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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe. Rebekka Quenrud Period .4. 10/25/11. Edgar Allan Poe. http://poestories.com/view.php?photo=42bf361288f88. Born on : January 19, 1809 Died on: November 17, 1875. 5 Short Stories and 5 Poems. 5 POEMS

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Edgar Allan Poe

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  1. Edgar Allan Poe Rebekka Quenrud Period .4. 10/25/11

  2. Edgar Allan Poe • http://poestories.com/view.php?photo=42bf361288f88 Born on : January 19, 1809 Died on: November 17, 1875

  3. 5 Short Stories and 5 Poems 5 POEMS Dreams”—Oh! that my young life were a lasting dream!, Alone, Annabel Lee, The city in the sea, A dream within a dream. 5 STORIES Tamerlane and Other Poems,Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane and Minor Poems,The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque

  4. A 15+ sentence biography on E.A. Poe(slide 1 of 2) I think Poe died by the theory of disease and other medical problems. I think this because he was found to have some sort of lesions on the brain and suffered from brain fever. A doctor, Valentine Mott and nurse, Mrs. Shew agreed that Poe could have something like this. In may another doctor , John w. Francis, diagnosed that Poe suffered from heart disease. He wrote letters to Maria Clemm and you could tell he wasn’t doing good by those letters. They said things like “I've been so ill.-have had the cholera, or spasms, quite as bad and could hardly hold a pen.

  5. Cont….15+ sentence bio(slide 2of 2) After a while you could then tell he has gotten better by his letters. He wrote “You will see at once, by the handwriting of this letter, that I am better. It is possible that Poe had suffered some early incident which had later implications for his health. Mrs. Shew recalled of seeing a scar on his left shoulder, but nobody knew about it but Virginia. Poe has been diagnosed with other diseases like tuberculosis, epilepsy, and even rabies. There was an idea that Poe could of died from rabies. Later on he was given a drink of water to determine if he could drink and swallow but he had difficulties doing so. The doctors thought he might have hydrophobia. He later on proved he didn’t because he drank half a glass of water without difficulties which made the doctors idea of hydrophobia evaporate.

  6. Your theory on Poe’s Death I think the reason that Edgar Allan Poe died was because of diseases and other medical problems.

  7. (With 10+ sentences in paragraph(s) form)-Choose your favorite “Poe” story that we have read and summarize the storyline. Explain how he used suspense OR symbolism. How does it add to the meaning? • The story that I liked the most was the cask of Amontillado. This story was full of suspense because the whole time I was reading it I was suspenseful of what was going to happen next. The story is basically about getting revenge. He got Amontillado drunk on whine and brought him down to the vault. At the vault he chained up Amontillado, and of course it was easy because he was drunk.

  8. Finish paragraphs on your favorite story After that he cemented a wall around him so he couldn’t escape. Amontillado was laughing because he thought the whole thing was a joke but it wasn’t. he was really cementing amontillado for revenge. He Obviously died, Amontillado.

  9. Conclusion (5+ sentences) Edgar Allan Poe was like father of the modern day horror story because everything that he writes about seems like it happens to him. i liked the stories he wrote they give excitement and suspicion. He writes as if he is experiencing it himself. I couldn’t say that I made any connections to the story though. The things that happened to him or what he did would never be anything anyone else would experience.

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