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wiley interscience sla conference doha, qatar 04.04.2002 presented by geoff naylor wiley interscience account manage PowerPoint Presentation
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wiley interscience sla conference doha, qatar 04.04.2002 presented by geoff naylor wiley interscience account manage

wiley interscience sla conference doha, qatar 04.04.2002 presented by geoff naylor wiley interscience account manage

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wiley interscience sla conference doha, qatar 04.04.2002 presented by geoff naylor wiley interscience account manage

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    3. Who are John Wiley & Sons? Company founded in 1807. International publisher of scientific, technical and medical books and journals. Professional Books, Textbooks and other educational materials. Wiley has more than 14,500 active book titles and 400 journals.

    4. What is Wiley InterScience? Your gateway to Wiley Publications Online! Officially launched in January 1999. A web publishing and online information service

    5. A brief history September 1997 - Pilot Phase Wiley InterScience Market testing of Service and License January 7, 1999 Wiley InterScience commercial launch (journals only)

    6. Current Status - Journals 340+ journals fully online 160,000 journal articles online 1.5 million pages online Links with other services PubMed ISI WoS EbscoOnline CrossRef

    8. Major Enhancements 2001/2 Usage Statistics CrossRef EarlyView Mobile Editions Article Select Cross Platform Searching

    9. Usage statistics Journals and OnlineBooks (NEW!) Compliant with ICOLC Guidelines aggregate user statistics by journal - at TOC, abstract and full-text level top ten journal summary all journals for current month, and cumulative By chapter for OnlineBooks

    10. Crossref Basic Facts Provides the ability to link from the reference citation to the abstract (and article) regardless of publisher Wiley is a founding partner 105 participating primary publishers Affiliates and library affiliates 5,410 journals and nearly 3.7 million article citations in database and growing

    11. EarlyView Articles published online in advance of compiled issue (online or print) Peer-reviewed, author-corrected, citable Unpaginated HTML model Paginated or unpaginated PDF model 79 journals for 2001 (and growing)

    13. MobileEdition provides Full issue table ofcontents and abstractsfor the current issueof selected journals.

    14. ArticleSelect What is it? Individual article purchase for Enhanced Access License customers Why use it? Provides online access to material NOT subscribed to Now available for OnlineBooks!!

    15. New content since launch Reference works (2000) Current Protocols Online (2000) Wiley InterScience OnlineBooks (2001) Mobile Edition (2000)

    16. Major Reference Works in 2001-2002 Current Protocols -13 titles Electronic Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis (eEROS) Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology Ulmanns Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry Pattys Industrial Hygiene Brandrup, Polymer Handbook Mark, Encyclopedia of Polymer Science & Technology

    17. Life Science MRWs NEW!

    18. Online Trial Access for e-MRWs Free online Trial Access for e-MRWs is available for all titles, including the Current Protocols.

    19. Forthcoming Titles 2002 The Wiley Database of Polymer Properties Encyclopedia of Smart Materials Encyclopedia of Catalysis Textbook of Biochemistry With Clinical Correlations ChemInform Encyclopedia of Applied Physics Ullmanns Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry - republished in new MRW mark-up language Organic-chemical Drugs and their Synonyms (Negwer)

    20. Wiley InterScience Online Books Frontlist fulltext 290 titles by mid-2002 Libraries Chemistry Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications Life & Medical Sciences Collections Three subject-specific Collections in each Library Launched in January 2002

    21. Wiley InterScience Online Books Chemistry Library Analytical chemistry,Physical chemistry and Spectroscopy Collection Organic chemistry and Biochemistry Collection Polymers,Materials Science and Industrial chemistry Collection Electrical Engineering and Telecomms. Library Communications Technology Collection Electronic and Electrical Engineering Collection Wireless Communications Collection Life and Medical Sciences Library Medical Sciences Collection Pharmaceutical Medicine Collection Molecular Biology Collection

    22. Wiley InterScience Online Books Familiar Wiley InterScience format Related titles may be browsed/searched simultaneously Chapter summaries for quick reference Titles can be linked to the OPAC Content may be used in coursepacks or linked to course web sites Usage statistics available

    23. Wiley InterScience Online Books TRIALS AVAILABLE! Geoff Naylor

    24. How to Licence access to Wiley InterScience products Basic Access Licence (journals only; single-site customers) e-access only or print only: Announced Local Subscription list price e-access plus print: Announced Local Subscription list price + e-access fee Enhanced Access Licence (all e-products and services) Content Fee + e-Access Fee = Total EAL Fee Print may be purchased at discounted rate Consortium deals available

    25. Enhanced Access Licence (contd) Number of sites and/or Authorised Users unlimited Multi-year licenses (1-5) Negotiated e-access fees Annual price increase caps Print is unbundled from electronic subscriptions Monthly usage statistics Free ArticleSelect tokens Roaming Access privileges Journal content may be included in shared files and training materials

    26. e-MRW/OnlineBooks Pricing(inc. Current Protocols Online) Based on a banded Full Time Employee count (FTE) Multiple database purchase discounts available Calendar Discounts also available

    28. Shukran!