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Endpoint Security Service Dubai - Endpoint Security and Protection PowerPoint Presentation
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Endpoint Security Service Dubai - Endpoint Security and Protection

Endpoint Security Service Dubai - Endpoint Security and Protection

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Endpoint Security Service Dubai - Endpoint Security and Protection

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  1. Endpoint Security Management Dubai

  2. What is Endpoint Security and Why Is it Crucial Today? • Endpoint security provides overall protection to a network from all the possible endpoints. • Some of the end-user devices are mobile, laptops, desktops, and PCs. • The companies giving Endpoint security service Dubai helps in encrypting the end-user devices to secure the confidential files and data of the organization. • Every device that connects to the organization’s network has to go through this security system. • In this article, you will know about Endpoint Security and why is it essential for organizations.

  3. How does Endpoint security functions? • Mostly all the end-user devices are an entrance point for viruses or cyber threats. • The job of Endpoint security management Dubai is to secure these entrances with a network to block the attempts of unauthorized access. • The risk of an organization being compromised is increasing with the use of home mobiles and laptops by the employees to conduct business. • A standard centralized security system is not adequate anymore for handling business security. • By implementing endpoint security, every endpoint device needs to meet the security standards to get access to the organization’s network. • It also monitors and blocks the malicious activities that come up on any device under an organization’s network.

  4. What all sectors do Endpoint Security covers? Endpoint security comes with many functions and features for the betterment of an organization such as: • It helps in data loss prevention.• It protects from internal threats.• It helps in providing endpoint and email encryption.• It supports data classification.• It supports application whitelisting The endpoint security management Dubai does not only operate on end-user devices but also implements on to a secure server to handle the two-pronged approach.

  5. Benefits of Endpoint Security • It reduces the cost of hiring employees to manage security measures. • Your existing IT team can handle the minimal changes or up-gradation required for the endpoint security system. • You get immediate access to the team of experts for your cyber security queries. • If your IT team stuck on a particular security issue, then you can contact the service provider for the resolution. • The service providers make sure not to hamper the user experience by adding endpoint security service to the network.

  6. Contact us VRS TechP.O.BOX-242026, Office No 5, 3rd Floor,Suk Al Kabir Building, Computer Street,Bur Dubai, Dubai, U.A.E. Phone: +971 56 7029840 Visit: