Your Team Last?. Literary Elements Q1. When is the story taking place? Spring Summer Fall. That’s Right!. b) Summer. Sorry, Try Again!. Literary Elements Q2.

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Tuck Everlasting Jeopardy

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  1. Tuck EverlastingJeopardy How Long Can Your Team Last?

  2. Literary Elements Q1 When is the story taking place? • Spring • Summer • Fall

  3. That’s Right! b) Summer

  4. Sorry, Try Again!

  5. Literary Elements Q2 Winnie struggles to decide is she should drink the water from the spring when she turn 17. This is an example of what type of conflict? • Internal Conflict • External Conflict • Man vs. Man

  6. You areCORRRECT! a) Internal Conflict

  7. You areWRONG! So, Try Again.

  8. Literary Elements Q3 Keeping the natural order of life and discovering ones self is an example of what literary term? • mood • setting • theme

  9. Excellent! c) theme

  10. Nope, good trythough.

  11. Literary Elements Q4 The vivid pictures the author creates such as comparing life to a wheel is an example of what type of figurative language? • Foreshadowing • Pun • Imagery

  12. Good Job, that was a tough one! c) imagery

  13. Give it another try!

  14. Literary Elements Q5 The events of Tuck Everlasting are told from which point of view? • First person • Third person limited • Third person omniscient

  15. You are AWESOME! c) Third person omniscient

  16. Why don’t you give it another try!

  17. Characters Q1 This character dreams of adventure but is too afraid to go for it. • Winnie • Jesse • Miles

  18. GGGRRREEEAAATTT! a) Winnie

  19. Sorry, Try Again!

  20. Characters Q2 This character’s wife left him because she thought he sold his sole to the devil. • Angus Tuck • Miles Tuck • The Constable

  21. SUPER!!! b) Miles Tuck

  22. OH, so close!

  23. Characters Q3 This character takes one day at a time and tries to protect her family. • Winnie • Winnie’s grandmother • Mae Tuck

  24. Extraordinary!!! c) Mae Tuck

  25. Awe, Too Bad!

  26. Characters Q4 This character is willing to sacrifice others to satisfy his own desires. • Winnie’s grandmother • The Man in Yellow • Angus Tuck

  27. Wonderful Answer Choice! c) The Man in Yellow

  28. Well, now you have a 50/50 chance!

  29. Characters Q5 This character is the dearest Tuck of all to Winnie. • Angus Tuck • Jesse • Miles

  30. You Rock! a) Angus Tuck

  31. She did like him, but he was not the dearest to her!

  32. Events Q1 What was Winnie contemplating in the beginning of the story? • Throwing dirt on her mother • Running away • Killing the frog

  33. Superb! b) Running away

  34. Were you sleeping???

  35. Events Q2 Why did the Tucks’ kidnap Winnie? • To convince her not to tell anyone about the spring • They wanted to hold her for ransom • They always wanted a daughter

  36. Fabulous! a) To convince her not to tell anyone about the spring

  37. Sorry, Try Again!

  38. Events Q3 How did the constable know where to find Winnie? • He followed the sound of the music box • The man in the yellow suit • Search dogs

  39. Good for You! b) The Man in Yellow

  40. Wake up, you can do it!

  41. Events Q4 How did Tuck make sure the spring was the source of their changelessness? • He cut himself • He jumped off the roof • He shot himself

  42. You really listened!  c) He shot himself

  43. Go back and give it another try!

  44. Events Q5 How did the wood get destroyed? • It caught fire • An electrical storm • The man in yellow cut it all down

  45. Very Good Answer! b) An electrical storm

  46. Please Try Again!

  47. Places Q1 This is the town where Winnie Foster lives. • Treegap • The gap • Walker

  48. Well Done! b) Treegap

  49. Um, DUH!!!

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