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Norman Endpoint Protection

Norman Endpoint Protection. Advanced security made easy. The challenge. The challenge. Fake AV Ransomware Bank Trojans Rootkits Spyware +++. Free security software is not sufficient. “ The results indicate that Windows Defender and other security features in

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Norman Endpoint Protection

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  1. Norman EndpointProtection Advanced securitymadeeasy

  2. The challenge

  3. The challenge Fake AV Ransomware Bank Trojans Rootkits Spyware +++

  4. Freesecuritysoftware is not sufficient “ The results indicate that Windows Defender and other security features in Windows 8 do offer a baseline protection. However, this is not enough to reliably protect against the magnitude of attacks seen to Windows systems these days" AV test, Desember2012

  5. Many computers still run unprotected “On average, about 24 percent of computers scanned by the MSRT each month in 2H12 were not running real-time antimalware software or were running out-of-date antimalware software at the time they were scanned” Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, Volume 14, JulythroughDecember, 2012

  6. The cyber crimethreat is increasing "The external cyber crime threat is increasing at a faster rate and the criminals are getting better at it. They have become increasingly professional." Jay Heiser, research vice president at Gartner

  7. The solution With Norman Endpoint Protection you can focus on your growing core business while having confidence in your internet security Award-winning Norman security technology constantly protects laptops, desktops and servers against the latest malware, viruses and spyware.

  8. Why Norman EndpointProtection

  9. Straight forward installation • Includes Norman Endpoint • Manager for centraldistribution • and management Norman Endpoint Manager • Generates pre-configured • installers for easy deployment • to client systems

  10. New versions of our software are made available for our active license holders at no extra costs Automatic distribution of updates Comes with free employee license for private use at home. • Automatic deploymentofupgrades • Home PC

  11. Local support is there to help you Excellent support provided by your local Norman team • Software Available in 17 different languages

  12. Key features and benefits: Protection • Norman Endpoint Protection comes with industry-leading technologies • Norman SandBox® • DNA Matching technologies • Exploit detection • Advanced, award-winning, proactive security technologies • Protect against new and unknown malware and other persistent threats, keeping your endpoints safe

  13. Features

  14. Key features and benefits: Intrusionguard Real time protection prevents unauthorized programs from taking control of the PC’s Protects against spyware, injection attempts, rootkits, deceptive applications and cyber attacks The real-time protection constitutes as a Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS). 

  15. Key features and benefits: Intuitive GUI Operating the Norman Endpoint Manager is made easy through logical, drag-and-drop actions for group handling and security policy management Mid-level management consoles can be promoted at remote locations like branch offices

  16. Key features and benefits: Intuitive GUI Security information at a glance

  17. Finding information and performing routine tasks is just a few mouse clicks away Key features and benefits: Intuitive GUI

  18. Key features and benefits: Reports Visualizing important messages …and less important messages Eventreportingincluding filters

  19. Key features and benefits: A scalable solution • Norman • Endpoint • Manager * • Mid Level • NEM • Mid Level • NEM • Mid Level • NEM • Security updates • Program updates • Status reports • Alarms

  20. Key features and benefits: Scalable solution Creating Mid Level Managers One-click operation Any Windows client can be promoted to become a Mid Level Manager

  21. Key features and benefits: Silent clients Clients mayoptionally be configured as silent NPRO willcleantheworkstationwithoutinvolvingtheuser Full report delivered to the administrator

  22. Benefits

  23. Norman EndpointProtection: Managed AV madeeasy • Easy to install – easy to maintain • Vital information at a glance • Shows all network devices • Keeps your network clients clean from malware • Scalable solution – fits small and large customers

  24. Thankyou!

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