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AirLive Topology PoE Switch PowerPoint Presentation
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AirLive Topology PoE Switch

AirLive Topology PoE Switch

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AirLive Topology PoE Switch

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  1. AirLive Topology PoE Switch

  2. What is AirLive Topology Switch Why Need AirLive Topology Switch What make AirLive Topology Switch unique Agenda Case Study AirLive Industrial Switch Series

  3. What is AirLive Topology PoE Switch Normal POE Switch Graphical Manage AirLive Topology Switch

  4. Why AirLive Develop Topology Switch Visually understand your Network Topology

  5. Why AirLive Develop Topology Switch Close your project Quickly

  6. Why AirLive Develop Topology Switch Locate your Network Problem Rapidly

  7. What make AirLive Topology Switch unique Visually understand your Network without any software Topology Floor Map

  8. What make AirLive Topology unique Group the devices visually Topology Switch allow System Integrator to setup VLAN Group visually by few click. This reduce the installation effort. Using Mac Based VLAN to Isolate Groups.

  9. Rapidly notice when event happen Topology Switch can send or record the even not only happen in switch itself, but also in a network devices. For cameras application, you can check whether the cameras are disconnect without searching the video record file. This save time. SNMP Trap : The Even can send to the SNMP Server Syslog: The Even can send to the Syslog Server Visually Notification : When even happen in network devices such as camera is disconnect. Topology switch can record event and show in the device icon

  10. Rapidly check the network device Status System Integrator or owner can visually check the device status without going to site Icon with Black Mark : the Device is Link Up Icon with Numbers : Events were Happened on the Device. User can Check Events in Notification by Left-clicking on the Device icon Icon with Red Mark : the Device or Connection is Down.

  11. Quickly to know the Network Device Information Topology Switch can list all of deviceswith IP address device name in the network. This help System Integrator close their project quickly.

  12. Device Guard Function (PoE Auto Checking) This function can automatically detect the IP cameras and access points if they are alive. If the devices crash or fail to respond, the PoE switch will reboot them, keeping your system working.

  13. Select “ PoE Device Guard from the PoE Management menu for Guard IP Turn function on/off Action

  14. DHCP Snooping The DHCP Snooping can prevent attackers from adding their own DHCP servers to the network. This is very important for the SI to do the maintain of Network Trusted Port: Where DHCP Server located

  15. Quickly Check Cameras Streaming AirLive Topology Switch can check the streaming for ONVIF cameras, and is not limited to Airlive Cameras. Click the Camera Icon and a window will pop-up.

  16. After clicking on the “Streaming” icon, the video will pop up Video streaming work in Firefox or IE

  17. Quickly to manage AirLive AP Click on the AC.TOP icon, the management page will pop-up

  18. Click WiFi Button and WiFi setting can be managed RF Power : Select output power Channel: Select the output channel Encryption/ Shared Key: Setup the encryption type and key

  19. When there is more than one AC.TOP in your network , you can select other AC.TOP’s to do the same setting Click the Apply to do the setting.

  20. Click the “Active Clients” Button Current connecting user Select 2.4G or 5G Current Users information If you want to Block this users, tick “Block” When the MAC address is blocked , they can not access the network , even when they access another AC.TOP

  21. Click the “BlockList” Button to check who is blocked You can add the Block List MAC address manually Click the MAC address and click “unBlock” button to unblock the device. Once blocked ,the device is blocked for the entire network

  22. Case Study Location: Mallorca, Spain Application: tropical hotel with 3 building Product: POE-GSH2624-370 , AC.TOP Why AirLive: Stable PoE Switch, Check their network easy, AP central Manage

  23. Topology Switches Series Console L2+ L2+ PoE SNMP-24MGB Plus 20 Port RJ45 + 4Combo POE-GSH2624-370 24 port RJ45 +2 Combo AP Manage L2+ PoE PoE L2+ POE-GSH1008R-130 8 Port RJ45 + 2 SFP POE-GSH1816R-220 16 port RJ45 +2 SFP