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Ms. Teri Hoffman-Boswell Dr. Glen White MITRE Project Lead Chief Engineer PowerPoint Presentation
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Ms. Teri Hoffman-Boswell Dr. Glen White MITRE Project Lead Chief Engineer

Ms. Teri Hoffman-Boswell Dr. Glen White MITRE Project Lead Chief Engineer

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Ms. Teri Hoffman-Boswell Dr. Glen White MITRE Project Lead Chief Engineer

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  1. Rising to the Net-Centric Challenge …Delivering Core Enterprise Services to the DoD and IC Communities Ms. Teri Hoffman-Boswell Dr. Glen White MITRE Project Lead Chief Engineer Net-Centric Enterprise Services PMO 28 April 2009

  2. The DOD Vision Net-Centric Data Strategy (9 May 2003) Make Data Visible Is an information resource discoverable by end-users? Is it connected to the network(s), and are tools readily available to use and allow assured access to it? Make Data Accessible Make Data Understandable Can it be used intelligibly? Are the semantics well documented? Is the authority (pedigree, security level, and access control level) known and available? Enable Data to Be Trusted Make Data Interoperable Can it be easily combined or compared with other information and/or mediated? Are users involved in COIs? Are robust, direct user feedback mechanisms in place to guide development? Be Responsive to User Needs

  3. Evolution to Integrated Services User Access Standards-Based Enterprise Services Content Delivery ESM Collab People Discovery Service Discovery Metadata Discovery GCCS-AF GCCS-A GCCS-MC GCCS-M Service Security M2M Messaging Mediation Content Discovery Operator Interface Standards & Specifications Standards-Based Capability Modules Blue Force Ground Association Mgmt Red Track Data METOC Individual Automated Systems Producer Centric User Centric • Slow Adaptation to Operational Changes • Tightly Coupled • Integration • Islands of Automation • Custom-built • One to One • - Highly Responsive to • Operational Changes • Loosely Coupled • Maximized Use of COTS • Interoperability With • External Domains • - Many to Many

  4. What is NCES? Metadata Registry Set of loosely coupled, common net-centric services on SIPRNet and NIPRNet that facilitate information sharing and interoperability within and across the Warfighter, Business, and Intelligence Mission Areas People Discovery Service Discovery Metadata Discovery User Access Collaboration Service Security Content Discovery Content Delivery Messaging Mediation Enterprise Service Management

  5. Key Acquisition Strategy Adopt USAF/ DISA DISA MSP: DNI NSA/ DISA DISA USA Buy MSP: Current – NCES Spiral 2 IBM & Carahsoft Create DISA (Enterprise File Delivery) Adopt existing programs and procure commercial services for accelerated operational capability 5 5

  6. NCES Program Overview Program Objectives Authority and Milestones • Warfighter Advocate: • USSTRATCOM Apr 07 • Approved AoA: Apr 04 • Lead Component: • DISA • Milestone A: Jul 04 • Lead OTA: JITC • DAA: DISA CIO • Approved CDD: May 06 • Milestone B: Mar 07 • Approved CPD: Mar 08 • Milestone C Jun 08 • IOT&E Aug to Nov 08 • FDDR May 09 • IOC Jun 09 - Rapid and dynamic information sharing and collaboration - Improve delivery of information - Enable net-centric capabilities - Support multiple Mission Areas - Timely and secure access to information Mission Benefits - Increases force effectiveness via improved information delivery - Facilitates adaptive decision making via information sharing and collaboration - Improves access to information and interoperability of systems - Facilitates service reuse and increases speed of delivery 6

  7. Implementation Policy • JROCM 010-08 dated 14 Jan 2008 (incorporated into CJCSI 6212.01E dated 15 Dec 2008) • Include data and service exposure criteria in the Interoperability and Supportability Certification Process • For all new start programs submitted after 1 Jan 2008 • The data worksheets refer to NCES Metadata Registry, Content Discovery, and Service Discovery • DCIO memorandum “DoD Enterprise Services Designation—Collaboration, Content Discovery, and Content Delivery” dated 2 Feb 2009 • Components are to deliver an implementation plan for use of NCES Collaboration, Content Discovery, and the GIG Content Delivery Service NCES capabilities enable the Department to realize the Net-Centric Vision 7

  8. Indirect relationship with ES ERB Direct relationship with ES ERB Enterprise Services Forums NCES Supports Enterprise Services Engineering Review Board (ES ERB) Joint DoD/IC Service Security Working Group Content Discovery and Retrieval IPT Multi Services SOA Consortium Joint DoD/IC Service Registry & Governance Working Group Collaboration Interoperability Working Group Joint DoD/IC Metadata Working Group Joint DoD/IC Mediation Working Group Enterprise Service Management Working Group Attribute and Authorization Tiger Team NCES Implementation Working Group NCES Engineering Review Board Note: Revised enterprise service governance policy is currently in coordination.

