the anti slavery movement of north carolina n.
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The Anti-Slavery Movement of North Carolina PowerPoint Presentation
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The Anti-Slavery Movement of North Carolina

The Anti-Slavery Movement of North Carolina

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The Anti-Slavery Movement of North Carolina

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  1. The Anti-Slavery Movement of North Carolina Sources:

  2. Levi Coffin: President of the Underground Railroad • Born 28th of October, 1789 in New Garden, Guilford County, NC • Became a Quaker and established a Sunday school at his home • In 1821, he and his cousin Vestal organized a school for slaves

  3. Levi and Catherine Coffin • Levi married Catherine White in Guilford County in 1824 • In 1826, they moved to Wayne County, Indiana, where they opened a general store • Coffin became a member of the Committee on Concerns of People of Color to Consider Their Education

  4. Levi Coffin on the Underground Railroad • Wayne County was on the route of the Underground Railroad

  5. Levi Coffin on the Underground Railroad • Levi helped shelter slaves on their way to Canada • He maintained two teams of people to help him • At night, Levi journeyed over secret roads to carry fugitive slaves to safe places • Levi’s cousin, Vestal, organized an Underground Railroad stop in Guilford County

  6. Levi Coffin: President of the Underground Railroad • One of the slaves Levi saved became known as Eliza Harris in Uncle Tom’s Cabin • He moved to Cincinnati, OH, where he ran a store selling only free-made goods • In the last years of his life, he was delegate to the International Anti-Slavery Society and dedicated his life to abolishing slavery

  7. The Underground Railroad in North Carolina North Carolina, 1840 (NC Maps)

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  9. Research on Your OwnType your name here: Guilford and The Great Dismal Swamp were the two major stops in North Carolina on the Underground Railroad. On the map below, use AutoShapes to mark these two places. North Carolina 1842 (NC Maps)

  10. Find the “North Carolina Experience” collection, and search for the anti-slavery movements in North Carolina. Levi Coffin’s autobiography, titled, “Reminiscences of Levi Coffin,” is located in this collection. In the space below, summarize one story Levi Coffin told about slavery in North Carolina. What words does he use to show his feelings about slavery? (Hint: Use Ctrl F to find the term “North Carolina.”)

  11. Go to and explore the “North Carolina Experience” collection. Find the information on the anti-slavery movement of North Carolina. In the box below, name four people (besides Levi Coffin) who wrote about or worked as abolitionists in North Carolina. Give their names and the title of their work.

  12. In the same collection, find the document entitled, “An Address to the People of North Carolina on the Evils of Slavery.” Read this document. In a paragraph below, explain three reasons the authors give as to why slavery should be abolished. Is the speech convincing for the time period? Why or why not? You may add a slide if you don’t have enough space.