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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe. Jake O melian 3 11-15-11. URL of Poe picture. Edgar Allan Poe. Born: 1809 Died: 1849. 5 Short Stories and 5 Poems. 5 STORIES Angel of the Odd The Balloon H oax The Black C at Hop-Frog Murders in the Rue M orgue. 5 POEMS Alone The Bells The City in the Sea

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Edgar Allan Poe

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  1. Edgar Allan Poe Jake Omelian 3 11-15-11

  2. URL of Poe picture Edgar Allan Poe Born: 1809 Died: 1849

  3. 5 Short Stories and 5 Poems 5 STORIES • Angel of the Odd • The Balloon Hoax • The Black Cat • Hop-Frog • Murders in the Rue Morgue 5 POEMS • Alone • The Bells • The City in the Sea • The Raven • The Gold Bug

  4. Biography of Edgar’s Life(1) Edgar Allan Poe was born in 1809. His mother, Elizabeth Poe, died when he was two years old in 1811. He was adopted by the Allan's. Mrs. Allan was an extremely close friend of Elizabeth. John Allan, his (step father) was a highly successful merchant, so Edgar went to good school. When Edgar was six he moved to England for five years. Edgar attended Virginia University in 1826 when he was seventeen. Even though John Allan had plenty of money he only gave Edgar about a third of what he needed. Later on, Edgar went to Boston and joined the military. In 1829 Mrs. Allan died. Mr. Allan tried to be friendly towards Edgar and signed his papers to go to West PointMilitary Academy in Virginia. He had to leave because his step father didn’t send him any money. In 1831 he moved to New York to try and get some of his poetry published. John Allan died in 1834 and did not mention Edgar in his will at all. In 1835 he got a job as an editor of a newspaper. He married his cousin Virginia when he was 27 and she was 13. They got married just before her 14th birthday.

  5. Continuation(2) He went to Philadelphia where he wrote The Haunted Palace and Ligeia. In 1840 he joined the George R. Graham publishing company. He left this company in 1842 because he wanted to start his own magazine. He won one hundred dollars for his story, The Gold Bug. Virginia died in 1847, ten days after his birthday. He stayed at the Son’s of Temperance, a hotel, to try to stop drinking. He later found an old girlfriend and planned to marry her in October. He planned to go to New York to stay with a friend, James P. Moss. He supposedly took the wrong train and ended up in Baltimore. He was found unconscious at Gunner's Hall. He died in the emergency room on September 30th1849.

  6. My Theory on Poe’s Death I think Poe died of rabies. My reason behind this theory is because he was a pretty unusual dude and I think dying of rabies at the age of 40 is a strange way to die. I think he got this disease from eating bad meat in New York.

  7. FAVORITE POE STORY • My favorite story from Edgar Allan Poe was “The Cask Of Amontillado”. I liked this story because it shows that even back in that time period, men and women would fight to be the best or the most respected people in their social class. I understand why the main character, Montresor, killed Fortunato. He considered Fortunato his friend until he disrespected him.

  8. Favorite Poe Story Montresor invited Fortunato over to his house to taste some wine because Fortunato was a wine tasting professional. He walked down into the wine cellar where he tricked Fortunato into going into a hole in the wall. Fortunato was blasted drunk and wasn’t aware of his surroundings or the situation that was about to go down. He was chained to the wall and had bricks put in front of him so it became a cask. This is the punishment he got from his friend for disrespecting someone in a higher social class than himself.

  9. Conclusion (5+ sentences) INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: • Poe is called a father of the modern day horror story because he started the trend in authors writing horror stories. • There have been stories written with some of the same events that Poe put in his own stories. • When I read about his personal life, it made me consider how lucky I am, and how different a life he had than I have. • I enjoyed most of his stories because I am a fan of scary books, t.v. shows, and movies. • As I read his stories I started to think differently because I don’t normally read interesting, eerie stories.

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