  9. Collaboration Services Enable users to exchange information textually or via any combination of text, audio, video, and graphics Collaboration • Service Provider: IBM • Tools: Lotus Sametime • First Available: Mar ‘07 • Fielding Decision: May ‘09 • Service Provider: Carahsoft • Tools: Adobe Connect / Jabber MomentIM • First Available: Apr ‘08 • Fielding Decision: May ‘09

  10. Enterprise Search • Enables producers to expose content to the GIG for discovery by unanticipated consumers • Tools: Inxight, Google, Federated Search • Enterprise Catalog • Capability for producers to publish discovery metadata about data products in a central repository • Tools: Lucene, MySQL Content Discovery Services Federated Data Sources EUCOM Multimedia • Enterprise Search is actively used • DiscoverableArtifacts: • 12.6 M NIPRNet – 34.7 M SIPRNet • AvgQueries /Day: • 744 NIPRNet – 40,008 SIPRNet JFCOM Content Discovery JEDS CentralizedSearch (Intelink Google) Intelink Directory Recent Intel MDR • Service Provider: Intelligence Community Enterprise Solutions (ICES) • First Available: Sep ‘07 • Fielding Decision: May ‘09 NGA … others Common search service between NCES and Intelink Enterprise Catalog Services accessible via the respective search interface

  11. GCDS overlays the DISN,placing contentand application processes closer to end-users Content Delivery Services • GIG Content Delivery Service (GCDS) • Accelerates delivery of web-based content • Service Provider: DISA Computing Services Division • Tool: Akamai • First Available: Apr ’08 • Fielding Decision: May ’09 • Enterprise File Delivery (EFD) • Provides the capability to synchronize or replicate large files or directories of files between geographically separated networks or enclaves • Service Provider: DISA/NCES • Tool: GOTS product • First Available: Apr ’08 • Fielding Decision: May ’09 The GCDS Solution: Distributes Critical Web Content from the Edge Distribute Critical Web Content from the Edge • GCDS provides a globally distributed platform • 400 Servers • 11 Countries • 31 Locations • 21 OCONUS, 10 CONUS SharePoint Portals End-Users Content Owner’s Web Infrastructure Server Intel Applications NIPRNET / SIPRNET PENDING INSTALLATION Service Portals, Mission Applications & First Responders CJTF-82 AF Portal eLearning Applications EFD used in > 300 SIPRNet sites Other Web Applications NKO Content delivered by closest edge region for improved End User experience NIPRNET Content Delivery The EFD Solution: Lightweight means to deliver files through replication and synchronization SIPRNET 11

  12. Email, IM, Discuss, People, Forms, Files Self-Service Notifications & File Subscriptions Toolbox Supports Targeted Announcements Hot Topics User Access Registered Users on SIPRNet Defense Knowledge Online (DKO) • A single point of access to DoD Enterprise Services • Service Provider: Army Knowledge Online (AKO) • First Available: Sep ’07 • Fielding Decision: May ’09 Registered Users on NIPRNet My Favorites User Access • DKO is actively used • User Accts: 2.2 M NIPRNet – 110 K SIPRNet • Unique Logins/Wk: 828,048 NIPRNet – 16,045 SIPRNet DKO NCES User Access AKO 12

  13. Service Security Supporting Unanticipated Users: A Distributed Common Ground System(DCGS) Application Ability to operate in a secure environment • Attribute Service • Authorization or Access Control using the identity of the consumer against policy and attributes to determine privileges • Service Provider: DISA Joint Enterprise Directory Service (JEDS) • First Available: Sep ’07 • Fielding Decision: Aug ’09 • Robust Certificate Validation Service • Authentication using Common Access Card (CAC) (NIPRNet) and softcerts (SIPRNet) • Service Provider: DISA DoD-Public Key Infrastructure program • Fielding Decision: Aug ’09 1: Validate user certificate 2: Search sent to Aggregator DIB Metadata Framework (MDF) DIB Database ContentDiscovery 3: Request w/ SAML assertion sent to DDP Federated Search Aggregator 8: If use permitted, do MDF search 4. Validate aggregator's certificate Service Security Robust Certification Validation Service PEP Query Service Retrieval Service Service Security DIB Data Provider PKI 5: Is user allowed to use service? 9: Can user see content? Attribute Service Policy Decision Point (PDP) 6. Get user’s attributes 10. Get user’s attributes* JEDS 7, 11: Permit/Deny JEDS – Joint Enterprise Directory Service; PEP – Policy Enforcement Point; DIB – DCGS Information Backbone

