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Record Review and Challenge PowerPoint Presentation
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Record Review and Challenge

Record Review and Challenge

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Record Review and Challenge

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  1. Record Review and Challenge Washington State Patrol Identification and Criminal History Section December 30, 2015

  2. Record Review/Challenge • The Subject of record (subject) is the only person who may request their Washington state non-conviction criminal history record information (CHRI). • The subject must appear in person during normal business hours at a local law enforcement agency or the Olympia WSP office located at 3000 Pacific Ave. • The subject must provide government issued photo identification. • Examples of government issued photo identification • Valid Washington State Drivers License or Identification Card. • Military identification • U.S. Passport, etc.

  3. Record Review • A person may inspect his or her CHRI pursuant to Revised Code of Washington RCW 10.97.080. • Criminal history consists of criminal arrests, court dispositions, open arrests (arrests without a disposition), Sex/Kidnapping Offender Registrations, Criminal Justice Applicants, Personal Identification, and Department of Corrections incarcerations and supervisions. • Criminal history does not include: investigation, intelligence, or other files not construed as CHRI.

  4. Record Review Cont. • The subject has two options to review his/her non-conviction CHRI. • Option 1 purchasing the RAPsheet. • Option 2 reviewing the RAPsheet. • Both options allow the subject to challenge or request a modification to their CHRI.

  5. Record Review Cont. • Option 1 – Fee • Request a record review/challenge through the local law enforcement agency (LEA), jail, or prison facility by submitting a completed record review/challenge fingerprint card. • The LEA may charge a fee for their fingerprinting services. • Mail the fingerprint card and the fee payable to the Washington State Patrol, contact the Section for fee information: Washington State Patrol Identification and Criminal History Section PO Box 42633 Olympia WA 98504-2633

  6. Record Review Cont. • The subject may come to the Section and request a record review/challenge at: Washington State Patrol Identification and Criminal History Section 3000 Pacific Ave SE, Suite 202 Olympia WA 98504-2633 • The result is provided to the subject either at the LEA or at the Section. • The subject has 30 minutes to review their record and may not electronically or mechanically reproduce it. • If a person opts to purchase the RAPsheet, they may retain the RAPsheet.

  7. Record Review Cont. • Option 2 – no fee • Request a record review/challenge through the local law enforcement agency, jail or prison facility by submitting a completed record review/challenge fingerprint card to the Section. • The LEA staff will provide a copy of the non-conviction RAPsheet to the subject for review. • The subject has 30 minutes to review their CHRI. At the end of the 30 minutes the CHRI must be returned to the LEA, jail, or prison staff.

  8. Challenge/Modification • A subject may challenge the accuracy or completeness of the CHRI. • The subject may also request the inaccurate or incomplete information be: • Purged. • Modified. • Supplemented. • The request must done in writing, clearly identifying the inaccurate or incomplete information. • Criminal Justice Agencies must provide an appropriate challenge form, available from the Section.

  9. Challenge/Modification • When the Section receives a challenge they must: • Notify the submitting agency of the challenge. • The Section must wait until the submitting agency: • Submits a correction or modification. • Returns a notification of refusal. • The Section will make the appropriate correction or modification to the subject’s CHRI. • Individuals or agencies who requested the subject’s CHRI are notified of the correction or modification.

  10. Challenge/Modification Cont. • If the Section refuses to act the subject may appeal the decision to the: • Superior court in their county of residence. • The county from which the disputed record came from. • Thurston County. • The court shall in such case conduct a DE novo (trying a matter anew) hearing, and may order such relief as it finds just and equitable. • If the subject comes to the Section to challenge their CHRI, they must complete a “Request for Modification of Record” form, supplied by the Section.

  11. 1. Name: Last, First, Middle 3. Agency ORI and Name 2. Other names used, dates of birth, etc. 4. 12/31/1998aa 5. M U 601 180 BLU BLK 6. WA Non- mandatory fields. Date and official’s name or number RECORD REVIEW/CHALLENGE

  12. Record/Review Challenge Cont. Complete the Fingerprint Card Mandatory information: Subject’s, last, first, and middle name. Enter Alias names, dates births, etc. ORI-agency rolling the fingerprints. Date of Birth. Physical descriptors. Place of birth. Optional information: Citizenship Originating Agency (OCA) FBI number Armed Forces number Social Security number. Miscellaneous number – other forms of government issued photo identification (U.S. Passport, military numbers, etc.) Roll the fingerprints