participation in physical activity exercise and healthy balance lifestyles n.
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Participation in Physical Activity: Exercise and Healthy/Balance Lifestyles. PowerPoint Presentation
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Participation in Physical Activity: Exercise and Healthy/Balance Lifestyles.

Participation in Physical Activity: Exercise and Healthy/Balance Lifestyles.

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Participation in Physical Activity: Exercise and Healthy/Balance Lifestyles.

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  1. Participation in Physical Activity: Exercise and Healthy/Balance Lifestyles. Mr. P. Leighton St Mary’s 11-18 College PE Socio-Cultural Studies

  2. Today’s Session… • Understand the terms of Exercise and Healthy/ Balance Lifestyles… What do they actually mean to us? • What are the benefits of participating regularly in Physical Exercise and Physical Activities- are they the same? • Exam style question- using the correct terms and writing it down!

  3. So what is exercise? • Quick Task... 4mins - In PAIRS discuss and write down on the sheet provided what you think Physical exercise means? - HINT: There is more than one kind of exercise- does exercise mean the same to everyone?

  4. Answers… • What does exercise mean? - Dictionary Definition: Exercise is ANY ACTIVITY that enhances or maintains physical fitness or overall health. - Also… Exercise has effects on other areas of our well being… what are they? Answer: Physical- Body weight Social- Relationships Personal- Self Worth Mental- Stress relief

  5. So What is Physical Activity? • Physical Activity is different to Physical Exercise…Why? • Answer- Physical Exercise is done with a SPECIFIC means to improve one or all of the areas in our well being. • It is also usually vigorous/Dynamic and requires an expense of energy. • Physical Activity can be walking to your next lesson or even to the village! • It therefore has no specific aims but can be beneficial to certain people.

  6. Healthy/ Balance Lifestyles. • Who has ever heard the term… part of a healthy balanced lifestyle when referring to food? • What does it actually mean? - Find a DIFFERENT partner this time: discuss and note down what you think this “Umbrella Term” may actually mean.

  7. What it means… • The term Healthy/ Balanced lifestyles has been coined by the food industry- usually when talking about so-called healthy foodstuffs and drinks. • The terms Equilibrium, Quality and Wellness could also be used.

  8. Continued… • Equalibrium or balance: • too much of a good thing? • Good social life or gym bunny? • “Working Hard or Hardly Working?”

  9. Quality… • You/ your parents don’t have to shop at Harrods for you to have a NUTRITIOUS DIET- Everything in moderation? • Adequate rest and sleep- not til 4am on the XBOX!

  10. Wellness… • For you to actually be WELL you need a number of things… • Lack of Injury • Prevention of Illness • Enjoyable Hobbies • Good Relationships • Control of Stress • “Free” time • Good personal Hygiene!

  11. Exam Style Question… • So when faced with an exam style question… Don’t Bottle it! • Don’t bulletpoint- it shows you think you know but cant link ideas together- its fine for revision! • Stay on point- don’t talk about what you think you would want to see- do as it says!

  12. Questions… • Identify and describe some of the key differences between physical exercise and physical activity (3) • Explain how having a healthy balanced lifestyle can benefit a person in society (3)

  13. Any Questions?See you next week 