creating a local competitive advantage for ilembe tourism n.
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Creating a Local Competitive Advantage for Ilembe Tourism PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating a Local Competitive Advantage for Ilembe Tourism

Creating a Local Competitive Advantage for Ilembe Tourism

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Creating a Local Competitive Advantage for Ilembe Tourism

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  1. Creating a Local Competitive Advantage for Ilembe Tourism Results of the PACA Exercise20 - 28 October 2003

  2. Objectives of presentation • To present the findings of the PACA: • Strengths and weakness of Tourism sector • Recommendations • To plot the way forward

  3. Purpose of PACA To support Regional Economic Development within the Ilembe region by identifying practical and catalytic* initiatives that can be implemented rapidly and for fast and sustainable results. * Catalytic because it increases the competitive advantage of the region other than the direct benefit derived from the project.

  4. Process to date • Kick–off workshop (Monday 20 October 2003) • 7 Mini-workshops (of 7 – 26 persons) • 13 Interviews • Analyses of results • TODAY: Presentation of findings • Tomorrow: Way forward work shops

  5. Strengths of the tourism sector • Location between Durban and St Lucia, attracting passing through traffic • Close to Gauteng (compared to Cape) • Loyal tourism customer base, who: • Are willing to invest in the district • Who come here often • Who supports activities in Ilembe

  6. Strengths (continued) • Up-market, village image • Warm climate and warm water, ideal for beach holidays • The Zulu and Shaka brands internationally known • Rich cultural history • Potential to develop the cultural/historical places • Rich in natural assets

  7. Weaknesses of Tourism sector • Divided communities, the coastal and inland regions • Coastal region perceived as playground for the rich • Crime • Government and Private Sector not working together • Very little synergy between stakeholders

  8. Weaknesses (continued) • Core beach attractions not developed to potential • Risk of basic services not coping (peak seasons) • Natural assets not yet developed • Historical and cultural sites neglected • Public transport for tourists not available • Length of stay short • Customers disappointed with Zulu and cultural experience • Kingdom of Zulu brand promise, raises expectations that are not met • Brand confusion for Ilembe tourism

  9. Recommendations Organised into 5 categories: • Opportunities for New Business • Opportunities for existing Business • Projects for ILEMBE District Municipality • Projects for Enterprise ILEMBE • Projects for Local Municipalities

  10. Opportunities for New Business • Develop local yellow pages with advertising and basic tourism feature info • Regular coupon/voucher booklet for venues, shops, restaurants, activities, etc. • Activity booking service • Set up organised day tours into hinterland areas

  11. Opportunities for New Business (continued) • Develop package tours for out-of-season eg. Golf, photography, organised groups, etc. • Women and teen entertainment • SETA funded tourism skills development • Use tourism as upliftment and educational vehicle (SETA funded)

  12. Opportunities for existing Business • Get organised in a way that adds good value for your time investment • Leaders of organised business to meet regularly with ILEMBE District Municipality • Set up a referral system based on commissions • Gather local tourist/customer profile information, pool it and analyse (trends, needs, preferences, complaints, etc.) to then distribute only to participants

  13. Projects for ILEMBE District Council • Open up communication channels between municipalities and private sector - meet regularly with organised business • Establish formal communication channels with National- and Provincial Tourism institutions • Create through media, awareness that tourism is the backbone of the economy • Get police and security firms to work together, supported by community and business • Make tourist aware that crime does happen and to be alert

  14. Projects for ILEMBE District Council (continued) • Promote a brand that relates to what customers really want and need • Promote joint offering development for specific destinations/draw cards • Develop a good authentic Zulu experience • Establish a Marine reserve at Sheffield Beach, Christmas Bay

  15. Projects for Enterprise ILEMBE • Identify and select a few key/anchor points inland (that can exceed expectations rather than disappoint), as priorities for development • Leverage private sector investment through concessions to develop Amatikulu, Harold Johnson, Glendale Valley and other key/anchor points (with conditions) • Leverage private sector investment into King Shaka Route by means of concessions (with conditions) • Develop hi-energy coastal resort as first point of call to North – Zimbali/Sugarland phase 3

  16. Projects for Local Municipalities • Differentiate beach offerings according to different customer types • Concession for beach shuttles during peak periods - to deal with traffic congestion at beaches

  17. Way forward • Way forward workshops • Integration into 2004 IDP • Follow up activities until April 2004

  18. Thank you for your participation Contact details for any queries: • Cheryl 084 521 0005 • John 083 266 8796 • Nozipho 073 267 6346 • Johan 082 326 8373