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Chapter 17

Chapter 17. Lauren Mangus, Ashlee Stants , Isabella Condie , Maleah Grabiak , Allegra Shaffer. That’s so Raven. The Purpose of Our clip…. Q: Do you have any ideas on why we chose an episode of “That’s so Raven”?

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Chapter 17

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  1. Chapter 17 Lauren Mangus, Ashlee Stants, Isabella Condie, MaleahGrabiak, Allegra Shaffer

  2. That’s so Raven

  3. The Purpose of Our clip… • Q: Do you have any ideas on why we chose an episode of “That’s so Raven”? • A: It shows that the store owner will not allow black people to be employees at the store. It displays discrimination. Just like it did in that time period, a manager of the 21 century is discriminating against black people.

  4. Judge Taylor • Doesn’t pay attention during case • Listens to Atticus when he speaks • Also listens carefully to the evidence being said before him • Wants children and women of the town to know what really happens, so he said they can stay as long as they are quiet

  5. Heck Tate • MaycombCounty sherriff • Testifies with Bob Ewell

  6. Bob Ewell • MayellaEwell’s (victim) father • Often eluded the question at hand and nobody knows why • Possibly committed the crime because he is left handed • QUESTION FOR THE CLASS: DO YOU THINK BOB EWELL COMMITTED THE CRIME? IF SO, WHAT EVIDENCE IS THERE TO PROVE IT?

  7. Mr. Gilmer • Bob Ewell’s lawyer • Did not really talk that much • Mr. Gilmer was curious about his own defendant’s education

  8. MayellaEwell • Victim of rape case • The courtroom is uncertain of what Mayella might say while she is testifying

  9. Atticus Finch • He is Tom Robinson’s lawyer • He questions all witnesses

  10. Jem Finch • He is very interested in the case • He doesn’t talk at all really because his eyes are on the court floor

  11. Scout Finch • She doesn’t really understand what is going on even though she acts like she does • She often tries to act older than she really is

  12. Tom Robinson • Being accused of the crime that he most likely didn’t do

  13. Reverend Sykes • The reverend of the church Tom Robinson attended

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