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How to take an online test

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How to take an online test
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How to take an online test

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  1. How to take an online test • this guide explains how to take an online test using the Perception CAA system • CAA means ‘Computer Assisted Assessment’ • click your mouse button to step through this guide • use the yellow button to retrace your steps þ Perception student guide

  2. viewing this guide full-screen Try this now: Position the cursor anywhere over this guide and click your right mouse button. Then select Full Screen from the pop-up menu Press the Esc key on your keyboard at any time to return to Blackboard. Perception student guide

  3. where is the exam room? • make sure you know where and when the exam is scheduled • it may be in a computer room that you have never visited • if so, make sure you know how to find it – even if that means a visit in advance of the exam! • turn up for the exam on time • if you are late, you may not be able to take the exam – or may have less time to complete it • bring your student ID card with you Perception student guide

  4. when you get to the exam room… • find a vacant computer and log on • make sure that the display and mouse are working correctly before you start the exam • if not, let the invigilator know, log off and use another computer Perception student guide

  5. are you sitting comfortably? • adjust your seat for comfort if necessary • switch off your mobile phone! • place all bags out of reach beneath the desk • place your student ID card on the desk • the invigilators will check these during the exam Perception student guide

  6. starting the exam • do not start the exam until you are told • the invigilator will start you in groups, with a few seconds delay between each group • you will all get exactly the same time to complete the exam • click the Start button • select Programs from the Start menu • select the Perception option • select the exam Perception student guide

  7. the Perception software • Perception exams are displayed using a special secure Web browser • you will not be able to use any other programs during the Perception test • you cannot Close the browser – you must physically re-start your computer at the end of the exam Perception student guide

  8. ! you cannot use the TAB key in the secure browser – or any right-click menu options Log on to Perception enter your ISS (email) user ID and password click the Enter button to start the exam Perception student guide

  9. one at a time or all in a row? some tutors create tests where you must scroll down to read and answer the questions. Perception student guide

  10. one at a time or all in a row? when you have answered all the questions, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. DO NOT click the button until you have finished! Perception student guide

  11. one at a time or all in a row? most tutors create tests where you use these navigation buttons to move from question to question. This guide shows you how to use these. Perception student guide

  12. reading the rubric the exam title appears at the top of the screen the exam rubric (instructions) are shown at the start of the exam – read them carefully! click the Next button to move on to the first question Perception student guide

  13. ! if the exam has lots of questions, you will have to scroll the list sideways to see them all which question is this? this tells you which question this is and so does the arrow on this horizontal list of questions you can ‘jump’ to any question by clicking on it here – try this now Perception student guide

  14. ! ! you can move from question to question using the Next and Previous buttons, or by clicking on the horizontal (scrolling) list of questions your answers are automatically saved when you move to another question – but you can easily change them later if you wish finding your way around you have ‘jumped’ to question 7 the blue blob indicates that you have already answered question 1 Perception student guide

  15. beware of hidden answers! keep an eye on the time remaining – you will not be able to add or change any answers when the timer reaches zero you may need to scroll to see the whole question and all its answers Perception student guide

  16. flagging questions use the Flag button to add a visual mark to questions in the list – for example to remind yourself to have a second look at them if you have any spare time at the end of the exam – try this now Perception student guide

  17. ! you can change your answers at any stage in the exam – until you click the Proceed button and submit your answers for scoring flagging questions a Flag is added to the question – you can Unflag it later when you have answered it Perception student guide

  18. submitting your answers click the Proceed button to have your answers recorded and scored – try this now the Save button does not do anything at present - just ignore it Perception student guide

  19. ! you will be warned if you have not answered every question – click Cancel to answer them if you wish, or OK to proceed anyway (if, for example, you have run out of time) answering every question Perception student guide

  20. ! you will not see your score as soon as you finish in most exams – your tutor may need to make adjustments before releasing your ‘final score’ viewing your score you may be provided with feedback by some tests – the green blobs show correct answers and the red blobs show wrong answers – click on a question number to see more detailed feedback – try this now Perception student guide

  21. feedback on individual questions this shows your answer you can use the Next and Previous buttons to easily check all your answers this shows your score and this is the feedback Perception student guide

  22. partially-correct answers yellow blobs indicate partially-correct answers that did not gain full marks Perception student guide

  23. at the end of the exam • you cannot close the secure browser • switch off your computer using the power switch on the front panel • press it for five seconds to switch off • press the power switch again to turn on the computer for the next user, but do not log on • wait quietly until the invigilator tells you that you can leave Perception student guide

  24. a few suggestions on exam technique • you should attempt to answer every question • no marks are deducted for wrong answers • if you are unsure of the answer, either: • flag the question and move on to the next one, or • flag the question and guess the answer now • keep an eye on the time remaining • when you have answered the final question • return to flagged questions and answer them • double-check all your answers if you have time Perception student guide

  25. credits please email if you would like to use this guide to support students at your own institution © 2003 Centre for Learning and Teaching – Perception student guide