the net national employment team vr and business n.
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The NET: National Employment Team VR and Business PowerPoint Presentation
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The NET: National Employment Team VR and Business

The NET: National Employment Team VR and Business

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The NET: National Employment Team VR and Business

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  1. The NET: National Employment TeamVR and Business Kathy West-Evans, MPA, CRC Director of Business Relations Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR) Washington TBI Conference

  2. Personal and Professional Commitment Washington TBI Conference

  3. A Life Changes in an Instant Washington TBI Conference

  4. VR: Career Planning and Employment Outcomes • Employment outcomes are our responsibility • Everyone employed in public VR under Title I of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended is responsible for: providing VR services to assist the individual to “prepare for and engage in gainful employment.” • VR is measured on employment outcomes – the quantity but • Employment outcomes also include quality measures – integration, wages and benefits Washington TBI Conference 4

  5. Hallmarks of the Public VR Program • 80 Agencies • State-Federal Partnership • Partner Programs: VA and AIR • Individualized Focus • Holistic • Comprehensive Plan: IPE • Return on Investment Washington TBI Conference

  6. Comprehensive Assessmentand Individualized Plan • Medical • Assistive Technology • Psychological • Social • Financial • Legal • Independent Living • Education • Career Planning and Employment • Ongoing Supports Washington TBI Conference

  7. Washington TBI Conference

  8. Business: The Other Customer The NET - A National Approach to Serving Business Through VR Points of Contact Washington TBI Conference

  9. To create a “one company” approach to serving business customers through a national VR team that specializes in employer development, business consulting and corporate relations. The NET Vision Statement Washington TBI Conference

  10. The NET Benefits by Customer Category Businesswill have direct access to the qualified candidates and support services provided by State VR agencies on a national basis. • VR consumers will have access to national employment opportunities and career development resources. • State VR agencies will have a national system for sharing employment resources, best practices and business connections. Washington TBI Conference

  11. VR’s History with Business • 1970-80’s – individual state agencies with informal connections , Projects with Industry (PWI) • Washington State DVR – Business Relations/ EARN • 1988 Multi-State Marketing Conference, Michigan • 14 States: Alabama, Colorado, D.C., Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas General and Blind, Virginia – General and Blind, Washington and West Virginia • 2004 National Employment Conference: RSA/CSAVR – Feedback from Business used to design The NET • 2005 Commitment of VR Leadership – CSAVR Staff • 2006 Design and Launch The NET Washington TBI Conference

  12. AirTran Airways American Red Cross Bridges, Inc. Cellular One / Western Wireless CVS/Pharmacy GEICO General Motors, Inc. infoUSA Intel The Kennedy Center Lenske’s Clamping Tools, Inc. Manpower, Inc. Marriott, Inc. Motor World Miami University Microsoft Corp. National Employment Conference 2004: Building with Our Business Customers Washington TBI Conference

  13. National Bank of Commerce Oklahoma One-Call System, Inc. On Our Own Principal Financial Group Raytheon Company Safeway, Inc. Social Security Administration SouthTrust Bank Wachovia, Wells Fargo Starbucks Coffee Company State of Delaware United States Army National Employment Conference 2004: Building with Our Business Customers Washington TBI Conference

  14. National Employment Conference 2004: Building with Our Business Customers • U.S. Department of Homeland Security • University of Alabama at Birmingham • Washington Mutual • West Corporation Washington TBI Conference

  15. The NET: A Customer Driven System • Dual Customer Focus • Customer Driven • National in Scope • VR as One Company • Easily Accessible Network • Points of Contact • VA Employment Coordinators • Community Partners • Leveraging the Strengths of the National VR System at the Local Level Washington TBI Conference

  16. The NET: VR Consumer’s Benefit • Career opportunities….not just job placements • understand the business environment and work culture • “real time” information incorporated into IPE planning • informed choice • internal “champions” • corporate culture • benefits & inclusion • Upward mobility opportunities • life-long learning • mentors on site • Retention Washington TBI Conference

  17. The NET: Business Customers Benefit • Access to VR as a national system with partnerships built at the local, state and multi-state level based on the needs of the business. • Easy Access to a coordinated national network of VR state points of contact and their community partners • Access to a national VR system that delivers quality products and services, is responsive and consistent across states. • Access to the largest talent pool of applicants with disabilities in the country. • Access to national VR resources, best practices and technical experts at the national, state and local level • VR points of contact that are linked to resources at the local, state, regional and national level. Washington TBI Conference

  18. NET Key Concept: One Company • Business expects VR to deliver in multiple locations based on their footprint which could be state, multi-state, national or global. • Business access a national talent pool • Business expects to receive high quality services that are consistent in various locations around the country • The NET: VR’s 80 agencies working together around this customer base Washington TBI Conference

  19. The Needs Assessment:Dual Customer Vocational Rehabilitation: Dual Customer Model Washington TBI Conference

  20. Pre-Employment Internships Training HR/Staffing Recruitment & Promotion Benefits & Compensation Retention Supports Employee Advisory Services Accommodations Work Site Assessment Assistive Technology Staff Training Disability Awareness ADA/Employment Laws Diversity Programs EEOC/Affirmative Action Universal Design Contracts Facilities Programs/Services Assistive Technology Information Technology Financial Supports WOTC Barrier Removal Legal & Compliance Labor Relations Policy Development Risk Management Product Development Customer Service Marketing & Outreach The NET:VR Business ServicesDefined by Business Customers Washington TBI Conference

  21. The Rest of the Story… Washington TBI Conference

  22. Empowerment and Self-Sufficiency Washington TBI Conference

  23. Challenging Stereotypes and Attitudinal Barriers Washington TBI Conference

  24. The Foundations of The Rehabilitation Act • Qualified Staff • A Comprehensive Approach • Empowerment and Self-Determination • Holistic and Individualized Planning • Building Careers Through Employment • Building Lives Through Independence and Self-Sufficiency Washington TBI Conference

  25. Your Contacts in VR • Kathy West-Evans, Director of Business Relations, CSAVR • • 206.999.9455 • John Evans, Employer Relations Manager, WA DVR • • 1.800.637.5627 Washington TBI Conference