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  1. Poe By Emma Berggren

  2. Biography Edgar Allan Poe was born onJanuary 19,1809 in Boston,Massachusetts. He was born unto the David Poe Jr. and Elizabeth Hopkins Poe. They died when Edgar was just a small child. In 1815, Poe was taken to live with John Allan in England for five years. Since John did not legally adopt Edgar, he took Allan as his middle name.

  3. Biography (2) In 1836, Poe married his thirteen year old cousin Virginia Clemm. She died 11 years later due to a popped blood vessel. After her death, Poe suffered from depression and madness. He attempted suicide in 1848 and he eventually died on October 7th, 1849.

  4. Literary Criticism Response The literary Criticism I read was called “Poe and Baudelaire: A Vast Ocean Apart”. It talked about how one wasn’t the same without the other. They helped each other throughout their careers as writers and poets. Although they never met in person, they effected each others writing. I thought that this Literary Criticism was very well written because it stated their similarities along with their differences. This way it showed how and why they were good poets. When the criticism said that Poe and Baudelaire seem to have a "teacher-student" or "father-son" relationship, it made me think of why they did. I think this is true because when Baudelaire first started his career as a poet/writer, he took Poe’s work and translated it into French. Poe was his first source for idea’s.

  5. Literary Criticism (2) I also found that since Poe and Baudelaire never met they could not fight out little arguments they had. When Baudelaire first translated Poe’s story he never took it as plagiarism but Poe did and he got very angry because of this. In the criticism it quotes Baudelaire when he said, “ I found poems and short stories that I had thought of, but in a vague, confused, disorderly way and that Poe had been able to bring together to perfection”. This made me think that these two men almost finished each other’s sentences. They had the same thoughts and feelings towards life which made them more important to the other.

  6. Thoughts & Feelings I think that Poe is an amazing writer/poet. He puts much thought and detail into his works. Although some of his work is long and somewhat boring, it always had a meaning if you look for it hard enough. Some of Poe’s work was very confusing to read which made me have to read it a few times before I had a little bit of an understanding of what was going on. But after that, I thoroughly enjoyed the writings! I will admit I’m not a huge fan of Poe but I gave him a chance and now I don’t mind reading things he has wrote. Before I did this project I would barely skim what I had to read and pick out what I though were the main points to talk about. Now I actually sit down and read and think about what is going through his head as he is writing this poem/story.

  7. Imitation Poem I came down the ramp and he was there I run and hug him like a bear I’m so excited that I get to see What life is like in Calgary We get in the car And go see who my sister’s are In the next few days I walk around in a haze The wedding is soon And my dress is as big as a flower in bloom As I walk down the aisle I look around And hear the popular smiling sound.

  8. Explanation for Imitation I chose to imitate Poe’s poem “Alone”. I kept the rhyme scheme of aa bb cc dd ee ff gg hh ii jj.

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