2013 2014 musical auditions n.
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2013-2014 Musical Auditions PowerPoint Presentation
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2013-2014 Musical Auditions

2013-2014 Musical Auditions

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2013-2014 Musical Auditions

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  1. 2013-2014Musical Auditions

  2. Introductions… • Mr. Kott (Director) • Mr. Lotano (Music Director) • Ms. Chris Marcella (Choreographer) • Mr. Zavadil (Orchestra Director) • Ms. Viele (Assistant Director) • Other roles…

  3. Audition Process • Vocal Audition- Wednesday, November 20 @ 2:45-? • Dance Audition- Thursday, November 21 @ 3:00-? • Call-Backs- Tuesday, November 26 @ 3:00 • Cast List Posted- Wednesday, November 27th at or after 9:00 p.m.

  4. When you arrive, you will be assigned a #- this is your order of audition Completely fill out all information Tell us about your experience--- We don’t need a resume… It’s about the audition What else can you do?

  5. Provide your class schedule… This helps us get things to you, contact you during the day & keep track of grades

  6. Be honest! Others want to be a part of the show!

  7. Know the commitment required Be honest and remember 3 UA is not OK! 12 Hours, non-transferable Parent Meeting REQUIRED Signatures Required

  8. Schedule for Vocal Auditions, Wednesday, November 20 • 2:40-3:05 Sign in • Ms. Viele and volunteers will be in the band room. Form a line out the hall and wait patiently. • Numbers are assigned by first come, first served. If you know you need to get out of auditions early---- GET IN LINE EARLY! • 3:10 & On: Vocal Auditions • 5:45-6:15: Dinner Break- The Production Staff will break for dinner • 6:15: Auditions Resume

  9. Process & Details on “The Audition” • Prepare 16-32 bars (measures) of a song from a musical or a song in the style of Grease (Pop/Rock). Choose a song that will best show off your voice and that you will be comfortable singing. • Be sure to bring sheet music (clearly marked) for the pianist to your audition. It's best to have the copy of sheet music in a binder or book. • There will be no a cappella (without piano accompaniment) singing allowed. • Starting at 3:10, we will start vocal auditions. • Band Room- Holding Room • Chorus Room- Auditions • Ms. Viele arranging students. • 1 Student in the Audition Room at a time. “On Deck” five should be waiting • Professionalism in the Audition • Quiet in the halls, Cleaning Up, etc. • If you miss your audition, you go to the end of the numbers • When you are finished with your audition, you may leave

  10. Schedule for Dance AuditionsThursday, November 21 • You are already assigned your number from the vocal auditions & will go in this order • We will meet in the auditorium, dressing rooms will be opened around 2:45 • Wear loose fitting clothes & appropriate shoes to dance in • Chris Marcella will lead the audition, teaching and then running through of auditions • You are expected to stay until completely finished, as Chris might want to see specific pairings/grouping.

  11. Call-BacksTuesday, November 26 • First of all… DON’T PANIC! You can still be in the company or considered for a specific role • Call-Backs will be posted to the website on • Materials can be obtained from Mr. Kott in the North Faculty Workroom during Periods 2, 3, 6, 7, or before/after school in the Workroom. • HSW: Mrs. Laiacona in the Main Office • Plan on being at call-backs from 3:00-until the end. It can come late!

  12. Cast List Posted • No member of the production staff will speak about casting. • The cast list will be posted to the website on Wednesday evening, at or after 9:00 p.m. • You are allowed to have your emotions. React, cool down, and then let’s talk! • Misc. • It’s all about the audition… Even though you are a veteran member of the Musical Company, you have to “bring it”.

  13. Heads of Staff Interviews • Submit an application for the position desired on the website • Head of Staff interviews will be conducted on Monday, November 25that 3:30 in the Chorus Room. • You need to tell us why you should be in this role. This is a position of leadership and requires dedication, maturity, and following through. This is not “just a title”.

  14. Student Directors- 2 Students • Assists the production staff with the smooth operation of rehearsal and preparation time for the musical. Student directors take notes for production staff, run mini-rehearsal scenes, assist in the management of students, and assists the production staff with needed items. A student director is essentially the right hand of a director. A student serving in this role must demonstrate maturity, commitment, and dedication. • Props Master/Mistress- 1 Student • Creates a prop list, conducts an inventory of obtained/needed items, provides actors with the props and maintains their safety backstage. Supervises the correct use of said props. Manages the prop closet. A student in this role needs to be confident to assert oneself and reliable. • Costumes Manager- 1 Student • Prepares a costume plot, measures student actors, manages/supervises the effective ordering or obtaining of costumes, assigns costume staff to various actors as shadows, distributes & obtains checked in costumes, ensures all costumes are only used for show items. A student in this role must be extremely well organized. • Stage Managers- 2 Students • Supervise stage crew & provide instruction for the movement of set pieces. The stage managers assign stage crew members different roles backstage (such as movement of sets, curtains, special effects, and other important backstage responsibilities.

  15. House Manager-1 Student • Manages the house during rehearsals, ensures the house is kept clean, makes sure the auditorium is an area of work and therefore quiet, manages ushers on the nights of performances and dress rehearsals. • Lighting Director-1 Student • Assists the Lighting Designer with the execution of “the vision”. The lighting director organizes the lighting staff, assigns roles to students in the department, and assists the lighting designer with the implementation of the plan (hanging of lights, taking down of lights, etc.) • Sound Director-1 Student • Manages the assignment of mics to cast members, assembles a team to supervise sound, goes through script and identifies key sound needs, conducts sound checks, selects sound effects, ensures all batteries are changed for all microphones, manages the sound board. • Dance Captain- 1 Student • Student is chosen by the choreographer, based upon dance ability. The Dance Captain must be able to learn the dances of the show quickly and be willing to teach other students those roles. The Dance Captain is the “eyes and ears” of the choreographer at rehearsals. This student also assist with running dance numbers. This is not an applied position. The choreographer appoints a dance captain.

  16. Crew, Lighting, Props, Costumes, Sound… • You will need to commit to participating in the musical. You must attend the read through & viewing of the movie. • Crew Members do not have to attend rehearsals until mid-January. You need to check the website. More information on this will be given at the read through.