  14. People Discovery Purpose: Provides an authoritative source for the discovery of people, and attributes about people People Discovery Service Provider: DISA Joint Enterprise Directory Service (JEDS) First Available: Sep ’07 Fielding Decision: Aug ’09 • People Discovery is actively used • Visits per Month: 8,274 NIPRNet • Discoverable Entries: 4M NIPRNet

  15. DKO / DKO / SSO SSO MDR Leverages MDR Leverages Service Service DKO/SSO for DKO/SSO for CAC Login CAC Login DoD Metadata Registry DoD Metadata Registry and Clearinghouse and Clearinghouse Web Web Service Service Developer Developer Developer Developer Interface Interface Publish and Publish and Application Application Discover Metadata Discover Metadata Access Access at designtime at designtime Metadata at Metadata at runtime runtime Single Source for the Single Source for the Discovery and Discovery and Storage of All DoD Storage of All DoD Metadata Metadata Metadata Registry Purpose: Enables metadata artifacts to be published, categorized, and discovered within the DoD Metadata Registry (MDR) Metadata Artifacts: 239,495 NIPRNet Total Users Registered: 10,765 NIPRNet Downloads last 7 days: 8,077 NIPRNet Service Provider: DISA/NCES First Available: Feb ‘07 Fielding Decision: May ’09 15

  16. Step 3 Consume / Invoke Service Consumer Service Provider Step 2 Find/Discover Step 1 Post / Publish Service Discovery Service Discovery Purpose: Enables Web services and service specifications to be published, categorized, and discovered within the NCES enterprise service registry • The single user interface for service publishing and service metadata management • Supports all service registration requirements • Provides appropriate Service governance and user authorization • Integrated with • Metadata Registry • Service (UDDI) Registry • Enterprise Catalog Ability to discover, develop & reuse services Service Discovery Business Entities: 78 NIPRNet, 77 SIPRNet Registered Services: 205 NIPRNet, 257 SIPRNet Service Provider: DISA/NCES First Available: Feb ‘07 Fielding Decision: Aug’09 16

  17. Examine Current Inventoryvia Net-Centric Publisher (NCP) • Service Registry • Search for: suitable service endpoints • Examine: WSDL, XSD, Amplifying Document, Service Provider • MDR • Search for: suitable service descriptions • Examine: WSDL, XSD, Amplifying Document • Search for: reusable request/response structures & semantics • Examine: XSD, schematron, XSLT, taxonomy • Search for: COI, domain, or mission area collaborators • Examine: COI Directory • Content Discovery: Enterprise Catalog • Search for: existing (non-web service) capabilities • Examine: portals, data source descriptions

  18. Messaging 2. Message is routed through the Enterprise Interfaces: 4a. Message is stored 3. Message delivered to remote endpoints Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) COI Pilot Usage: Msgs/Day Published to channels: 78,845 Msgs/Day from channels to subscribers: 496,050 Application 4b. Message delivered to users 1. User publishes message Messaging Purpose: Provides a high-speed message bus that enables organizations to reliably and seamlessly exchange information NCES Messaging Service Provider: DISA/NCES First Available: Feb ‘07 Fielding Decision: Mar’10 publisher subscriber

  19. Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Purpose: Collects and displays information related to a service’s planned and actual status, health, and performance Enterprise Service Management Services Monitored: 53 Operations Monitored: 177 Service Provider: DISA/NCES First Available: Sep ’07 Fielding Decision: Mar’10 provider consumer GISMC Enterprise Service Management JTF/GNO

  20. Mediation Purpose: Provides mission-to-mission data transformation, protocol adaptation, and service orchestration capabilities Service Provider: DISA/NCES First Available: N/A Fielding Decision: Mar ’10 Mission Applications Mediation PA OR DT Mediation • PA Protocol Adaptation • DT Data Transformation • OR Service Orchestration

