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James Hilton james@insidemob.com

James Hilton james@insidemob.com .

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James Hilton james@insidemob.com

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  1. James Hiltonjames@insidemob.com

  2. Inside Mobile work on a simple premise:Marketing is about people, not technology.At Inside Mobile, our goal is to understand the role that mobile digital devices play in the lives of the people who buy, or may buy, your products. So that we can create a place in their lives for your brand - driving consumer action, brand engagement and purchase behaviour.

  3. An introduction to mobile

  4. 2.7billion Worldwide mobile phone subscriptions. The 4 billion barrier expected to be broken by 2009 Context: 850m PCs, 1.1bn accessing the Internet (Informa telecom and New Media July 2007)

  5. A global phenomenon… • China’s government carrier China Mobile has more subscribers than there are people living in the USA • India is the fastest growing mobile market in the world adding 6.5 million new subscribers every month • In December 2007 23% of all UK mobile users accessed the mobile internet Mobile phones are more important to 21% of respondents than their wallet, credit cards, or their wedding ring. (Nokia survey) 59% of e-mail users with portable devices say they keep the device nearby when they are sleeping to listen for incoming mail. (AOL)

  6. The mobile toolkit Creating products, media and marketing opportunities via the mobile channel

  7. The mobile toolkit • SMS / MMS • Mobile internet • Mobile media • Mobile content • Applications Products Marketing Location based Social

  8. SMS / MMS

  9. SMS / MMS SMS marketing can be very powerful when used correctly (i.e. opt in and of relevance and value to consumer). Some examples of text-based campaigns & products are: • Text to win mechanics • Text to receive link for WAP site • Text to register • Store finders • SMS couponing • Information query When implementing SMS campaigns a short code is generally required for each country. Short codes should generally be shared i.e. text ENTER to 66556, the word ENTER ensures all messages come to you. The benefit of sharing is the cost is negligible in comparison to dedicated.

  10. SMS / MMS Here is a good example where engaging marketing materials have been used to drive SMS participation and then attendance to a Sprint promotional tent. The SMS mechanic was cheap to deploy but far more successful than any other Sprint participation initiatives to date. 2 1 3 4 Marketing collateral • Mobile technology partner process and pass on the information to Mobile Ticketing partner and coupon is allocated from the database with details. Data is captured for future CRM and reporting • Consumer receives SMS with unique PIN code and full instructions • Customer text EDGE to 70734 to receive a unique SMS voucher • At the Sprint tent customer shows his mobile phone for PIN code capture via mobile application for instant prize redemption

  11. The mobile internet

  12. Mobile web needs to be different • People use the mobile Internet in a different way from the web snackable portable contextualised personalised

  13. Who is using it? • Europe is witnessing significant growth of mobile internet usage which is predominantly due to the mobile operators rolling out a host of data plans. • Plans on the whole offer users unlimited data consumption for a flat rate. • If Japan is anything to go by this figure will keep growing - more people access the internet in Japan via mobile than do so via a fixed line PC.

  14. European mobile media andmessaging audience Mobile Messaging Audience defined as subscribers who sent one or more text messages in month Mobile Media Audience defined as subscribers who browsed or downloaded in any form in month. Source: M:Metrics: February 2008

  15. Size of mobile audience In Europe, the UK has the highest percentage of mobile media users, at 26.8 percent, while Germany and France lag, at 18.4 percent and 18.5 percent, respectively. Mobile Messaging Audience defined as subscribers who sent one or more text messages in month Mobile Media Audience defined as subscribers who browsed or downloaded in any form in month. It should be noted that, while advertising inventory is growing, not all mobile media users can be reached by advertisers at present. Source: M:Metrics: February 2008

  16. Mobile media

  17. Mobile Media • The past 18 months has seen a continual growth of mobile media consumption which has in turn created numerous media opportunities for brands. • Media can now be purchased in the form of text links, banners and video and this can be targeted to age, gender, operator and even handset. • M-Metrics' survey found that across Europe one-third of consumers of all ages and gender were tempted to buy products which had been advertised on mobile, more than from any other channel including online, magazine and TV.

