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Chick Lit Notes

Chick Lit Notes

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Chick Lit Notes

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  1. Chick Lit Notes

  2. Question 1:How do authors hook and hold readers • 1. Focus on characterization- Authors have you focus on characterization in the book because they can write about pretty much anything, even something boring. If the character has an individual personality that is attractive to the reader, the reader will keep reading. 2. Authors give the characters in the book a life- The main character in the book has to be deep and have problems and be like a person in the real world. This keeps readers hooked and wanting more.3.Studying other Chick Lit authors, not copying them- If you understand and realize the main points of a chick lit. Learn what makes a best seller book a best seller.4.The author should tap into the main characters strengths- If you show how they may over come their problems by the end of the book it pulls the readers in and makes for a good ending. (Miller, Erin Collazo) (Lauren Weisberger )

  3. Question 2: What are the positive opinions on Chick Lit

  4. Question 3: What are people’s negative opinions on Chick Lit • “Chick lit has a bad reputation for being anti-feminist, trashy and unoriginal” (50 Chick Lit Novels) • Most people think that chick lit is a light fluffy genre that gives women a bad name. Some books in this genre actually do show that the genre is light and fluffy but not all. Every genre has books that are good and books that are bad and the bad ones show women in a bad light. Truly the chick lit genre is to show that women are independent and don’t always have the “glam” life. • “chick lit can serve to boost your mood, offer witty social commentary, and help you deal with real-life issues with a modern sensibility.” (50 Chick Lit Novels) " 50 Chick Lit Novels That Are StillWorthwhile Reads | Online College Tips - Online Colleges." Online College .org - The Top Accredited Online Colleges. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Mar. 2011. <>.

  5. Question 4: What is the relationship between Chick Lit and truth? • “The plots usually consist of women experiencing usual life issues, such as love, marriage, dating, relationships, friendships, roommates, corporate environments, weight issues, addiction, and much more.” (Chick Lit Books ) • Chick lit books are usually light and involve real life issues‘, “The books in this genre do not always end in a perfect, fairy-tale way” (Melissa Banks)

  6. Question 5: How does chick lit show the nature of a women? • Talking about Sex and The City “'I loved that show, but when you watched, it was as if the only people in New York living fabulous lives were 30-something-year-old white women, and that's a complete fallacy,'' said Lyah Beth LeFlore, a 34-year-old television producer and co-author of ''Cosmopolitan Girls,'' a breezy novel about two African-American women in search of love, designer pumps and the perfect martini. ''There are a lot of amazing black women living interesting, glamorous lives, and it was time our stories be told.’” (OGUNNAIKE, LOLA.) • “Mr. Bass said. ‘There is definitely a disconnect between publishing and the young, affluent African-American female reader,' he said. 'They have not managed to keep pace with her growth and development. They think they are addressing her with things like thug fiction or erotica, but there is more to her life than sex and crime.‘” (OGUNNAIKE, LOLA. ) • Chick lit shows that women aren't just about trying to find love and buying expensive things (as in Sex in the City) but that women are independent and trying to be successful in life (as in Bridget Jones’s Diary) • OGUNNAIKE, LOLA. "Black Writers Seize Glamorous Ground Around 'Chick Lit' - New York Times." The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Feb. 2011. < glamorous-ground- around-chick-lit.html>.

  7. Question 6: How was the chick lit genre thought of and created? • Chick lit comes from the words "chick"-short for young women and "lit" for literature. The genre was defined as a type of post feminist that went beyond the women in distress. It was to make women look strong and independent. (What is Chick Lit?)

  8. Question 7:What is some data to support that women of the genre are strong and independent?

  9. Question 8: Why is it important to understand Chick Lit before reading books in this genre?