  21. Status: NCES Is Ready Demonstrated Capability & Usage Metadata Registry Content Discovery User Access Metadata Discovery Discoverable Artifacts: 12.6 M UE – 34.7 M CE Avg Queries /Day: 744 UE – 40,008 CE DKO Accts: 2,160,942 UE – 108,871 CE DKO (Non-Army): 113,470 UE – 8,773CE DKO Unique Logins/Week: 828,048 UE – 16,045CE Metadata Artifacts: 239,495 UE –239,513 CE Total Users Registered: 10,765 UE – 339 CE Downloads last 7 days: 8,077 UE – 36 CE Content Delivery Collaboration Messaging EDGE Nodes: 22 UE, 11 CE Content Owners: 14 UE (22 URLs) – 11 CE (21 URLs) Customers: UE: GCSS-AF, AKO, NKO, USCENTCOM, USJFCOM, BTA(JCCS), DISA (GDS), MDA CE: DNI, USCENTCOM, NGA, AF (Weather), Marines (Portal), DISA (EMF), Army (TEC) E-Collab Center (Button 1) Total Users: 42,382 UE – 14,322 CE Largest Session: 420 users Total Mtgs / Month: 3,478 UE – 459 CE Defense Connect Online (Button 2) Total Users: 92,742 UE – 38,778 CE Largest Session: 1,324 users Total Mtgs Session: 20,393 UE – 7,226 CE Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) COI Pilot: # Pub/Sub Channels: 30 Msgs/Day delivered to channels: 78,845 Msgs/Day from channels to subscribers): 496,050 Enterprise Service Management Service Security Service Discovery Spiral 2, NIPR & SIPR Services Monitored: 26 UE – 22 CE Business Entities: 30 UE – 26 CE Registered Services: 163 UE – 90 CE Protecting NCES, MDA COI, DCGS JEFX Systems, MIT LL's ESSA – People Discovery Mediation UE: Unclassified Environment CE: Classified Environment MDA COI Pilot (Google Map) SPAWAR SIL Schema Transform Visits per Month: 8,274 UE Total Entries: 4M UE As of 31 March 2009

  22. Major Users of NCES Services Metadata Registry • NECC • Joint Staff • Army SOA • GCCS-J • TBMCS • NGA • BTA • DTIC • USN JFCOM • BTA • JFCOM • PACOM • NORTHCOM • DISA • OSD • DIA • DLA • DFAS • DTRA • GCSS FOS • NGA • BTA • NATO • MDA DS COI • Strike COI • C2 SSA COI • AFGFMDI • USN • AFRICOM • CENTCOM • EUCOM, JFCOM • NORTHCOM • PACOM • STRATCOM • USA, USAF • USN, USMC • Joint Staff • DCGS FOS • Joint Staff • AFRICOM • CENTCOM • EUCOM, • JFCOM • PACOM • NGA • USFK • GIG Users People Discovery Service Discovery Metadata Discovery User Access Collaboration Service Security Content Discovery • GISMC • MDA COI • ESSA • AKO Forward • NGA • MOL • MARCENT • I/II MEF • AFWA • GCSS-AF • MDA DS COI • ESSA • DCGS-A • DCGS-N • Army SOA Content Delivery Messaging Mediation Enterprise Service Management

  23. NCES FDDR and Fielding Decisions E-CollabCenter Defense Connect Online Metadata Registry Fielding Decision (March 2010) Full Deployment Decision Review (May 2009) People Discovery Service Discovery Metadata Discovery User Access Fielding Decision (August 2009) Service Security Content Discovery OE/OS data gathering Service Security Content Delivery Messaging Mediation Enterprise Service Management OE/OS assessment

  24. Content Discovery Value Added Faster, relevant information improves Shared Situational Awareness = Self-Synchronizing Forces “(U) This (Content Discovery) cuts in half the time it takes me to check sites – and the fact that you have so rich a cross section of information will save me even more time as I gather key intel for senior Joint Staff leaders each day. Incredibly useful! Your site is the first in my line-up! “ – Joint Staff, J2 Special Actions Division FY08 NCES Usage Automated updates of Intelligence Products available for search : SIPR 28,600,000 products Search Requests Supported : SIPR 17,084,016 requests Supports NGA’s Goal of “Universal Situational Awareness” (GEOINT Pub 1, June 2004)

  25. The Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Challenge 25

  26. The Future of NCES • Growing the Customer Base • Rapid expansion of functionality and new services • Leverage Open Source, plug and play where possible • Deliver capabilities faster • Provide robust operational metrics and user feedback processes to quickly identify and act on shortfalls • Extend the enterprise mindset across the Department • Marketing NCES to improve awareness • Deliver Training to users the way they need it

  27. NCES Information • Public Website ( • Includes brief descriptions of the services & capabilities provided by the NCES program, along with current news and technical resources • Intellipedia ( • Provides additional NCES capability specific information, including access to the Enterprise Services Catalog, NCES Blog, FAQs, and links to other external information stores • DKO User Site ( • Provides a single launch point to all NCES services and access to program information (e.g., calendar/schedule, configuration & requirements management process, service bulletin) • Requires DKO Account (DoD CAC or Government Sponsorship) • DKO Developer’s Community ( • Provides information specific to the developer community that enables the discovery of information and tools needed to support integration with NCES • Requires DKO Account (DoD CAC or Government Sponsorship) • ( • Provides a collaborative environment to development and share open source and community source software • Reference Implementation document library • Software Development Kit (SDK), which includes software code samples • Requires DoD CAC or ECA Certificate to obtain access

  28. Questions? • General Questions and Requests • Email: • Technical Support • GIG Infrastructure ServicesManagement Center (GISMC) • Tel: 614-692-3136 • 800-447-2457 • Email: