the need to rebrand urban areas n.
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The need to rebrand - urban areas PowerPoint Presentation
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The need to rebrand - urban areas

The need to rebrand - urban areas

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The need to rebrand - urban areas

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  1. The need to rebrand - urban areas REBRANDING

  2. Loss of industry Job losses Social and environmental problems Services decline Poor image does not attract investment Can you put these problems in any order?

  3. Spiral of decline – multiplier effect

  4. Multiplier effect • Could this work in the opposite direction? • Come up with a similar diagram of how the multiplier effect can lead to an area improving • This is the idea of ‘cumulative causation’

  5. Why do cities need to rebrand?

  6. Why do cities need to rebrand? • Places are increasingly at risk as a result of changes in the global economic, political and technological environment. • Places are increasingly at risk from the inevitable process of urban decay. • Places are facing a growing number of competitors for limited resources. • Places have to increasingly rely on their own resources to face competition.

  7. Rebranding in the UK can fall into 3 categories • Urban Areas • Rural Areas • Coastal Areas Create a spider diagram for each as to why they may need to rebrand

  8. Urban Areas • Many industrial towns have lost their factories and suffered from massive unemployment in manufacturing jobs. • Loss of industry and unemployment creates economic problems as people live on low income and income support (welfare) • Economic problems causes people to move out of the area and look for work elsewhere. This leads to services closing (e.g. shops) and fewer job opportunities leading to further economic and social decline. • Rebranding is needed to encourage new investments that should bring jobs and money to the area. Improvements in housing and the environment will also attract people back to the area.

  9. Rural Areas • The decline in agriculture in the UK has reduced employment and caused economic problems in rural areas. • The lack of job opportunities results in out migration of young people, resulting in an ageing population. • Services such as shops, schools and post offices close as people move away for work. This creates more economic problems and social isolation becomes worse • Attracting new business and tourists through rebranding will increase employment an services. This will then encourage young people to stay in the area, and new people to move to the area.

  10. Coastal Areas • Cheaper flights mean fewer people visit the UK coast line so resorts loose money and businesses are closing. • The decline of the fishing industry has also led to fewer jobs and further economic problems. • This leads to the out migration of young people causing more social and economic issues. • Rebranding encourages new investments and brings money and jobs to the area

  11. Where?

  12. London Docklands

  13. London Docklands •

  14. Question • Explain how urban, rural and coastal areas in decline differ from each other? (6m)