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Endpoint Security PowerPoint Presentation
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Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

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Endpoint Security

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  1. SecuLution The Protection For Corporate Networks

  2. About Us SecuLution secures business networks against any unwanted software, such as viruses or ransom ware - even if it is new and unknown to Antivirus solutions. It is secure and reliable protection against any malware is Application Whitelisting. It Scanners ever can defines what can be executed. SecuLution is a modern Antivirus product and offers much more protection than Virus

  3. Our Services • Seculution Application Whitelisting • Antivirus Alternative • Business Network Protection • Endpoint Security • Ransomware Protection • Antivirus Program • Software Security Solutions • Application Whitelisting

  4. Seculution Application Whitelisting • Seculution works continuous and highly reliable protection in real time against unwanted emails and attempts to spoof identities. Seculution Application Whitelistingis so fast and effective, In addition to automatically blocking known malicious sites, Take advantage of our continually updated signatures to identify and block spyware, viruses, trojans, worms, rogueware and known mixed threats, including new variants of known viruses.

  5. Next Generation Malware Protection Monitor and report the strength of your IT infrastructure. The actionable visibility tools allow you to identify threats proactively and, at the same time, provide corrective action to known problems. next generation malware protectionService uses continually updated signatures to analyze traffic across all major protocols to provide real-time protection against network threats, including spyware, SQL code injection attacks, cross-site scripting attacks, and the overflow of the buffer.

  6. Application Whitelisting In these cases, it will be necessary to initiate a discovery and inventory process that, in the case of large organizations, can be a challenging task; so it will be normal to use tools to automate the process the Application Whitelisting. To be useful, it is necessary for the process of discovery and inventory of the software to be carried out periodically and to establish a procedure that allows managing each detection of an application that is not identified as authorized in the inventory.

  7. Enterprise Antivirus SecuLutionenterprise antivirus, patented Whitelisting technology to analyze traffic in search of potential threats. By detonating suspicious codes in a harmless virtual environment, you can determine if the code is malicious and prevent it from running on the network.

  8. Business Network Protection

  9. Antivirus Solution SecuLution has deployed almost one million integrated multi-threat threat management tools worldwide. Our characteristic red boxes are designed to be the smartest, fastest and most relentless security antivirus in the industry, with each analysis engine running at full speed. We provide you antivirus solution .

  10. Contact Us Address:- United Kingdom ,Court hill House ,60 Water Lane ,Wilmslow SK9 5AJ E mail:- UK +44 (0) 1617 381 420