  18. Mobile media formats Application ‘ad-wrapping’ SMS / MMS Mobile internet banners & links Handset strategic partnerships Mobile search In-Game Mobile Video & TV

  19. Mobile content

  20. Mobile content • Mobile content created by a brand can be used to drive brand engagement, advertising revenue and direct-to-consumer income • Valuable content such as wallpapers, ringtones and video can be sold or given away to consumers, depending upon your business objectives

  21. Mobile applications

  22. Mobile applications • We define mobile applications as those programmes that are downloaded to a users’ phone • This includes: • Mobizines • Mapping apps • Image readers • Mobile games • These applications allow interaction anytime and anywhere, even when there is no WAP/GPRS connection • They can be combined with programs designed to connect to the Internet for content updates “Downloadable mobile applications present a significant opportunity, with more than 3.3 million mobile consumers downloading these applications during the first quarter of the year.” – Telephia

  23. Web and mobile • Uploading content • Blogging / updating webpages • Location-based content • Mobilize content • Set up personal preferences • Synchronise • ‘Sideloading’

  24. Location based Services

  25. Location based services • The true power of mobile comes to the fore when combined with an awareness of location • Not only does this make it easier to find information of relevance to any given context, it also allows the ‘virtual’ and mobile worlds to be linked • This is the ultimate way to deliver timely value via mobile devices • LBS can be provided via • GPS & other locator technology (e.g. cell triangulation, Skyhook) • SMS based manual entry of location • WAP based manual entry

  26. Social mobile

  27. Social mobility • People use social networks (and IM) to portray an online persona to the world • User Generated Content is a way of expressing who they are, what they think and how they feel • The mobile puts a stills and video camera into the hands of everyone, every minute of the day • IM and social networks make it easier to maintain (and grow) a much larger circle of friends • The mobile is the most personal device for socialising • It allows online communities to connect in the physical world Sharing & showing off Keeping in touch & meeting Advice, recommendations & debate • Word of mouth recommendations from friends are still the most trusted source of advice • Social networks make it easy to get and give advice to friends, when they need it

  28. Coming soon…

  29. Connecting with consumers on-the-go People can’t always be near a computer to interact with your brand online The mobile allows consumers to reach you wherever they are

  30. Coming soon… QR Codes

  31. Using QR codes Allow consumers to connect directly to the brand from places and objects in the real world (Internet / TV / Outdoor)

  32. The future GeoVector

  33. GeoVector While GPS can tell you where you are, GeoVector technology can tell you what it is you are looking at.GeoVector enabled phones: AGPS plus integrated compass sensorYour cell phone is a mouse with the world as your desktop.By pointing your mobile phone you can search the world around you in real time and real space. Get just the information you need, right when you can use it the most.

  34. GeoVector Mission is to connect people with information about the world around them by directly pointing at things of interest

  35. GeoVector applications The History Channel

  36. Marketing strategy and planning consultancy At Inside Mobile, we’re marketing professionals who happen to know a lot about mobile. We take the time to understand your business, your brand, and your consumers, to create mobile marketing initiatives that focus on value and results, not the latest buzz technology. Project management and coordination Inside Mobile have vast experience in managing projects through from strategy, to implementation, to reporting and learning. Our in-house project management team will draw in relevant partners and orchestrate the entire project end-to-end. Inside Mobile are pioneers in mobile media planning and buying, with a host of media firsts under our belt. We have the expertise to plan and buy the very best mobile-based media to suit your needs. Mobile media planning and buying Our core services

  37. About Inside Mobile Selection of Clients

  38. Inside mobile Clerkenwell House67 Clerkenwell RoadLondonEC1R 5BL tel:    +44 (0) 207 405 0767 fax:    +44 (0) 207 990 9110 e-mail: james@insidemob.com Web: www.insidemob.com

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